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    And in pure idiotic fashion someone on the other side of the issue suggests that " she and her family should be shot to see what it feels like" that is exactly the same mentality of these mental patients with guns who go on killing sprees proving once again that the opposition stance to gun ownership are the ones on the wrong side of this issue. and with that mentality it's a good thing they don't own guns. They are ignorant people who are extremists and dangerous. this little girl has more responsibility and sense and maturity in her little finger than any of those idiots on the other side.
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    "And in pure idiotic fashion someone on the other side of the issue suggests that 'she and her family should be shot to see what it feels like'"

    This is probably a statement by some internet coward. We've all met them. You know, the people that are big and bad when they can hide behind a computer monitor, and have no fear because they have anonymity. For someone to even suggest this shows obvious mental damage.
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    Now that's effed up...all this about our childrens saftey blah..blah..blah its for our children...blah blah blah....bullshit...its just idiots trying to force their ideas on in point...she and family ought to be shot...just because she don't have their views...till they address mental stupidity they can pass any law they want and ban everything to swing shots but that will not fix stupid.
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    @Wait-----what your so right ...its probally the kids that use to hide in corners and wet there pants if someone even looked at them....face to face they would eat you up...but behind a computer their superman....cowards alot like the media at times
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    @Wait-----what absolutely... but it is the prevalent mindset of anyone at the daily Koz or the Huffington Post and likely MSNBC.
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    Funny thing to me, is how they tried to place it in the story to prove their point that guns are bad. To try and discredit the girl before we even hear what she has to say. They are intentionally trying to give us an opinion about something before we come up with one on our own.....subliminal much? Typical leftist media.

    It's like they're saying, "This is why we need to get rid of guns. When this innocent little girl is being threatened with gun violence because she has an opinion about gun control being a bad thing." They are trying to sway people's opinions in favor of gun control.
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    @marine1 that is a fact. I am fed up with them. I have been going through som old notes from 94. We were trying to get them to enforce the gun laws we have then. They still won't do it.
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    It's amazing what you can find when a little light is shed on something. Instead of playing with smoke and mirrors like the government, this little girl tells it like it is. Bravo! I don't think that I have ever admired a 15 year old before.
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    What I find reassuring is that a 15-year-old kid has more common sense and logic than most of the people sucking up our tax dollars in Washington. Those people making comments that she should be shot are mentally unstable and should not be allowed to possess anything that could cause injury or death to another person. Take away their right to own guns, automobiles, knives, golf clubs, baseball bats and peanut butter. Publish their names and addresses so everyone knows they are psycho.
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    Politicians are the problem. People in my area think gun free is stupid, and if you have a nut do anything stupid that gains attention politicians will try and pass a law on it tomorrow. Run the military, the government issues that matter, foreign affairs, and lay off the stupid law making and intrusions into personal lives. Find something constructive to so with your time, and our money.
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    Deaf because this was an Obama agenda for how many years now? Circled by yes men, and butt smoochers who will not speak the truth. This is the same rhetoric, arguments, being used years ago, and using those those Newtown kids and their families, and refusing to admit gun free was a mistake, is patheitic.
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    First, the most convincing case for gun rights is already in the Constitution. If you miss that, you're probably not going to get the rest of it after but this quote:

    "Ever since I first learned how to shoot, the issue with gun violence around the nation became clear: Guns are not the problem; people are," stated 15-year-old Sarah Merkle of Baltimore, who's been shooting since she was 8. "Purging our society of violence and murder cannot be done through gun control legislation."

    has more understanding and wisdom about the Constitution, guns and the human heart than has been shown in years throughout our whole of government.

    I would hope someone, a lot of someones would heed this understanding and wisdom.
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    It's pretty pathetic that a teenager shows more maturity and clear thinking than the 'representatives' supposedly watching out for her interest.
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    Maryland Girl's Testimony in Defense of Guns Goes Viral
    OH NO!! The Obama's socialists goal will now be trying to ban Maryland girls
    watch out folks...guard your Maryland daughters!!
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    It is not surprising there are those here that ridicule a person from expressing their view of a constitutional right .Regardless of her age she address's the point in ways that some lawmakers can not fathom or will even discuss.
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    This 15yr old should be on Capitol Hill, better yet the White House. It seems that she can run the country better than any liberal twit currently in DC. Bravo Sarah! Bravo!!
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    Her and her family should be shot?WTF This from the mouth of fools that support gun bans and suggest someone should be shot for their view on gun ownership.You sometimes just have to shake your head in disbelief .
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    What is sad is that she has a better argument to keep guns then most anti gun people have to take them away
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    "Ms. Merkle makes the "standard" case, with the standard arguments."
    I'm not quite certain that your above quote isn't an example of the sort of bias you refer to in your "ugly shouting match of misinformation blotting out the facts" comment. Your bias is showing Ken and it's not complimentary to you.

