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    AND YET according to our Congress we need an additional 200,000 people a year imported to this country to do the work "that Americans won't do". Here's a thought. Turn welfare into workfare. You get your medical and so on by working at jobs that "Americans won't do". Plus your check from the employer who has to pay minimum wage. Lightens half the load of of welfare expense, forces lazy and fat ass people to start working again and developing a work ethic and who knows? Just might cut the number of illegals on welfare in time since they won't come here if they think they can't find jobs or get on the dole.
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    Again, it does not take into account the underemployed. Businesses are reducing work hours to about 30 hours and hiring more employees at 30 hours as part time workers. This distorts the employment figures to a very high degree. Buying power is down as a result. I'm hearing employees talk about quitting work because unemployment would pay more than they are making at 30 hours a week and it's not taxable. If that happens we will have a much higher unemployment rate. Either way the economy is hurt because buying power is down which affects production.
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    So we need solutions that increase buying power either by finding ways to increase the number of buyers (more jobs) or finding ways to increase the amount the buyers spend (higher wages/cut taxes). It is plainly obvious that the private sector will do neither, so we need a different solution...
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    Nah. Lets argue and waste time over gay marriage and marijuana instead. "Hey, you! Who ordered more Muslim foot baths? You know hiding them in the janitor's closet, doesn't mean we won't find them. "
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    Government spending does not create private sector jobs. Employers are not hiring because they know they face massive tax and cost increases under Obamacare. The government is waging war on businesses and then it wonders why they aren't hiring. You want the economy to create jobs? Dump Obamacare immediately, reign in the EPA, balance the federal budget and watch what happens.
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    This is nonsense. Review today's jobs report and you'll see that of he 88,000 jobs created in March, 23,000 were in health care as the nation adapts to Obamacare provisions already in effect and those being implemented on Jan. 1. No other sector had more jobs growth. I mean, read it yourself: . I mean really, people, let's stop being so truthy around here.
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    @Newsdoctor Yeah. If I could mark all my goods up 1000% and make sure people have to buy them, I think I could start hiring to a of people too.
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    @Newsdoctor um, you are wrong.

    "Job growth in health care continued in March, with a gain of 23,000, similar to the prior 12-month average. Within health care, employment increased by 15,000 in ambulatory health care services, such as home health care, and by 8,000 in hospitals."

    Home health care is about the bottom of the barrel for health care workers. Most states require no training or as little as 96 hours to become a home care aide. It pays slightly more than getting a job at Wal-Mart.
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    @Yank Thanks for an excellent observation. Those 8000 hospital jobs aren't good paying jobs either, they are housekeeping and transport, in all probability, and they are open in the first place because the turnover in such jobs is huge. In other words, you can always get a job in a hospital laundry.
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    "Government spending does not create private sector jobs."

    Claptrap! Bunkum! Nonsense!!
    Too much Fox...

    Govt doesn't build tanks, they hire the private sector to do it.
    Govt doesn't do much research, they hire universities to do it.
    Govt doesn't build bridges, they hire engineers and contractors to do it.
    Govt doesn't launch rockets, they pay Lockheed to do it.

    Please change your name, it's false advertising...
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    So agree! The more they tinker, the worse everything becomes. We need government. We need laws. We need SOME regulation. We do not want anarchy. But, economic stimulus? The only economic stimulus that I've ever seen work was a tax reduction. If they can't see fit to reduce taxes, then I'd prefer they do nothing. I'd rather pay them to do nothing than tinker and meddle. They always get it wrong.
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    This is not news. This is "olds." We knew this already...but our government kept on spewing out the false data....or, rather, omitting the data that did not look good for them. What was it that Barack Husssein Obama's old minister, Jeremiah Wright, said? Oh yeah....."the chickens are coming home to roost." My, the worm does turn.
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    but i thought the great one was gonna save us all and put us ALL back to work, even those that just want free cell phones, free housing, free food, free money, free transportation, free bills, free stuff, free healthcare, free education, the list goes on for hours!
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    The government has done enough damage already. It tanked the economy through interest rate manipulation and a subsequent housing bubble, it bailed out the cronies, and increased the number of tax-dependent public employees. There's a reason government "stimulus" failed the last several times it was tried - because government has nothing to give without taking from someone else. Government "intervention" (theft and redistribution) is merely another reiteration of the Broken Window Fallacy.

    The fact that people are still beating the drum of Keynesianism is a testament to willful ignorance.
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    The government can help by getting the f**k out of the way. Lower taxes. Lower regulation. Get rid of Obamacare socialized medicine. THIS will help the private sector grow. Proven during the 8 years of our greatest 20th Century President, President Reagan.
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    Yes. But I don't think it is governments job to boost growth. Less government would mean more growth. More government is less growth.
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    @Knightkore Less govt doesn't mean more growth or vice versa. If this was the case the continent of Africa would be the most prosperous area in the world... yet it's not....

