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    Exactly, and it has been that way for quite a while. Manchin isn't fooling anybody (well...maybe the uninformed)....
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    @jmiller94 And they're easy to tell too, they usually collect an unearned welfare check around the first of the month...
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    @MarkJM unfortunately, a lot of them are Reagan babies like myself. Byproducts of an education system that eschews critical thinking for standardized testing and teaches that debt is necessary rather than something to be avoided and dealt with quickly upon undertaking.
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    I think Man chin is not telling thee truth. He and the R.I.N.O. who co sponcered the bill make it clear the majority of the people want gun background checks expanded. They also wanted Joe Citizen to believe the majority of the nation were worried about gun violence. Sorry only about 4% are worried. And they wonder why people don't trust ernment
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    this is the guy who said God help us if congress does not act on gun violence.

    congress cannot stop violence of those doing it can. i will have to check on this guy to see his stance on immigration reform to see if my theory is right about those pushing gun control also support illegal aliens over citizens.
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    And it is democrat. Not democratic senator.

    democratic[ dem-uh-krat-ik ]
    1. pertaining to or of the nature of democracy or a democracy.
    2. pertaining to or characterized by the principle of political or social equality for all: democratic treatment.
    3. advocating or upholding democracy.
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    Manchin just pissed because he represents the wrong ideas and West Virginia full of uninformed voters.

    How bout the polls that skew results poll every legal American about more gun legislation and post those results instead of going to the democrat party headquarters for their information.

    My statistics professor said on the first day of class many many moons ago, statistical data can be manipulated to show any result you want when you get you data from selective sources.
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    Oh ... were informed ... it's just a challenge to vote this two-faced prick out when the unions and state employees keep voting this "Good Ol Boy" career politician back in!
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    @Republican5150 Why not visit Real Clear Politic web site. They post EVERY polling org. results. Even those that had Romney winning by a landslide. I believe you'll find a universal agreement; g only difference being the margin of the plurality
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    @Republican5150 Maybe if they would stop trying to fix that which is not the problem they could ALL stop tripping over their own ignorance?
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    Manchin is lying, you can read the proposed legislation yourself and it does NOT exempt anything except between spouses/family, and even that is gray and written in a way that an executive order could eliminate even that!
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    Here's the problem "West Virginia Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin" Democrat!!!
    Democrats always lie, and cant be trusted...ever!!
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    No. I think Manchin sees new campaign contributors on the horizon capable of contributing way more than the NRA, the NSSF, GOA, JPFO, 2nd Amendment Foundation, and the rest of the others combined ever could. With just two (2), Mike Bloomberg and George Soros, Manchin (haha, his name means "little stain" in colloquial Spanish!) he would be sitting pretty the rest of his life.
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    95% to 5% on POPVOX where people are overwhelmingly against this assault on the 2nd Amendment. Let it fail so CONgress can move on and address the REAL issues of gun violence, namely the criminal thugs, mentally insane, and bolstering school security. I also find it funny how a lifetime member of the NRA slams the organization just to satisfy his own political clout. May the NRA rescind his lifetime membership and downgrade his rating for it.
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    The NRA? Lie? Of course they lie. Yet, somehow people believe them when they pretend to be able to predict the future and claim to be more trustworthy than our government.
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    If there is one thing we've learned progressive liberals define lies and truth much differently than's all relative to them anyway.....
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    I believe this guy was probably trying to do good. I believe he was sincere in 2A safeguards. But I feel he was naive. And, I believe that he believes that the NRA mischaracterized the bill - but, they didn't. This is the crux of the problem. Manchin fails to realize how those Americans who would disarm their fellow Americans are counting on erosion, and how this plays into their hand. Likewise, he fails to realize that hastened, emotionally-driven legislation more often than not backfires. He should take some time not to reflect on these matters. A yacht is a great place for reflection.
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    No thanks Joe Manchin
    How about enforcing our current laws

    We should be focusing on violent criminals and that has not been the Obama Justice Department's priority. In 2010, there were over 15,000 felons and fugitives who tried to illegally purchase firearms. Of those 15,000, the Obama Justice Department prosecuted just 44. Let me repeat those numbers because those numbers are staggering, 15,000, they only prosecuted 44.”
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    When the bill was originally publicized, it prohibited all private and commercial transfers without a background check.

    Evidently, when the drafters of the bill realized that their constituents were strongly opposed to a "universal" check which would criminalize private transfers without a background check, they rolled the "universal" back to "commercial".

    Well, if that was the case, they should have done a better job of publicizing the change. But no matter; what we have now requires background checks on all commercial sales.

    So what is the actual purpose of the bill? Why didn't its supporters do a better job of selling it? And why would they propose a bill that evidently does the same thing as what we already have?

    The first I heard of this rollback was when Sen. Schumer was whining to Sen. Cruz about the fact that Cruz was opposing a bill that was exactly like what we already have.

    I didn't know what he was talking about, and I had been watching the debates on CSPAN.

    This whole mishmash can be blamed on the Dem controlled Senate, and particularly Judiciary committee chairman Leahy and Senate Leader Harry Reid for doing a rush job on a piece of legislation that didn't have a chance of passing.

    The Senate is often lauded as being the premier deliberative body in the world. They certainly did not live up to that standard, as their level of deliberate action made the House look like a bunch of laggards.
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    Does it? I've been a member for several decades, and I am a true skeptic. I try to take nothing at face value.

    The NRA does a lot of things which I don't agree with, from supporting politicians I don't agree with to taking stances on issues which have nothing to do with the 2nd Am, to mailing me too many requests for money.

    But I haven't ever caught them in a lie. They have exaggerated, I'll give you that. But I've never caught them in a lie.

    Do you have an example?
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    Whichever side you are on in the debate, the fact that the NRA lied, and lied with intent, should have some effect on your willingness to support the NRA in the future.

    The NRA is no longer a gun rights organization, it's a big business and their business is stirring up controversy in order to enrich the management and officers.
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