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    We can thank our good buddy Ronald Reagan for dismanteling the mental health system in America. Said it was too costly.

    But he found money to invade Grenada.
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    Actually, deinstitutionalization began in the 60s under JFK with the Community Mental Health Act of 1963. You can include him, and every president since if you want in on the blame game.
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    ! the government is trying to dismantle the 2nd amendment but doing NOTHING about mental health and stuff like this happen? Every session of congress is an example of very ill people that have been left alone to on a long trip and gather to "act" like they're running the country.....Washington seems to be nothing more than a huge asylum anymore.....along with much of the media.....
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    @Zazziness He certainly hasn't been following up on that has he? It's been a continous emotional onslaught against the 2nd amendment.....{that was in January this is April.....any bills yet?}.....
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    @Knightkore Actually, yes, he has. If you google for articles on it, you'll find plenty. People have just been so emotional about the gun control debate they haven't noticed.
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    This also happens with both hospitals and nursing homes. There was a video a few years back of an LA hospital droping patients off on street corners in the general vacinity of a homeless shelter.
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    Let's check to see the registered agents of this Hospital, and its stockholders, etc. and see if any of them have ties with Mayor Mike Bloomberg and USAG Eric Holder. This could be another Fast and Furious-type Cluster Folk in the ghoulish hope that some of these individuals will be involved in new acts of mayhem and murder and help motivate those in Congress to enact hasty laws. I don't put anything past the masterminds of Fast and Furious.
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    LOL...Yeah, I heard it was Harry, Nancy and Uncle Joe...last I heard they were still
    roaming. Good, it they don't come back, we're safe! Maybe they can take another
    bus load from the White House!
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    So who are the patients ?? Some illegal alien beggars seeking not only free everything , but SSI too ?? They ain't coming here to make a life - they're invading to take advantage of the socialist programs our Indonesian president endorses.
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    Maybe the next time one of these nuts does something crazy the government won't try to take our guns And that guys Medical license.
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    Irresponsible on the part of whom? Whose responsible for the mentally ill? The government obviously isn't, as this is a government agency pulling this. This is a leak in the welfare state, and I hope it turns into a flood and forces reform.
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    Maybe after talking with him they just thought he was from California - I would have sent him to DC.
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    Early in Reagan's first term, federal funding of state-run mental health hospitals was cut dramatically, causing those institutions to have to cut costs by cutting loos a lot of mentally ill people. A friend had a schizophrenic aunt in such an institution in Camarillo, CA. They turned her out without notifying the family. The family spent several months and several thousand dollars in private investigator fees to find her, wandering the streets of downtown San Francisco and muttering to the voices in her head.
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    Are there not people who have been deemed mentally ill, and get a check for 100% disability that still have the right to vote, even though they cannot legally own firearms?

    I assert in many cases of getting the Nervous Doctor Check, that trip to the voting booth has to be a very long and lonely trip even if it's just next door.
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    This is a case of dumping patients to hold down costs.

    The question to ask is, do we want a government that puts money ahead of people?

    Those who call yourselves conservatives or Tea Party members have answered the question in favor of saving money.
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