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    HMMM.....Could it be time to do away with the "anchor baby" syndrome? Maybe our laws should reflect that only legal citizens of this country can give birth to "legal babies" and that all illegal mother's need to return to their respective countries taking junior with them. I could live with that!
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    I reluctently have to agree with Mr. Kirbstomp1 on this one. What we need to do is amend the Constitution and stop giving automatic citizenship to these anchor babies. That, and stop giving welfare benefits to these illegal immigrants and we don't have to worry about these birth clinics.
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    Confiscate their all of their property. Rescind any/all illegal citizenship births, kick all associated out of US!
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    The smart thing to do just might be amend our constitution to where parent,(s) must first be leagal citizen and if not, the childs citizenship will revert to that of his parent,(s) this will solve a whole hellofa lot of problems.
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    should not be letting in pregnant tourists in,there is no legal visa for having a baby so they are committing fraud when the apply. they do not hide the fact they come here only for that once they get here.

    a couple in fresno ca lot said they got robbed at a store where they had 10,000 in a bag,both said they came to the US just to have a baby that would be a US citizen.these folks straight up said in on the news and not a thing was done. when they get back to china hopefully china will deal with them for their fraud.
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    I don't see a problem. The baby is born here and has citizenship. The mother doesn't. Deport her; she can take the kid with her or the kid can be adopted to an american family.
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    What "We, the People" need to protect OUR rights is to add a disclaimer that states anyone born here is a citizen only if at least one parent is a citizen.
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    That is exactly it. That part of the 14th amendment was to make sure that there was no question on the citizenship of the children of slaves. That has more then run its course, and is now being abused.
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    Fix the 14th, the most abused amendment. Originally intended to ensure citizenship for slaves, most cases invoking protection under it have come from corporations (WTF?), eventually leading to SCOTUS declaring corporate "personhood". It's also widely abused by flesh-and-blood people who seek citizenzenship for convenience. The 14th is due for an overhaul.
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    Why do we insist on screaming at the top of our lungs "there oughta be a law"? With each new law passed we give up a little bit of our freedom. Usually we don't know it until its too late. Like the amendment attached to a new law simply to get support which now gives us an entirely new law in some unrelated area which we did not even know was there!!!
    Enforce the laws we have, many are solid, many have been tried in courts, precedents exist now. New laws bring on new challenges, new appeals and a whole new set of loopholes. Headache to enforce, headache to adjudicate, headaches all around. I am willing to wager that there are already at least 50 laws on the books dealing with this subject matter, try those first...
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    Look!! this is American, We have a reputation as the WORLD'S problem solver. It's simple, we have to large a influx of immigrant's in our counrty. The finanical burden this is putting our buearacy is unstainable at the current level; Besides it isn't equable for those legal immigrants that's applied for citizenship or working and waiting on their
    green card. Close them down and minium wage Americans won't have to compete with
    them for jobs. And the tax payer will save money on welfare rolls and public schools, ect.....NUFF SAID..........
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    We don't need any more anchor babies . Even if they go back , why should the American taxpayer's pay their medical bills ? Birth them where you bred them .
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    Why is it that so many people who extoll the virtues of small government are so quick to impose restrictions on people's movements?
    If anything should be free that should. Yet people are more likely to support the 'free' movement of goods and services than the free movement of people. The latter makes more sense. If people can freely move then that will put at least some pressure on overseas factories to raise wages so workers who find an affordable way to leave won't get up and leave. If people can't move freely but goods and services can then that means they will be taking our jobs just they won't be physically present in America and so also won't be contributing to our economy as consumers or by expanding their opportunities in business and education (which are often vastly less in foreign countries) and contributing more.
    If you want to be here, you should be able to be here just so long as you do not ask for welfare. Welfare shouldn't even be given to citizens unless they put in volunteer hours or are disabled. Instead of restricting people's right to live where they please we should just ban people who originally weren't citizens from ever getting welfare benefits even after citizenship. Social security is fine because everyone pays into it including new citizens and then you only get out based on what you've paid in.
    To those who would whine about "taking our jobs", the job doesn't belong to anyone until someone is hired. When people ask the government to tinker in the economy to make wages higher or what have you a lot of people will say "this is too much government". I agree, so if you want to play the game (and unless you are some subsistence farmer you are) you play by the rules of the market and if you must take a lower wage for now then that's what you must do. There are reasonable limitations, there's a point where I'd say that the government should seriously impose a minimum wage and other guarantees to prevent conditions that would effectively prevent economic mobility and opportunity but low-pay jobs such as picking grapes on farms and cleaning toilets aren't supposed to pay well so don't complain about immigrants suppressing wages there. You want it to be miserable anyways, that way you'll have the motivation to try to get a better job that pays well and is hopefully more fulfilling and enjoyable.
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    You really can't give a considered response until you know how many babies are born under these circumstances.

    Any data?
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    A very small problem. Given the rising level of poverty in america I can see pregnant american's taking "birth vacations" in any number of countries.
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    The central issue here seems to be the unlicensed healthcare operation. Closing those down makes sense from a public health perspective, but it won't change the "birth tourism" dynamic - it'll just force these women to have their babies in hospitals.
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    The laws are already in existence! All we need to do is enforce them! I know why these Asian women are doing this. It's because of the one child only laws in their countries. There having your only baby being a girl is considered a bad thing because only a male child can carry on the family name. The abortion rates in some of those countries are very high because of this. What are all these male babies going to do when they grow up and there are very few women to marry? That is what is making these "tourism" maternity clinics are there for. The female babies will have US citizenship and not fall under the laws of their patents countries. Most of these types of babies are not anchor babies. These women can go back home wth a male and female babies that have US citizenship, exempting them from the one baby law due to citizenship. They could get qualified medical personnel and upgrade the birthing areas and apply for legal status. There are birthing facilities all over the US that are not hospitals for women to have a different choice. They don't want to go to a hospital, but don't want to go so far as having a home birth. So these places actually getting licensed is possible. To get and do all they need they can just charge these Asian women a little more. It's the rich that can afford it anyway. I don't see where this could be a problem. Women have their babies in other countries all the time. Look at Brad and Angelina. From what I've seen in adverts for 19 Kids and Counting, their youngest grand baby ends up being born in China. Non-traditional births ate starting to get mainstream in our country, resulting in these legal non-traditional birthing centers. These places in California can just turn what they've got into one of the legal non-traditional birthing centers. The people are just usually here legally from another country and stay until the mother goes into labor and has the baby and the citizenship papers before going home. I assume they have to stay until the second baby is born and they get the citizenship papers for both babies to go home, unless they already have the first child. There are places here that know how to separate girl sperm from boy sperm and then can do artificial insemination to ensure the sex of the baby. I know this because I carry a genetic disease that can only make sons sick, not daughters. I have a healthy little girl! I didn't know I carried any genetic disorders because I am adopted. When I got married I had two sons that both ended up having the disease. My younger son was severely ill for most of his life. They both needed bone marrow transplants to have a chance to survive. My younger son had his first because he was the sicker of the two and was doing well at that moment. His BMT worked but we lost him to a pulmonary embolism at the age of ten on Christmas Eve. My older son then had to have his. He almost didn't make it. He got graft-versus-host disease that attacked his lungs and was in ICU on life support for over a month. He survived, but not without some health problems. I thank God that I could have a healthy baby girl. On cases like ours, they do the procedure for free, they use the information for their study on eliminating x-linked genetic diseases from families by selective births. For people wanting to try to pick the sex of the child, it costs a lot and only going for a girl has a close to 100% success. To have a boy it does not always work.
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