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    The guy in the cowboy hat is a fantastic human being.His son was killed in Iraq and he helped to save the life of another fathers son.Whatta man.
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    Actually he lost both of his sons. One in Iraq and the other to suicide shortly after. Mad respect for this man...
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    The media is loyal to the almighty $, nothing else. Where ever the money is, so is the media. Something to consider when you watch the news and hear the "facts".
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    Correct me if I'm wrong but did the article not state that he saw the picture on Facebook? If you think of FB as the media then you really need to find a new source for information. People posted those images as the story developed. That's the age we live in. There are cameras everywhere always. You either learn to accept it and deal with it or put on a tinfoil cap and lock yourself in your house.
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    Ask yourself how many very capable cameras were on that scene with 4G broadband all wrapped in the same package.

    It isn't like you have to own thousands of dollars worth of professional equipment to get a publishable photograph or even video these days. Most everyone holds theirs up to their ears and some even are quite competent at taking excellent pictures with them.

    I paid more for my first digital camera about 15 years ago, that took less than 1 mp pix of coarse graininess, than my quad core processor phone, with lots of ram and plenty of storage and amazing imaging capabilities, plus a whole lot more.

    Just about everybody is toting digital imaging capability that will do a three layer color separation for a glossy page magazine cover..... and have it blasted to the other side of the world, right now.
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    The media my ass, multiple high resolution photos of this guy showing his legs blown off were posted to multiple sites and were showing up on under r/gore within an hour of the event. The image would have gotten out regardless of what the media does. The old media is dead.
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    I don't understand this statement.

    What does money have to do with anything. You have thousands of people at the marathon all have cell phones that can record and take pictures? And you have facebook and youtube to post those vids and photos for the public to see.

    Are you bashing just to bash, or are is this another way of saying, the media is bias again? Im sure all news networks have circulated these photos and videos around so you can't isolate one network from the other.
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    They at least cropped the picture, and the father found out his son was alive because of the picture. Tough call
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    As if somehow if they didn't publish the photo the legs would be back on jeff's body?

    " what does it really matter at this point?"
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    I think the point most are missing is that you cannot expect privacy anywhere and possibly in your own home even under your own roof these days.

    Did you ever see the google street views crazy pix as well as the google satellite pix of people nude sunbathing, consorting, taking a whizz, etc in their fenced in back yards they used to think were private?

    The highest resolution images from that NSA satellite are amazing.
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    If it's a picture of a distinguishable body or body part then no it shouldn't be published, but I see no problem with reporting the story with pictures of live victims...the uncropped version of the photo is NASTY!!!!!
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    You would think differently if you worked in a hospital and look into a devastated eyes. I can tell you that's very hard I would not want to sit down in front of T.V. and see a picture of my child after having their legs blow off.
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    This brings up a good point. The story was about a hero (Carlos). but they could have easily blurred the face of the wounded until family was notified.
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    I sympathetic to the shock the family will certainly feel, but there's also an ethical consideration for professional journalists. In modifying an image “minor adjustments in Photoshop are acceptable,” according to AP ethics but more than that is not reporting the story, it's interpreting it. A freelancer was summarily fired for doing just that.

    For myself, I prefer no one filter the news for me.
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    My how times have changed.The media would not show people( Americans )jumping out of the windows of the twin towers .The outrage would have been only worse toward's those that caused it.Today the media chooses to show the horror and for what?Not knowing who is behind the crime in Boston do they hope they can create the same anger towards those who they hope are involved ?
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    If I had been there and if my helping would have put me in the way of others already tending to people, I would have been taking pix and likely video too, just like I am sure many, who were not members of the press, surely did.
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    It has to be covered as news, but showing close shots of injuries, not so much. Also, tempered so as to not give this coward the coverage he sought.
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    What a horrible way to find out, but had the photo not been published they would have had to wait longer to find out what happened to their son. They also would not have seen the man who saved their son's life to be able to look for him and thank him when they do find this hero!
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    I first learned about the death of my uncle because of a media report, so I know how abrupt and shocking that can be, but I think that the excuse of sparing family members from that sort of shock is too often used to suppress news that the public has the right and the need to know. I'm not convinced that it hurts less to learn of the death or injury of a loved one by a personal visit, either.
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    I lost my two favorite uncles, yrs ago and it is still to this day very heart wrenching to me. I miss them dearly.

    Take care man...Vance
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    They care nothing for people's feelings . The media is now nothing more than an arm of whatever political agenda is in favor . For years they have been far left , liberal leaning . No such thing as truth in broadcasting anymore . Instead of reporting truths & trusting to the American people to intelligently assimilate the real news - they are busy spoon-feeding the politically ignorant what they WANT them to believe.
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    I don't see anything wrong. It's,horrible But his father found out his son was,alive. We live in a,world of video/ cameras and FB everything is instant which to be is a very good thing
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    Politix, how about an option of "Yes, because that's what professional photojournalists are supposed to do." This isn't about viewing the horror, or holding back information until families can be notified, this is about providing factual information to the public, and photos are a part of the record of events. Period.
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