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    So now the leftists think that knives should be used as a case for more restrictions on firearms?

    Give them an inch, and they will take miles, and the American people will end up in slavery or worse!
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    The following has to be the DUMBEST thing put on Topix in a while!

    "But on the left, the story is evidence that gun-free campuses prevent deaths. The incident is "tragic, but...way less tragic than if he had had a gun. There would be far more carnage and death if the crazy perpetrator had had a gun, or a few. Especially if it had a large clip" writes Daily Kos user MrWade."

    So this nutjob, who broke many laws by using a knife to assault people and will be facing life in jail for his attacks, "obeyed" the gun-free sign because he was scared of the token penalty for bringing a gun on campus??????? LMAO What INSANITY to even think that, much less actually believe it.
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    @Concerned_Cit You missed the point. For whatever crazy reason, he didn't use a gun. Look at the difference in the injuries compared to when a crazy person *does* have a gun. Kind of hard to deny there is a great deal of difference.
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    @Zazziness I don't wont to get stabbed either. I carry a gun to protect me from any kind violent attack. The kids that were there are begging to let them protect themselves. And you won't let them? Shame
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    If I didn't know better I would have thought the Aurora shooter escaped. What a resemblance.

    We should ban assault knives.

    An armed citizen could have ended this quickly.
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    You "cowboys" when will you learn.

    Maybe we should ban knives but only after the. DEATH toll reaches double diguts. Until then I think brave unarmed citizens can handle it like in this case. If someone did not run this would've been over quicker.
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    @Waynestew .. It was an Exacto Knife... I waiting for the idiot with a samurai to make his debut and You be all brave and crap then... Me... I'd shoot him...
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    @Waynestew but why support being put in the position of being unarmed and have to attack an armed criminal? I can say with certainty that the sandy hook staff would've much rather had the tools to defend themselves than having to attempt to run at the shooter with nothing. Id much rather be alive than to be called "brave" but be dead.
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    So you get your bravery from a gun. What a shame. Even someone with a samurai sword can be taken down with the right tactics. Unlike you a gun only enhances my abillity to defend myself.
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    "but why support being put in the position of being unarmed and have to attack an armed criminal?" I don't. I just want people to be truthful. You should be able to defend your position with sound logic.

    "I can say with certainty that the sandy hook staff would've much rather had the tools to defend themselves than having to attempt to run at the shooter with nothing. Id much rather be alive than to be called "brave" but be dead."

    I can say with certainty that if the assailant did NOT have a gun we would not be having this conversation. A staffer could have taken him down. The shoulda coulda woulda argument goes both ways.
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    @JustTheFacts I believe if we were to check and compare all intentional shooting records, we would discover that mot offenders are or the liberal mind set,ie voting block
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    @marine1 - BEEEEE EHHHHSSS. Nut bags come in all political flavors, many of them "none of the above." (I've come to expect more thoughtful comments from you.)
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    @Denizen_Kate I agree that their are nuts on both sides, but most of the shooting sprees recently have been conducted by people from the left side of the political aisle:
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    That's it, knives must be banned. We need knife control right away. obama get on it. We have to try to save people from being stabbed by knives. Think of the children obama, think of the children.
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    not to worry once they get ahold or our guns all weapons or things that can be used as a weapon will be banned.
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    @tomincali - Good, I'll feel safe then. The most harmful thing any person should be allowed to have is cotton. Oh wait, then a person could possibly suffocate another person with it. Oh dear, what do we do?
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    What if he used a fork?
    Background checks on forks?
    Spoons are probably o-k for now.
    We just had a thunderstorm roll though here, and there are sharp twig's and tree branches all over the place!
    I think any one picking any of those up, should go though a background check, and a three day waiting period.
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    I doubt that very much....Now if we had an "exacto knife" attack every month on a different college campus each and every month, year after year, after year.........Or at least with the same shocking frequency that we have these mass shootings---Then, that time, you should not only be "looking for a new set of purchasing controls on exacto knives"---But you should be yelling at the top of your lungs for better "exacto knife control"----But for now, this story does not add much (either way) in our current gun control debate.
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    TOPIX should do some investigative journalism for a change and find out if Dylan Quick was on anti-depressants or other pharmaceutical medication, as that is a common link in all these rampage style attacks it seems. Shed some light on that.
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    Gray area! Seriously, many people take anti-depressants and have absolutely no violent tendencies. Do you advocate that such folks be forced to stay on those meds by order of law, and not be allowed to own guns? We have too many laws already, and we still can't cover all contingencies. Life is dangerous, and we can't protect ourselves from everything without forcing everyone into a dystopian form of normal.
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    Sorry, I got a little carried away there, I realize you're just asking a question, but others here and on other articles have advocated for laws preventing anyone with any mental health issues from owning guns, and we are not a one-size-fits-all society.
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    I wanted to vote on the knife control but they should let guns on campus.
    This kind of proves that people are going to pull crazy stunts regardless of the weapon.
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    Consider what we would be talking about if he had had a AR15. we would be talking about multiple deaths and critical injuries.
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    @alexpinca not if some there could have had a weapon to protect them selves. I don't like being stabbed. You can't keep knives or guns away from criminals. I will protect myself.
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    @GvtMule We now have two fighting for their life...hopefully they will pull through....imagine for a moment how much arming is necessary to ensure we'll have an armed person, in the right place, at the right time. Defenders of guns always critiize those who draw extended scenarios...but what is the logical extension of what they say....we're talking about guns everywhere as people have to defend themselves in an American gone beserk over guns....the world looks at us like we've gone nuts....I'm not sure they're wrong.
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    @alexpinca in the first place Ive been there and stopped a bad guy with my gun. It beats the shit out of getting stabbed. What you are ignoring is if enough people are armed the bad guys won't pull stupid things like this. There are a lot more good guys than bad. I don't intend to back up from anyone. I'm not hurting anyone I'm following the law. I refuse to let a few bad guys control how I live.
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    yes, it just goes to show how ridiculous it is to waste all this time and money and gun control that WONT DO ANYTHING TO STOP ATTACKS ON HUMANS!!!!
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    We can do both...reasonable gun regulation doesn't deny anyone any constitutional rights....