    Utilizing our federal dollars in the US instead of abroad and for war would mean more growth.
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    @AceLuby I said less government not no government. But I do agree with you on federal dollars in America {and NOT giving away tanks and fighter jets}.....
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    @Knightkore Perhaps you would care to explain why it was that with the biggest tax cut in the history of U.S. taxes under 7 years of Bush and 4 years of Obama that this nation lost and has not replaced 12 million jobs? You're laboring under "the old math" rules. Pre China/Asia. It's simply no longer true.
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    This is where it gets ugly. Labor force participation, already down considerably since the recession, fell further to 63.3 percent, the lowest level since 1979.
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    The March jobs report was underwhelming, to say the least. While unemployment fell to 7.6 percent from 7.7 percent, the economy only gained 88,000 jobs, and most of the unemployment reduction was due to people dropping out of the workforce.
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    Yes. I just knew it was going to be caused by. The bamers sauester. Employers are worried about this health care cost to them. It is going to cost small business a fortune. Major business will pass the cost to the consumer. That is a problem with small business. If they pass the cost it just might put them out of business. Watch more andmore jobs go overseas. You can thank your federal government. Catapiller is laying off more employees. Were they not the Baker's buddies who were going to hire and expand.
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    here mu deal on this. i know kids get turned down for fast food jobs yet imports get hired,hospitals are close to doing the same with their support staff,hiring only per diem,construction workers fighting for the few jobs,college grads having to take low wage jobs, then what does gov do? brings in more people to make all things rougher on those looking for work.

    a deal is being pushed to add on to the already million a year. the way i see this needs to stop for along while.
    flooding more people in and a huge # of them go right into welfare.

    importing poverty and pushing those low income folks further down by having to compete with those who really are no need to bring here.
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    We could stand to have some stimulus continue for about another year, but then, when the economy is doing okay, it will be time to withdraw the stimulus gradually and switch over to reducing govt spending and raising some tax revenue to effectively deal with the deficit and start on a plan to reduce the debt.
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    We are 17 Trillion dollars in debt, Obama Care is now said is going to add an additional 6 Trillion in debt, the spending rates will see an additional 6 to 8 Trillion in debt by 2016.... And you think the government should spend more on stimulates?

    And consider the Past One Time Stimulus packages have become Yearly Costs... Look at the spending including the past Stimulus , then look at the following years.. We spent More the Following year and the Following year and the Following year than we spent the year the first stimulus package was issued.. Those One time Stimulus Plans became a Yearly expense....
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    First, give up the notion that Obama is responsible for the nation's fiscal troubles.

    That was already a problem before he was elected. If you can't figure out why, stop reading this and go learn some history and a little economics.

    We will always have a problem in Washington because it's always easier to give than to take away.

    It's up to us, the voters, to make them come to the reality of it and also to admit that we will have to sacrifice something ourselves to make the right outcome possible.

    It does no good to rail against govt spending and then complain even more loudly when govt spending is cut in a way that affects us personally.

    It also does no good to try to paralyze govt in order to cut spending without regard to rationality or efficiency.
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    @harold_lloyd ... At what Point did I say Obama is Responcable for the nations fiscal troubles? I will say He is Making them Much, Much Worse ... But the nations fiscal trouble is and has always been the product of converting a Federal Republic into a National Socialist system that started in the 30's with the infiltration of a capitalist system by a socialist movement.... We as a Nation were warned long ago what the end result would be when we enacted Socialist Systems such as Social Security and Medicare along with the dozens of assorted Socialist programs that followed... And I restate those warnings but think it actually too late... The United States if enacting Socialist Programs in time will fall to a Totalitarian Governance... That Always happens when the Socialist Governance runs out of other peoples money and have to reduce the expenditures government provides to the dependent masses ... When the dependent masses find themselves cut from the feed trough of government socialist spending they rise up ... Then the National Socialist Government converts to totalitarian rule to keep the people in check.... Yes I know my History.... You should study it... Maybe more than just a 10 year span of it anyway...
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    The same Keynesian claptrap which failed the last several times it was tried.
    The stimulus so far has done exactly what it was intended to: grow the public sector, and therefore the number of people who are dependent on tax dollars.

    Government is a disease masquerading as its own cure.
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    Ah yes, the Barry Budget: Spend, spend, spend...Raise taxes, raise the debt limit. Spend, spend, spend...Raise taxes, raise the debt limit...

    Because it's worked sooo well the last four years.
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    If people would open their eyes they would never believe the reports of the job recovery that the government has been handing us since the stimulus in 2009l
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