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    7-11 and Southland Corp. is anti-gun and contributes money to that cause, so they will never get my business. Spread the word.
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    HMMM.......sounds like Visa and MasterCard have coordinated in illegal price-fixing (which has gone on for years) and that our government has (once again) turned a blind eye (with an extended hand) to this monopoly. Seems I remember that once, our government had cojones and broke up another monopoly......"ma bell". Maybe ma bell didn't line the pockets as well as Visa/MasterCard. It is the way our government does work.......follow the money!
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    Wait, I thought for sure that congress has been fully complicit, and even profited wildly from cherry deals on preferred stocks and such, for passing or repealing many financial legal instruments which have strayed very far from good faith and right.

    Is this something I imagined or is my little mind far too simple as to not be able to understand that congress and DC really is looking out for The People and not just the money interests?

    Who spiked my Shirley Temple?

    Has somebody put rate dape in my drugs?

    I'd swear at one time I really wasn't such an easy lay!
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    Okay well if you feel that strongly about it he should just stop accepting MasterCard and Visa as forms of payment. but then his customer base will vanish and they will go where Visa and MasterCard are accepted.

    and the offer seems to think Senator Durbin is on his side? how asinine the government itself is forcing people to use MasterCard and Visa debit cards for their tax refunds... okay now that we got that out of the way how about a story about operation "playbook" which the government has been provoking North Korea for months since that last missile test... Some people think this administration has over played its hand and is actually the " agitator" in this current crisis.
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    Agreed, the only "bad deal" was the few minutes reading this waste of my time article. Up to store owners to accept "credit" as a form of payment or legal tender. Credit cards are a matter of convenience, not a right or must have.
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    @Republican5150 yeah exactly my take on this ridiculous article. all the store has to do is cut off access to the card then and watch the traffic at the store next door.
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    I was almost going to say nothing until I read your post. I'd say the federal reserve is worse because it can actually control the economy of the world.
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    He makes a lot of good sense and for once, i agree with Durbin. Now lets see if he can get em to allow the taxs on a plane ticket a O'hare to be printed on the ticket?
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    Visa and MC take way too much out of our economy without giving much back. It's time to regulate them as a monopoly. Reduce fees or break up.
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    Credit cards are not needed period.I personally dont have or use them. IF you HAVE the money, then a debit card is all you need. More and more smaller businesses have stopped offering those pay options for their customers due to both customer fraud and high fees from the banks. Obama was only able to get some of the language changed/simplified on the card-holder agreements, so they are still a devious debt enabler we can do without, and did so as a society up until 30 years ago. If less of us use them, then less retailers will need to offer them, thus prices will drop on wares.
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    Be careful with debit cards, as there is not as much protection from fraud as there is with credit.
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    @kramresim1 Depends who your bank is and what kind of protection they offer and what kind of program you are enrolled in. My personal experience is that I have had far less problems with debit cards.
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    Big business once again using its muscle to squeeze the last penny out of us. And consumers sit back looking like deer in the headlights and repeat "capitalism....capitalism ...." over and over.

    I'm all for capitalism, but NOT corporatism. There is a ginormous difference. We are being undermined by corporatism. We're scolded for speaking out against it. We're told we're socialists, unAmerican, unpatriotic, liberal, lazy....when in fact, we're smart enough to know that capitalism isn't what's going on here. Corporatism is a destructive force that is eating capitalism for breakfast.

    So we end up paying more for our purchases because these Jabba the Hut banks cannot contain themselves. They found out their customers weren't about to stand for those fees being placed on their monthly bills, so they took the scenic route and shoved them onto the merchant who, in turn passes them on the consumer. Most people never think about those fees when they swipe the card, but they'll scream to high heaven (and blame the president) when their gasoline costs .50 a gallon more at their favorite convenience store.