    I'm so glad we got that behind us.
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    @Food4thoughts Won't work, here's why; ban this gun, and another attack occurs, people die. So, ban that gun; another attack occurs, people die. So, ban the next gun, and the one after that, and the one after that, but people still die.

    The argument is that "if it just saves one life" any kind of infringement is OK.

    That's why pro-freedom people don't believe it when folks who want gun control talk about "reasonable" infringement. Ain't no such thing.
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    According to the FBI website, knives killed 5 times more people than all rifles and shotguns (including the so-called assault rifles) combined. Even bare hands/feet killed twice as many people as rifles and shotguns combined.
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    This sad episode doesn't "prove" either side of the debate, as framed by the NRA. But when the relative lethality of weapons is considered, it is absolutely striking that this school attack resulted in 14 injuries, whereas about 100 days ago a school attack with an AR 15 killed 26.

    It's also interesting to note this criminal seemed unable to lay hands on a firearm.
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    HMMM.....wondering how long it took to "hunt" down 14 people to injure with a knife? Also wondering how long it took LEO's to respond to the 911 calls? Apparently long enough for a lone attacker to hunt down and injure 14 people!
    Now.....that's the sole reason WHY I want to be able to defend myself....because (apparently) Law Enforcement Officers can not!
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    I am pro gun but no they shouldn't be aloud on campus. I personally think MSNBC should be held resposable for this attack. I have heard them say on there time and time again how It couldn't be done with a knife what was done with an AR-15 in Newtown and Colorodo. I heard this daily for months on MSNBC. Thats all it takes for some idiot to keep hearing before long, one will try. Some leftwing nutjob was watching MSNBC and most likely thought he should try it. Mark my words this is what happened. I blame the media, not knives or guns for all the craziness thats going on. And I can't understand why all of these idiots are young white males. I think its all the liberal professers at our universities teaching pure bullshit into our youth.
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    "I have heard them say on there time and time again how It couldn't be done with a knife what was done with an AR-15 in Newtown and Colorodo." If MSNBC said that, for once they were right. 14 injured is not the same as 26 dead. And your assumption that this guy is a "leftwing nutjob" who got the idea from watching MSNBC wins the prize for most ridiculous comment of the week. "Mark my words this is what happened." Okay, duly marked, and I'll remind you of that statement when details about this asshat come out in public. Or you can rub it in if you're right about him.
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    Both of the argument in the story are ridiculously stupid... the left claims its proof that gun free zone somehow work because this particular idiot had a knife instead of a gun as if he thought to himself I cant use a gun at school...I'll have to leave my gun home and use my knife....

    Any other idiots admitted it was 50 of them locked themselves in a room because bozo had an exacto knife.... here's a clue for them next time... the exacto knife is no match for a history book... and then the other 49 people can jump on him and pound the shit out of him ..

    ..... I am really surprised that the headline didn't read " STABBING AT SCHOOL WHERE A PERSON WAS SHOT LAST YEAR
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    I doesn't prove anything except that a criminal or nutcase can always find a way to cause havoc. No gun, use a knife. Want to cause many deaths, rent a truck and create a huge bomb using fertilizer. No fertilizer, rent a truck and drive it through a crowded mall.
    If I want to kill one person or many, I can find a multitude of options result available to me, so can any other crazy person!
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    If students were allowed to carry firearms I bet this deranged nut could have been stopped sooner thereby preventing him from wounding so many additional innocent victims.
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    This just proves that if someone wants to harm other people they will. Anybody can make an explosive with the right combination of household chenilles, but we're still allowed to purchase them. Anyone can harm another person. If they want to, they will. It doesn't matter what "laws" are in place.
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    Yes, he used a knife - BUT NOT BECAUSE IT WAS A GUN-FREE ZONE.
    The argument that this is proof of gun control's "success" is utter idiocy. If you're willing to break the law and stab a bunch of your schoolmates, I doubt you'd have qualms with breaking the law and bringing a weapon onto school grounds (as he did.)
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