    How exactly does one make anything other than a "Standard Case" when their facts are irrefutable. Facts, by definition are unwavering, STANDARD to use your term.
    The Anti Bill of Rights groups have, what in your eyes must be the luxury, of being creative with their arguments as as they are attacking existing rights.

    The Gun Control advocates attempt every possible means of attacking the basic rights outlined in the Bill of Rights, the the point of changing their name in order to cloak their intentions. Their agenda is now officially termed Gun Safety. While Gun Control is now associated with a history of failed successes and overall failure to attain their goal of disarming people, NOBODY would ever be against GUN SAFETY.

    Unfortunately Sarah is stuck with the “Standard” Second Amendment Rights and a history of failed Gun Control Laws to argue. Sarah can't invent truth unless she wants to present lies. The number of people killed in CHICAGO with their strict Gun Control laws in place since the 1980s is not faction, it's truth. That stolen and/or unregistered HANDGUNS are used in these murders is also not fiction, but I guess it's the “Standard” argument.

    Unfortunately for the Gun Control advocates those “STANDARD Arguments” don't paint a pretty picture for their current assault on my rights. The proposed “Background Checks” don't include burglars when they snatch a gun during a home invasion and somehow I don't think they would make the call if it was.

    Banning Assault Rifles doesn't do much to prevent thousands of murders committed with handguns, but that's a “Standard” argument. The Gun Control zealots can be creative in naming a modern sporting or target rifle as an Assault Weapon, implying it is the same as the weapons the military used in ASSAULTING the enemy. Their creativity allows them to be non-standard by ignoring the simple fact of the same rifle used by the Military to ASSAULT the enemy is used the DEFEND us from enemies when they ASSAULT us. Interesting that it's not a Defense Rifle; could it be that the term was CREATED to change the tactics of the assault on my rights?

    The “Magazine” is a device which holds and feeds ammunition into a firearm. An important aspect of magazine design is ease with which it can be changed. That's a “STANDARD” argument for the impracticality of magazine capacity limits. The creative people in the Gun Control mob tell us that it takes time to change a magazine which saves lives, ignoring the “standard” argument that the seven, ten or thirteen rounds in the gun when the Criminal enters the Gun Free Zone can kill seven, ten or thirteen people before the imaginary magazine change disarming by a cool headed teacher, who by the way isn't allowed to be armed. The Standard argument is to stop the criminal attack BEFORE the first shot, while the creative Gun Control argument discounts the seven, ten or thirteen the first magazine full gets. I like “Standard” better, don't you?

    The standard argument is based on simple fact, making it difficult to present much more than standard. If a Pro Rights advocate were to try to not present the “standard” argument, he would be pilloried for taking this serious issue lightly.
    So I guess we can't win Sarah, but I'm right beside you in this.“Standard Argument” is simply hoplophobe code for Simple Truth and we KNOW how those people feel about the truth.
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    Political consultant, Radnor Inc.
    Ms. Merkle makes the "standard" case, with the standard arguments. We have heard it before. What is different is her age and poise. She does not shout or threaten, as too many gun advocates and opponents of guns do. Her statements, however reasonable and well delivered, will not convince the folks on the other side. The debate since Newtown has degenerated into an ugly shouting match of misinformation blotting out the facts.
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    Might be a good then to let tempers settle and refuse to deabate it for a couple of decades, or regime changes anyway.
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    The Breathless Blonde Parrot.....not as rare in captivity as most think! Seriously, though.....if you're serious about changing gun-related violence, then you're better off changing the economic landscape at the root causes before doing anything else.
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    @Republican5150 It's NEVER okay for anyone to rob anyone else. But until there's a change in WHY people rob others, it'll continue on (violently, many times, as around forty-one [41%] percent of robberies involve firearms).
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    @twinertia all the more reason to not be a victim. Get armed and get trained. My wife and I study martial arts together and both own our respective firearms. But we both understood that defense, particularlly self defense, requires you to change your mindset from being prey to being prepared.

