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    You think we are tortured by our enemies?
    I say do what you got to do whatever it takes to get the intel.
    This ain't Candy Land folks, war is hell.
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    So, committing a wrong to address another wrong makes everything right? If you can't be better than whoever you're fighting, you've already lost.
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    1) The study found that the intel wasn't any better.
    2) So you acknowledge that America is no better then their enemies?
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    Honestly? You understand torture accomplishes nothing right? You hurt someone enough, and they will say anything you want, doesn't make it factual, or useful in any way. Torture accomplishes nothing but making us more enemies.
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    @twinertia - You do recognize we're in a war right? There's people out there putting their lives at risk because they want to protect us. Two wrongs don't make a right, but if you let one wrong control you than you're putting millions of others in danger. OF COURSE WE'RE GOING TO FIGHT BACK. Start appreciating what all these people are doing for you, if they hadn't you might just have been dead by now.
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    A state of armed conflict between different nations or states or different groups within a nation or state.
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    From my reading of history - we are the only nation that second guesses how "we won" the war.
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    Sometime between now and never. Don't hold your breath. I'm not against torturing because I feel empathy. I'm against it because it doesn't work. Put a torch to a man's genitals and he'll say whatever you ask him to say or whatever it takes to get you to stop. Truth or lie it doesn't matter. Zero Dark Thirty was a hollywood fairy tale which overplayed many of the actual events leading up to the raid and fabricated many moments for dramatic effect. I'm more of a drug em to get the truth kind of guy. After you get what you need just execute them. No point in paying storage fees.
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    @frigginhell - One wonders how this same "non-partisan" group would report on the mass genocide conducted by the United States against Japan with the Nuclear Bombings of Nagasaki and Hiroshima?
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    @AntiPorcheria yeah, the water boarding of Enemies who saw Americans heads off is worse than mass murder. Not!
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    @AntiPorcheria Really? Did you even bother to look at the people who did the report? There is a link provided for you. Had you bothered to spend 1 minute out of your busy schedule to click that link you'd see that the group actually does look to consist of members of both parties. Had you bothered to check that link you'd see that several have served appointments at some of the highest offices in this country for republican presidents. One of them is even a former republican congressman. Perhaps you did look and chose the path of insinuation as opposed to the path of fact. It probably suited your needs better.
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    @frigginhell - Knowing it was a construct of the Soros group gives it as little credibility as a piece by Murdoch and company.

    Slanted observations and conclusions from the left are as nauseating as. slanted observations and conclusions from the right.

    What suits my needs are unbiased reporting from those without an agenda.
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    Bush KNOWINGLY did a lot of things including turning a blind eye to thousands of illegal immigrants crossing the border and ignoring the mortgage industry that ended up ballooning and then collapsing our economy. He nearly destroyed this country.
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    I seem to recall Bush almost begging congress to reform Fannie and Freddie and mushmouth Bawney Fwank fighting it tooth and nail.
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    Torture is watching Obama read off the teleprompters. I don't see Bush torturing anybody in any of these pictures. Do you? At least Bush Kept us extremely safe after 9/11. Barack Benghazi has not. Bush=patriot Obama=Muslim sympathizer.
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    Yeah minus that one little event where 3000 Americans were murdered by terrorists Bush sure kept us safe (have terrorists killed 3000 American civilians total in the past 5 years?) Of course, that is only true if you don't count the thousands of soldiers who are dead or wounded from the war bush knowingly started on false premises.
    When the president orders the military to do something then he is responsible for that action.
    Remember that time Obama started businesses with money from the Bin Laden family and other Saudis? No? That's because it was Bush.
    Bush= war criminal
    Obama= war criminal
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    Okay let's pamper our detainees, you know, the ones that killed over 2,000 innocent people. Ha, I don't think so. You think our enemies don't torture us? Enough with this humanitarian crap, America has to stand up too at some point. Peace isn't always the answer.
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    I still remember how I felt when I heard the U.S. Attorney General trying to argue that torture was permissible under the rule of law. It was as if I was watching the flame on the Statue of Liberty be snuffed out.

