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    I've always been curious about that term "nuclear family", what does that mean exactly? A family that glows in the dark and lives near three mile island?
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    "The nuclear family or elementary family is a term used to define a family group consisting of a pair of adults and their children. This is in contrast to a single-parent family, to the larger extended family, and to a family with more than two parents. Nuclear families typically center on a married couple, but not always; the nuclear family may have any number of children. There are differences in definition among observers; some definitions allow only biological children that are full-blood siblings, while others allow for a stepparent and any mix of dependent children including stepchildren and adopted children."

    Obvious you did not pay attention in your high school physics class.
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    @Republican5150 Never took physics in high school, so no I guess I didn't pay attention in that class...:) So "nuclear family" is what normal folks would call a "family", eh? Kind of like how 'gay marriage' is what normal folks would call.....'marriage'.
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    It is gutsy for a liberal to support gay marriage? What is she going to do next, support taxing the rich to fund entitlement programs?
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    How many elected officials do you own or have in your pocket?
    Are you even with a net worth of 1 billion dollars?
    No? Newsflash, you ain't rich and not one of the plutonomy that uses and exploits all and everything in this nation to their own self serving needs.
    I don't care if Rush or anyone else has convinced you otherwise.

    I bet you pay a far higher tax percentage rate than the top 100 most profitable corporations in America as well as even CEO's making 10 million plus a year.

    You think you're rich?

    Maybe you are and maybe you really do play the game well enough to own multiple elected officials and buy legislation that allows you to rape this nation's people and keep all the booty.

    I've got a solution for people like that that cost less than a buck and takes less than 15 seconds.

    Don't make the mistake of thinking I'm a liberal, democrat, republican, libertarian or any such incorrect or counter-productive labels.
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    @TheHandsomeOne do you feel better afer that rant? Clearly when I say "tax the rich" I am talking about the Democrat platform of taxing anyone making 200k+ a year.
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    "...taxing the rich to fund entitlement programs..."

    That's better than the GOP plan to run up deficits to fund wars, don't you think?
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    @harold_lloyd follow the money......... who all has gotten exceedingly much wealthier as a result of 60+ years of feeding out of the Industrial Military Complex's platinum trough
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    @harold_lloyd so what are the Democrats excuse for 80% of their deficit spending? War costs are not why we are 17 trillion in debt.
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    I actually find the options in this poll indicative of the BIG problem we face as a society.

    Why can't she be wrong but courageous? If we don't agree with someone we can't respect them?

    Sadly we have Politicians in our legislative bodies. A Politician as President, and two houses infested with politicians. Their perceived number one job is getting re-elected.

    We the people have a right to much better from those people we pay to sit in the houses of congress and the White House. The job they are elected to fill is LEGISLATING, essentially representing the wishes and beliefs of the people who elected them to office.

    In a republic representatives are supposed to be elected based on their beliefs and standards. Representatives are charged with voting THEIR beliefs NOT acting as a weather vane switching their vote to assure re-election.

    "Don't make waves because it might create an issue ten years from now when you're running for higher office." "Vote the party line."

    All bullshit, and all reasons we don't resolve problems.

    Our republic, actually a democratic republic was set up with the intent that people working in it would be temporary, taking time from their lives to SERVE their fellow citizens.

    Sad that people working IN government have subverted the system, even more sad is the people they are hired to serve are too stupid to see their crime.

    I don't have a position on Gay-marriage it doesn't effect me or mine BUT I applaud Senator Hagen, you ma'am have done your State and Constituents PROUD.
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    she's courageous and apparently principled. good for her. however, government at any level should not be in the marriage business, either to sanction or to prohibit.
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    What is this Politix? A pay back to the Senator for her carrying the torch? You somehow owe her personally? You're starting to read like the Rachel Maddow show. I thought you are journalists not pundits?
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    Wait...shouldn't she be wearing a rainbow sash, crown or something?!!! What is this world coming too!!! I don't know...She better watch, the Rainbow Mafia will have her
    head! LOL
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    wheather you are for or against gay marriage... all it does is lower the moral values
    of all citizens of the United States.
    Thats my opinion, wheather you agree or not!!
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    Ya know, I think a lot of people are hung up on the word marriage. Maybe governments stop issuing mariage licenses and start issuing civil union licenses and leave the word marriage to religious entities.
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    Hey hey hey......Goodbye! She won't get re-elected as she doesn't represent the majority of North Carolinians on homosexual marriage. One less Democrap in the Senate is always a good thing.
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    She really has nothing to lose. Her prospects for re-election were bleak at best. Like any one in DC, she will say and do whatever which might extend her lavish, privileged lifestyle in DC.
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    I give her credit for being honest before her reelection. It's a shame her party boss didn't have the same amount of honesty before he won his reelection.
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    If doing this, OR ANYTHING, can somehow cost the plutonomy and benefit "the people" who can't be stirred to USEFUL AND PRODUCTIVE ACTION by outright blatant theft, fraud and even high treason, maybe I'm not opposed to it.
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