    Deer in the headlights.....
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    "What's Worse than the Government? " Nothing is worse than the bad , failed , miserable, corrupt government that we have. Nothing.
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    Wrong. A miserable corrupt private sector is worse than govt. At least w/ govt everyone has an equal say and you can vote people out.
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    Guess I am in luck, I don't have 7-11's where I live so I won't have to contribute to this morons pain of using my credit card as a legal form of payment because it is a convienence to me, the customer.
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    That "pain" is nation wide, not solely isolated to a 7-11 and is often passed on to you, the consumer. The cost is approx 3% each purchase and is generally fully automated in both payment/withdrawal. In essence, the business pays a user fee and is ultimately passing that fee back to as the tune of 50 billion a year!
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    @stepped_in_it um...

    "Guess I am in luck, I don't have 7-11's where I live"

    Ok. What about when you go to sears or Bloomingdales or Macy's or out to dinner with the wife?

    Those times different than using your credit card at the local 7-11?

    Easy fix if you don't want to pay the convenience fee...

    Don't apply for the credit card.
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    @Republican5150, what part "that pain is nation wide" did you miss? it is a surcharge that Visa/MC charges all who subscribe to their services! Be it 7-11, Hucks, Hamids store.....etc. Everyone pays it for that credit card AND debit card usage! It is not solely a credit card charge (see that Visa logo on your debit card?
    Since you carry cash all the time, ya don't tell everyone, does ya?
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    @stepped_in_it my wife and study martial arts together so it doesn't bother me if someone knows I carry cash or not.

    But getting back to the point of article. Convenience fee. Don't want to pay them, don't use or apply for a credit/debit card.

    It really is that simple.
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    @Republican5150 HMMM......never bring "martial" to a gun fight (lol). CC and debits are just easy of use and can be stopped/replaced if lost or stolen. Cash can't be. Also, unless you're holed up in your mountain fort and never "move around" the country, all airlines and most decent hotel/motels accept nothing but CC or debit.
    Cash is your choice.....I prefer the 21st century.
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    I get it, credit cards do stick it to alot if people, and can absolutely wreck your situation.
    People got to take some responsibility too. They gave you the card, they didn't make you max it out,
    Like the housing market, yea lenders made bad loans, but people making 9.00 an hour knew damn good and well they couldn't afford a 300,000 dollar house, but the bought it anyway.
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    Yes cards own the government anyway.....and these bankers and their business practices are.....questionable at best.....
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    We should ALL cut up our credit cards and use ONLY cash! Not only are they a rip-off, they are used to track your purchasing habits. Do you like porn and charge it to your credit card? Big business knows what you watch!
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    It's a're not spending a dollar, you're spending a dollar plus interest {and the value of a dollar is not what it used to be so something might be a dollar but you're paying back 2.50} and the businesses get charged fees too.....
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    I think the credit card companies need to make a profit, but not an obscene one, and can do so without gouging stores or consumers.
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    LOL! I don't take or use "Credit".

    We take checks, cash, money orders, wire transfers and debit cards.

    I refuse to pay a third party for handling my money and we give decent discounts for CASH.
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    Yes, well written. "swipe" fees should be more competitive, so good luck with that, but am afraid competitive "swipe" fees are no more likely to come about than are competitive convenience store prices.

    Remember, credit cards are a convenience too, just as your store is a convenience, and it all comes down to how much are consumers willing to pay for the convenience? At Quikrip C-stores it seems customers don't care in the least about cost. But then Quikrip has carved itself out a niche and fan following that no other C-store comes close too.
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    Credit card companies get plenty of profit from the interest they charge to people who voluntarily use them. They should not profit from swipe charges on businesses that have little choice but to allow customers to use them.
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    The Federal Reserve is independent of the Federal Government and complete idiots on their own. They and the wonderful elitist Woodrow Wilson started this mess in 1913 and since then it has grown into its own monster. It will eat everything in its' way.
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    Debit cards are (in a way) obsolete now.Since the "check 21 act" Stores can now simply scan checks and it will automatically Verify,clear and deposit the funds into their account.Check printers can print the check out automatically so the customer only has to sign the check making it Just as convenient for the customer and No fees or charge backs to the merchant make it better than the card . But i can see the banks reluctance to head back in that direction making so much off of cards.Surprised i don't see more merchants changing.
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    Does anyone here remember "counter" checks? Basically a blank piece of paper to write info on, to be used as a fiduciary instrument.
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