    I do not believe torture results in good information. Prisoners who have been tortured confirm they said anything they thought the torturer wanted to hear. And so would you, under those circumstances. It's just a question of how long it would take to get there. We should never do this.
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    @drpeeper Probably. There is no way a nation can be a torturer and hold itself up as something to be proud of. The two are mutually exclusive.
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    @Zazziness But also, look at what is considered 'torture'. waterboarding? Tell you what. You get to pick China Cuba Iran or the USA - which would you rather be 'tortured'
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    @drpeeper Let's get past the waterboarding already. Propaganda to distract from what really went on. The "knee of death" remember that? We already have military sent to prison for abuses. They are not there for waterboarding. It's comparable to knocking on the door and when opened you see a naked woman in handcuffs chained to a wall, the guys grins and closes the door. In the other room he has dead bodies. In the backyard he has buried bodies. A front for torture, we all know it, and it was and is wrong. There are no kings in the US, and we should be held to a higher standard, and those responsible should be held accountable, Bush, Cheney, Rumsfield..
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    Too Bad Mary Noble didn't look up the Constitution Project too deeply- and see how left they are. Not a shock really.
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    It should probably go without saying that the ‘Constitution Project’ is another radical left front group funded by George Soros. The ‘Constitution Project’ works to undermine U.S. national security on constitutional grounds. It seeks to challenge the legality of military commissions, and end the detainment of "enemy combatants.”(See more background below.)

    It also condemn government surveillance of terrorists. And it has recommended that foreign detainees (including suspected terrorists) should be released on American soil. In fact, the ‘Constitution Project’ works hand in hand with groups like the ACLU and People For The American Way to protect captured terrorists.
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    We'll really never be sure until we strap Cheney down on that waterboard and ask him a few questions.
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    Did any of the detainee suffer broken limbs as a result of this so called torture?

    Did any of the detainees suffer death as a result of this so called torture?

    The truth is they made them listen to Michael Jackson and boy George music...
    big freakin deal.

    ... in the wake of 9/11 what they should have done is draw straws... and make them all watch as one with the short straw get two new holes in the forehead....
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    This is not news. It's called War Crimes, Friends. Do you remember when President Bush said this on June 22, 2004:“I have never ordered torture … The values of this country are such that torture is not a part of our soul and our being”. Dick Cheney has a very dark side and repeatedly ordered (WITH the president's knowledge/encouragement) all manner of torture. And now? Cheney says he'd do it all over again in a heartbeat. The cost of all this?? The Iraq War has monetarily cost taxpayers about $2 trillion. Tens of billions more will be spent for veterans disabilities and continuing expenses in Iraq. Taxpayers are paying over $600 million a year to guard the giant U.S. Embassy and its personnel in Baghdad. It's interesting how the GOP (a moral cesspool) justifies but just watch. The little party of stupid will trot out from under their rocks to defend Baby Bush and his administration.
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    As usual the partisan hacks justify this with the two wrongs making a right logic regardless that the report shows the intel we received from it was just as good or bad as normally received intel. Torture gets the answers they think you want to hear not the truth. It was a waste of money and effort.
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    We had a rep as being the good guys on the world stage, we lost tons of respect because of Bush and Rumsfield. Most likely both tortured their neighborhood pets as children. Torture is not part of Geneva convention, which for good reason.
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    Aw, too bad for those it angers , poor babies . What angers me is seeing innocent Americans & those of other nationalities jumping over 900 feet to their deaths from the World Trade Centers. Yet you sympathize with the barbarians who were responsible ?? Bush should get a Medal - BO would have never 'supposedly' got bin laden without Bush's tactics.( I believe it was a lie & bin laden was already dead).
    Torture ?? Most Americans would have donated their own ammo to eradicate these vermin from our memories . Need a one-way ticket with a promise never to return , from a mooslem sharia law nation - I'll buy you one . Try preaching your beliefs over there & see how much freedom of sppech you have . Head in a basket.
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    It doesn't matter what went on. If it saved American Lives it was worth it. Obama should thank Mr. Bush for the information gathered to let him find his name sake
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    Torture was to good for them. Extreme Islamic idiots have no remorse for killing an American or other infidels. Why are we even concerned about their well being? Idiotic liberals who think all criminals deserve civil rights should be put away.
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