    Do I agree there needs to be a culture shift? Yes. The criminal element has been glorified since the entrance of east coast west cost "gangster" rap in the 80's and 90's that glorified the criminal element and lifestyle. Tu PAC shakur did no favors for or to anyone. The "thug life" mentality is what we need to break.

    Any weapon is an inanimate object till someone picks it up and uses it in an illicit manner. The little girl in the video, from where I stand, is correct.
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    @Republican5150 A jittery nation filled with hundreds of millions of SWAT commandos and Krav Maga finger-snappers, armed to the teeth with kill-or-be-killed mindsets, up to their thighs in the blood of their own mismanaged and disaffected that really how you want the country going? You gotta work something better than "thug life", something better than robbing to satisfy the next drug hit, and something better than the stupid turf wars it all revolves around.
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    So who is she fronting for? Is she the daughter of a high-level NRA member or gun manufacturer? The fact that she's there alone, her family isn't with her, tells me her puppeteer's have something to hide.

    This was tried before in 1991, when someone named "Nayirah" pretended to be a witness to crimes. It turned out she was the Kuwaiti ambassador's daughter, sent before congress to spew pro-war propaganda. (testimony)

    The teenager spewing propaganda for the NRA stinks of the same lies. The fact that the propaganda comes from the moonie cult newspaper, the washington times, also says a lot.
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    I hope you have the same sentiment for those who showed up on AIR FORCE ONE to push for gun control, as to who their "puppet master" is.
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    I don't find her remarks convincing or original. It is hard to believe that a 15 year old girl has any life experiences to build her case upon. Much more likely that she is repeating what she has been told, nothing more.
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    Teenagers can't think? You ever raised a child? they will teach you something everyday, and we think we are raising them. We are guiding them, hopefully in the right direction, and respect for our Country and Constitution should be part of that teaching. Men fought and died for our freedoms being attacked now by sheltered and out of touch politicians who likely never had so much as a black eye or bloody nose. Can't write law without "life experiences". Your own words.
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    @Hillofbeans Yes, I have raised children. My son has taught me a little about writing computer code when he was 15, but I would not rely on his judgement concerning life over mine. Other than that, your reply is full of patriotic sounding hyperbole and misrepresentation.

    "Can't write law without 'life experiences'. Your own words." Yeah, I said "life experiences" which you copied and pasted into an unrelated sentence to sound as if you were quoting me. How about I quote you with "Teenagers can't think... right... they... are... sheltered and out of touch"? Your own words.
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    @Dan_Tien The point you missed, Mr Dan, was that our Constitution was written by men who had fought battles, fought wars, fought tryanny, raised children, understood the evils of the world, and wrote a document based on those experiences. Now, we have politicians who are limited in all of the above, and people like you, who would try and undermine what has made our country a leading nation, a free nation, and limit our ability to keep it a free nation, and protect our country, self, family, and property in the process. If you want to do something to slow violence, change the drug laws. That is the root cause of most of today's crime. Like "Gun Free Zones" politicians never want to admit or correct a mistake.
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    @Hillofbeans Your point has been made ad nauseam, and it is questionable. Gouverneur Morris, the "Penman of the Constitution", had a peg leg (his leg was reportedly lost when he jumped from a married woman's window to escape a jealous husband) and did not fight in the Revolutionary War, did not marry until he was 57, and died after sticking a piece of whale bone through his urinary tract to relieve a blockage. So much for your romantically enhanced view of the saintly characters and infallible wisdom of the Founding Fathers, and writers of the Constitution. The Constitution was written by men just as fallible, and in many cases less educated and less worldly wise, than men living today.

    If anything is undermining the continued survival of our country, it is the vast sums that continue to be spent fighting wars. Kim Jong Un doesn't need to launch nukes to defeat the US, he just needs to make us spend more money that we don't have responding to his threats.

    What makes you think that you know enough about me to accuse me of all of those things, and why do you think that I have the ability to change drug laws? Why should "Gun Free Zones" be considered a mistake when the number of people shot in them is a millionth of a percent of the number of people who frequent them safely? Do you just ramble through several subjects to make it sound as if you have relevant points to make about a young girl's credibility?
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