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    @Waynestew - Don't believe the untruths that @jessejaymes and @dances-weebles say about me. I'm hardly the extremist they try to paint me as.
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    @Neo_NtheMatrix My opinion of you is based on your posts mostly. But it is refreshing to hear this from someone on the (far) right. There is hope yet.
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    Just further proof that civil unions don't cut the mustard on this issue, and a reaffirmation that separate IS NOT equal.
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    Those who arrested this poor man and placed a restraining order on him need to be arrested themselves. They violated the mans' rights. He even has legal power of attorney. What a travesty.
    If the law to arrest those involved (ie. the family and judge who issued a restraining order) then people would realize Americans are not going to take this abuse.
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    I understand families don't approve of same sex marriage, but the family should not have control in a situation where a male has chosen a male as his partner/mate/husband/wife. The individual has made that decision already, he is an adult and should have control of his own destiny. I believe the arrest was wrong and understand the arguments on both sides. I personally don't agree with same sex marriage, however we are a free people and should make those decisions for ourselves.
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    I was talking to a friend tonight and he told me how legalizing gay marriage has been pondered by many and it would seem, for tax and estate reasons, if nothing else, it could lead to fathers marrying their sons, legally since they cannot procreate so therefore not incestuous. Mothers could marry their daughters.

    So on the way home I got to thinking.......

    Could a father marry his daughter if one of them were sterile?
    Could a mother marry her son if one of them were sterile?

    No? Would legalizing gay marriage therefore discriminate against same sex marriages?

    Could a brother and sister not marry?

    If opposite sex, but kin, could not marry unless sterile, what are the implications?

    If those implications in and of themselves are discriminatory, would we also have to legalize potentially incestuous marriages?

    I'm just thinking out loud and don't think for a minute that even members of the 535'ers wouldn't marry their own for money as they've proven there is virtually no line they will not cross for the holy dollar, and maybe even to legally get it on with their own.

    Kick this one about.......will the wealthy elite surprisingly be in favor of legalizing same sex marriages even if they are not homosexual?

    This country really is going to hell in a handbag, fast, isn't it?
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    What is so sickening and why Conservatives speak out against the Gay agendas is because we are so sick of the Liberal media pushing the Gay agenda down our throats. We are talking about 3% of our population & you would think they were the vast majority by the amount of press coverage they get. What about all the other groups of people out there? Are they chop liver & deserve no mention of their rights? Gee i wonder why Conservatives say the media is Liberal. It is obvious that Liberal democrats & the media have an agenda to push their anti God, pro Socialist message constantly. Is it any wonder why the two biggest issues on our media for the last 50 years has been Abortion & Homosexuality? Two issues that are directly at odds with Conservatives & the Christian faith. Lets just monopolize our news and live our lives glued to every little event that involves Gays ok? Let the rest of Americans drop dead because their plight gets no mention.
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    @Starsplash Stop the ludicrous lies. When the constitution was written many of our schools required that school teachers were Christian and school prayer was allowed. Liberals have censored God from our schools and ushered in political correctness, the Liberal's religion.
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    @commonsense51 GO TO CHURCH!!!

    The constitution was made hundred+ years ago. The constitution reflected the days when it was created. We may still go by it and use it as a guide, but times have changed. It is not a liberal thing, it is a reality thing. The school of back then is not the school of now. You go to school now to learn about the world and to prepare you for the future. Learning about the bible does not prepare you for reality.

    And no one says you can't prey. It is just not organized.
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    I@commonsense51 I don't believe we had public schools till the late 1800s or early 1900s so schools being required to pray at the time of the constitution would be no problem since they were most likely private or church ran schools. "Until at least the 1840s, however, most schools continued to be privately owned and operated."

    Also at the time of the writing of our constitution, slavery was allowed and they were considered 3/5s a person so that white landowners could have enough representation to try to keep slaves 3/5s a person so to try to use "it happened during the writing of our constitution or during our founding" doesn't necessarily means its a good thing or a sound logical argument.
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    @John_Tremblay No, the only thing standing in the way of gay rights is bigotry, not necsessarily religious. Seperate them!#1 because it's true.#2 because attack one group will never favor another.
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    This very thing is a prime example of why the fight for equal rights is happening. This is a horrible tragic event, and should never have happened. If all were truly equal in the "Land of the Free" it wouldn't have. After reading this, how can anyone still oppose giving these American Citizens the same freedom?
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    Of course! If your lover is in the Hospital you should have every right to see them. You shouldn't be handcuffed and escorted out. Just pathetic, disgustingly pathetic theyre suppose to keep someone safe and happy but won't allow their lover to see them, the one to comfort them? Come on now.. It's 2013, who cares if someone is gay, get over it.
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    From the story: "

    This was an issue of disruptive and belligerent behavior by the visitor that affected patient care.
    The hospital's response followed the same policies that would apply to any individual engaged in this behavior in a patient care setting and was not in any way related to the patient's or the visitor's sexual orientation or marital status.

