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    According to a cop friend here in Topeka, it's a great way to profile gang affiliation and criminals without having to go racial.

    The "gangs" have different levels of "sagging".

    (Also it's hella hard for the little shits to run with their pants falling down all the time.)
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    The ACLU suing the NAACP. I love it! get the popcorn!

    I thought the whole country heard the President say it was time to tighten out belts?
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    @Denizen_Kate Work has been keeping me rather busy. And I just took break. It seemed like Politix was publishing the same 5 or 6 stories with only the slightest wrinkles which led to the same arguments by the same people over and over and... you get my point.

    Good to see you are still here and participating.
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    For the love of Mike, can we at least keep the government out of our pants? I'm not for the look, but the imbeciles that wish to dress this way have a right to do so.
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    I don't think they should ban saggy pants. Pants are pants. Low riding or armpit Herkel Wearing. What they need to ban is the people who are stupid enough to walk around sagging pants.
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    All i know about saggy pants is what I learned while working in the prison system.
    Inmates told me that it means the guy is presenting, it means he wants to be some other inmates lover. The said these young inmates think its all cool. One inmate called Pop, 47 years inside, told me, if they come in with them pants saggin, he was taken "it", if'n they want it or not.

    I just think it is stupid lookin, and nobody wants to see their skid marked underwear.
    How stupid.
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    It does slow them down when running from a crime when they have to hold up their pants.

    And why bother with the NAACP, I see sagging from every race.
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    I don't like the look but this is a free country and you have a right to be stupid and fashionable. Pull them down and cover your butt crack, I don't want to see it.
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    No one wants to see someone's dirty drawers. It's the same thing as low pants showing a tramp stamp and butt crack on women.
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    I rather like the idea that these lowlife classless thugs make themselves so easily recognizable.
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    ... And easier to catch when they try to run. Funny as hell when their own damn pants trip their stupid a$$ up, and they face plant, knocking out teeth, or just a general rearrangement of their grills.
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    @Thegrif lmao you are so right I have seen this done so many times it just makes it easier for the police to catch their crazy stupied a$$e$
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    I think if you want to walk around town,-----with your A$$ showing all out in public----Displaying such a blatant disrespect and disregard for everyone else around you...Then, yes, you need to be fined for it!---But frankly I don't think it should stop there..There are many people from all walks of life who regularly disrespect others out in public....And they too need to be fined. Loud vulgar language, rude and discourteous driving behaviors, and, many other acts should also be fined.....We live in one of the MOST rude and disrespectful nations on this earth...And we need to start addressing these kinds of behaviors.
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    @Zazziness Well many communities already have laws on the books against indecency. And exposing one's butt in public ----is quite "indecent" to many people, including me...So I think its worth consideration---Again, so long as it is applied to any and everybody who violates common decency standards...
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    This is a bad day for me. First, I agree with something the NAACP says, and now I agree with you. I feel sick. obamanation is one of the most rude and disrespectful nations on Earth. It wasn't always this way though.
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    @Neo_NtheMatrix You have that only half right---Because this nation was already VERY Rude & Disrespectful----LONG before Obama became president---And you know that to be a factual statement!!
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    @Neo_NtheMatrix Neo....stop "voting me up" you're killing my reputation, here...LOL!
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    How else will they know who the idiots are in their midst? Do you really want to stop the morons from identifying themselves?
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    Small government ideas are only intended for big business. Government will still continue to want to control the people.
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    @PayThatCEO The entertainment complex that seeks to maximize profits at all costs, controls what's available for entertainment on most media and for that reason a lot of the cultural expression (from baggy pants and baseball caps to tattoos and how we cut our hair.) Individual expression should be allowed as long as it posses no threat the safety of others, if your going to control anything... it should be big business.
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    I see this as no different than purple hair, massively sized doughnut piercings, tattoo's on the face etc. If their "private" body parts are uncovered, there are already laws in place to take care of it and therefore banning or making illegal, a "style" is redundant for the reasons given or accepted by most.

    I'd prefer to know right off the bat what kind of person I'm dealing with without any 'style law' preventing that.

    It's outrageous and well beyond practical, butt, as long as it's covered, I can't see how anyone else should be concerned if somebody wants to dress like a flaming idiot choosing to handicap themselves in case I want to start slinging lead.

    For a woman to walk around in public wearing a bikini is equally impractical although I don't mind looking in as lecherous a manner as the situation will allow if I find such a spectacle pleasant to behold.

    Besides, I thought real conservatives wanted fewer laws, less regulation and smaller government.
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    Silly racist response on your part. You apparently listen to FOX News, and you're an AM radio fan of Rush Limbaugh and Alex Jones. You are angry that the President is Black, and I imagine you kick your dog because of it. Grow up sonny, and rid the silly white supremacy thoughts from your peanut sized brain.
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    "You apparently listen to FOX News, and you're an AM radio fan of Rush Limbaugh and Alex Jones"
    - And you apparently make idiotic assumptions, none of which turn out correct.

    "You are angry that the President is Black"
    - So black that he was raised by his upper-class white family in Hawaii.

    "Grow up sonny"
    - Remove the DNC's collective cock from your throat, and I'll think about it.
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