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    I know, same here. I have kids, and I couldn't imagine losing one so tragically. My heart hurts for these people. So senseless.
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    Perhaps I should not have included the anti-atheist comment, but I was taking a pounding from rabid atheists on another thread- these people are seeking to remove all vestiges of Hope and Faith in humanity and I believe Faith is worth defending.
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    Thank you for this.....these images.....are very moving.....
    My wife bought some permanent markers last night and being a runner and training for a marathon herself on her training run today she wore a t-shirt we made simply with Boston Marathon in the first in blue ink on the front and Never Forget in red ink on the back.....
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    Joe Andruzzi carrying a wounded woman. They are all inspiring pictures and I appreciate the narratives added. This was a horrible time, but Americans did what American's do; they helped each other. In the worst of situations we come through for our people. Ordinary people doing extraordinary things. Our own government could take some lessons from this. Lay down your agendas and do what's right. Now it's time to stand with the victems and let the athourities do their job in finding who is responsible. No finger pointing already disgustingly displayed.
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    When everyone is sure that the country is disintegrating, and going down the tubes forever, there are things like this to show otherwise.

    There are some pretty good people who live here.
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    This like other tragedies before it, continues to prove that there is basic good in all people. It just needs an avenue to be expressed.
    Our hearts are with you Boston.
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    God Bless These Men & Women! We are all Americans and By God, we will and shall carry on. We are proud and if it means to start kicking tail again, let it begin.

    Message: Al Quada, Other Terrorist Groups and North Korean Crazies, BEWARE, WE WILL TAKE YOU DOWN!
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    The military pledge to "I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic" definitely comes to the forefront.
    If this was a Domestic Terrorist, they should be just as afraid.
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    Carlos Arredondo holding the American Flag, it is what holds us together as a nation, a hero showing the colors of our country. Thank you Mr. Arrendondo.
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    Though they may scare us and wish for us to fall divided. The marriage just shows us a great symbol of how each day our own nations "union" still renews it self and its promise of a hopeful future.