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    It's better to have one and not need it than to need one and not have it. And you're right, the police have no responsibility to protect anyone. B'sides...when seconds count...minutes away..all that.
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    The so called weaker sex is pretty much on an equal playing field with a AR-15 in her hands , or a S&W .40 cal. And she knows it!
    Good for women, protect yourself ladies, good for you.
    Cause we all know about that lady at home with her twins, when a guy breaks in, mom and kids ran and hid in closet. When he opened the closet door, mom shot his a$$ 5 times with her 5 shot S&W 38 Special from less than 4 ft away, she put 2 in his face and 3 in his chest, and the guy was still able to crawl out of the room.
    Now imagine if it had been two perp's in the house that day. Mom and kids would be dead, cause she was out of bullets.
    Mom is a damn hero, but give her more bullets, give her a chance to save her life, and the lives of her babies.

    Arm yourself- Chance Favors Those Who Prepare.
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    I would like to know when is state and federal govts going to make Gangs a front burner issue? People tend to not worry about guns so much when they can walk the streets without being robbed, beaten, raped or killed by these subhumans. How about our govt doing the job they are supposed to do and cleaning up these streets so the citizens don't feel they have to protect themselves every time they walk out their front doors?
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    Many here have stated how NY is much safer. I'm not sure what they're doing differently than LA or Chicago. Perhaps better policing.
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    Think about it. Mexicos drug highway to the US could be stopped, yet we give them more guns.
    Gangs distribute said drugs and have guns, illegally.
    The dumbing down of society makes it easier to do what they (politicians) want (our money).
    Look at the borders issue (N and S) we could stop it, but don't . Why?
    People come from the souths horrid economic climate and anything is better. They do not realize they have rights never dreamed of. They take orders from those that will allow them to stay and are grateful with just that.
    The gangs are nothing to those that have dealt with the cartels.
    It's about control.
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    Law abiding women deserve to have the ability to protect themselves. I hope no guy decides to mess with my wife, he'll have a rude awakening.

    We have women only shoots at the clubhouse. Its quite popular.
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    Using my own wife as an example, she has been very intimidated by guns but within the last few years her attitude has changed. In my opinion, I think she realizes now that she needs to protect herself and her family and the only why she can do that effectively is with a gun ... I think she is right.
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    Women enjoy it. My daughter is 15 and all her friends love hunting. I am glad to see it. And my wife if a great shot. And she feels better knowing she can protect herself. Why would women be any different ? Everyone should be able to protect themselves.
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    Absolutely.. I remember taking my son and his girlfriend , now wife out shooting . she had never fired a weapon before in her life.. after some basic ground rules were relayed ... I set her up with several different handguns and multiple silhouette targets... I think I even had a couple of zombie targets.. anyway by the end of the afternoon... I had her firing the AR 15 . from 30 yards she put 25 of 30 rounds in the head of a standard silhouette Target... I told my son I like her marry her.. and don't ever mess with her. ;-)
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    @bsking The girls are cheerleaders. And they had a big buck contest. I would have never dreamed. And my wife killed the big buck at our camp.
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    Women also care about their own protection and being able to protect their families...I say Good for them, Thank you lady's!!! God Bless our America
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    Hahaha. Reminds me of the old Drill Sergeant's punishment for any trainees calling their rifles "guns". They'd make them stand naked holding a rifle in one hand and the hoo-hoo in the other while reciting: "This is my rifle, this is my gun. One is for shooting, the other for fun. This is my rifle, I called it a gun. That's why I'm naked under the sun".
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    Women have been some of the most abused and subjugated members of our society. IMO, firearms ownership is the ultimate statement of independence and feminism.

    I have no problem with armed women. I know many of them. Some of the most positive, well-centered people I know.
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    A firearm is the great equalizer, making everyone equally as strong and safe, assuming everyone is allowed to own the same types of firearms and bans or restrictions aren't imposed on certain groups or ethnicities. Plus they are a blast as recreation, in addition to be the best personal protection a woman can have.
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    Female gun ownership is rising for the same reason all guns ownership is rising.

    Ignorant people in the White House. Why else would all gun manufacturers have back orders into 2015? Why else do you think ammo is scarce as chicken teeth. Not because the manufacturers are not running 24/7 at top speed. It's because when it hits the store, it is instantly sold.

    And why you still wonder? Because we have Democrats in control. Grow up and watch, every time a democrat makes it to the White House, the guns go up and ammo gets sold out. Every time.
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    When the average response time to a call to the police is more than five minutes, women must take responsibility for their own safety. We have no choice. Last night we saw a young woman out for a jog. Wearing short shorts and a tank top that lacked any reflective material, she was in a wooded area without street lighting. Said my husband as we drove by "God I hope she's armed. I wouldn't run there myself without protection."
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    I guess it depends who you're asking & where they live . In many areas women have been hunting & shooting since we settled this country. My starter shotgun belonged to my grandmother & was older than my dad . Around here , I would say more women either are armed at home & carry concealed than those that don't . Many young working women fear what they see is going on & know the need to protect themselves in working areas from the human trash our Gov't. continues to enable.
    The gun sales, training classes & carry permits validate this statement.
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