    This visitor created a barrier for us to care for the patient. Attempts were made to deescalate the situation. Unfortunately, we had no choice but to involve security and the Kansas City MO Police Department."

    My daughter is gay and she has a long time companion. I love her very much and support her in every way.

    This story was about a belligerent significant other that got put out and then cried bigotry.

    It is people like this man that use the "bigotry defense" that make people doubt genuine bigotry against homosexuals.

    If you are gay or straight, black, white, yellow, red, green, Christian, Jewish, Muslim or martian...
    ...Shut Your Mouth, get out of the damned way and let the doctors do their job.
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    @MrGreenHerb - Nah. I read the update and then looked up the local report sources. Fox may be the "source" on this site but it was reported elswhere.
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    And people wonder why we're not satisfied with "civil unions". Equality for all. Same marriage, same benefits, same everything. And you can bet we won't shut up until we get it in every state.
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    Should pedophiles be granted those same "rights"? What about polygamists? Those who engage in bestiality? What happens when a church refuses to marry you? You will sue to get an easy check. Not everyone thinks that what you do is ok and we have voices too. Remember that please.
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    @RollinPapers Red herrings and straw mans. Pedophiles aren't two consenting ADULTS. Polygamists are usually consenting adults and I see no reason why they shouldn't be granted the same rights as me, hell it's even very common in the bible which tends to be the biggest reason people are against gay marriages. When a church refuses to marry a gay couple, it's their freedom of religion and they don't have to marry them. Either take out all special benefits received by marriage and let people go wherever they want to be considered married, or if you want civil unions for them but not for straights, only get married by the church and don't bother getting a license from the state because then it should become a civil union if your all about keeping the sanctity of marriage.
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    @RollinPapers Pedophiles are protected if they end up marrying the child they were abusing... polygamy isn't recognized and animals? Really? You should be able to do better than that...

    Churches can deny anyone they want via the 1st amendment, the govt does not have that right however. Your arguments are so far out there that it's ridiculous.
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    @RollinPapers You are comparing apples and oranges. Pedophilia and Polygamy and Bestiality have victims, hence their being illegal.
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    @Libertyiskey "Polygamists are usually consenting adults and I see no reason why they shouldn't be granted the same rights as me,"
    Actually that's not true. Far more common is full grown men taking on a teen wife.
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    I'm sure what really happened is that the family asked this gay guy to leave and he refused and became combative. That is why he was arrested, not because he is gay.
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    I agree with you. If the family member wanted to speak in private it was bullying to refuse the request.
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    He refused because legally he was the person who gets to make the decision who stays or leaves. Power of attorney trumps family wishes in legal situations.
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    @Roco If the wife is not able to speak for herself, of course the husband has the final say. After all, we all watched Terri Schiavo killed for the religious convenience of her husband's "fiancé". However, if the situation is one of the end of life, any spouse or partner who does not have the decency to grant a family member time alone to say goodbye is an ass. Since the article says nothing about the wishes of the sick partner, that may have been the case here. When my sister lost her twenty something son, she asked for, and was granted time alone with him before his burial. Everyone was excluded, including his father. No one even questioned her right to do so. That is common decency.
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    They're in a legal civil union and he has power of attorney, he should've never been taken into custody and removed from the hospital. I think this hospital and local law enforcement needs to reconsider their actions on this one..
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    Just another instance of political and social injustice. These people are not his real family if they do not stand by the decisions he has made. Unfortunately you do not get to pick your family.
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    Of course every person who railed against the hospital for this 'evil' deed should now come back and apologize.
    He became unruly when they asked him to leave so they could administer care. There are certain situations in which EVERYBODY has to leave the room, but because he's gay, he should stay? He acted like an ass, and the hospital had to call security to Protect the patient.
    Hey, maybe the patient wanted the restraining order, now wouldn't that take a while for you liberal gutless wonders to wrap your brain around?
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    Update: Since the story broke, Fox4 has obtained documents that tell a different story. The arrest report reveals that "a security supervisor at Research Medical Center was contacted by Emergency Room personnel after Gorley refused to leave the room of his partner. The hospital said they did not want to have any visitors to Allen's room....'After several verbal attempts to get [Gorley] to leave the room, he continually refused and began to cause a disturbance.[He] began to cause a disturbance by physically resisting security officers as they escorted him out of the patient's room.'"

    Gee, maybe the "Husband" was lying.

    Maybe the wife wanted to get away from the "Husband".

    Maybe the wife's guilt of his, gay life style choice has caused him to lose it?

    Maybe the hospital personnel, know what they are doing? Ya know like trying to a stabilize mentally disturbed patient?
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    I could careless if gays get what they want or not. I don't hate them but I am starting too cause of everything everywhere is gay gay gay! I say give them equal rights and a new car and maybe just maybe we won't have to hear about gays for a month.
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