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    Sometime ago I came to the conclusion that I am doing very little but wasting time on Politix posting hours every day. My writing skills and vocabulary have deteroiated to the point that my goal of being someone with sufficent skills to bring attention to what I think is the greatest danger facing America won't happen. Extremism.
    In my lifetime I marched for civil rights, women's rights, to stop the Viet Nam war. I was a liberal. But the liberal movement turned on the common white male and without any say so in the matter we were designated as the enemy. Ronald Reagan was a young man with wide "Hollywood eyes" in the 1950's much of Hollywood was going fashinably Communist. He tried to join the party along with his idols and was rejected for being too dumb. He turned arch conservative. Most of us will walk away from those who don't want us.
    I still believe in civil rights and women's rights and yes, gay rights. I don't like effinamte men and masculine women but that's just me. That's not a right's issue. The point is the left has become the party not of rights but pay backs for every perceived injustice ever done. La Raza is a organization dedicated to the supremacy of Mexicans in America. The NAACP is an organization dedicated to the supremacy of the black American. Neither actually represent Latinos or Blacks anymore than the KKK represents Caucasians. It's all about power and money. Always has been.
    Minorites in America are as racist against whites today as any white is racist against minorities by and large. And against each other. There are exceptions of course and many of them, but when your country is becoming a country where the majority will be living below the poverty line you will have more racism that you had before. Rioters and looters don't burn and loot Beverely Hills. That burn and loot their own neighborhoods. They hate the Korean Grocer who hates them for stealing. The Blacks hate the Mexicans for taking their neighborhoods. The whites hate the blacks for taking their neighborhoods. And the Mexicans hate everyone including other Non Mexican Latinos.
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    The right has become the party of old out of touch white people for the most part who really do not have a clue what is going on in most of America. They long for an era when white men could beat their wives and children and nobody said a word. When they could tell a black man to get out of their restaurant or hotel. They do this out of fear. They all know a black or other minority that they actually like. That they have no problem with. That they would sit down to dinner with. But they are afraid of minorities because minorities just won't assimilate to what the old white know as the American way. And minorities won't do anything about the gang culture among their own.
    They can't. It's easy enough to say kids shouldn't be in gangs. But they will be when there is no opportunity for the almighty buck anywhere else other than a minimum wage job.
    Both the left and right become more extremist by the year. In fear of what this country is becoming. Just like those who don't loot and burn Beverly Hills because they can't do anything but hate each other. People can't approach their government any longer and expect response. Our government has become a pawn for Wall Street profit. Everything else we bicker about daily is smoke screening for the real problems of America. We talk about a deficit but how does that deficit come about? Funneling money from D,.C. to the ultra riches interests. We wail if the stock market goes down. What is the stock market but a place where the rich make money? You should care for what reason? Because they create jobs? Not for nearly 30 years now have they created desirable jobs. Jobs are gone. They won't be coming back. KFC the chicken company makes more money today in China than they do in the USA. We are an afterthought country beyond our Military today. We are not that important as we once were. We need to re-invent America or fall. But we won't. We'll sit right here bickering over guns, gays, religion, and whatever social issue we can find to bicker about. We'll complain about our rights being taken from us but we won't do anything about it. Except Bitch.
    On Politix, since coming here, I am the most prolific bitcher of anyone. I post more posts. Get more ups. Get more endorsements than anyone. What does that mean? Nothing. It doesn't pay the bills. It has no future. It convinces no one of anything. A lobbyist who clearly does not have the working class interests in mind can get op-eds on Politix. You or I can't. We do not matter here or anywhere else in America anymore. The internet has changed us from the silent majority to the bitching majority but it hasn't changed a thing for the better. Since coming here I have not seen one featured article by a single common person. How can we possibly be more interested in what a Lobbyist has to say than what "DASRB" would have to say on an Op-Ed? More interested in what some school teacher in Utah has to say about religion than what a bright young college student known as "KIRBSTOMP" has to say? More interested in what some NRA spokesperson has to say than what a modern day Will Rogers like "STEPPED IN IT" has to say? This is most average guy, yet naturally intelligent person on the site. Yet they are never featured? Why? There are people on both sides here that should be heard instead of the same ole crap that we can get on any news site anywhere at any time.
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    There is Poster BILL2E. Who single handledy changed my views of the average southern white male. He's an articulate moderate who will consider both sides of an issue. We need more op-eds from moderates and less from lobbyists. Why wouldn't white Ameica want to hear from ROCO who is a solid middle class, calm, articulate black man. We certainly get our daily does of extremist blacks on both sides. What about a Mr Average American dream black man?
    What about giving 0p-ed space for liberals like HANKF68 and conservatives like PENN 1699 who still have the ability to rise above party line rhetoric at times?
    Those I have mentioned and others have my respect if not my agreement at all times.
    At any rate I have been my own worst enemy. I've lost many months doing nothing all week long but posting. It has been somewhat of respite from my grieving process that seems to go on forever. But you folks have made me realize that I'm a nobody. Just another poster wasting time. I have a novel to write. You'll never hear of it or see the TV series most likely but it needs to be written. A comedy about a former guitarist rock star who opened a record store/recording studio in Hollywood and the characters that go through his life. Just in case I'm wrong and you see it somewhere it will be called "Strutters". They say writers should write about what they know. They were right.
    To all of you, thank you for your outrage, your opinons, your support and your foolishness. You have driven me back to my first love. Writing. I'll just be writing about something else. Something that just might matter.
    To "Butch Cassidy". This all your fault. You know that right? Everytime I listen to you things spiral out of control. Heh..

    Take care people.
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    You got it right jess but dang I can hardly read all of your post and comment .You are on a roll.You did get this right however.
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    @jessejaymes I'll be looking forward to reading your novel....
    Move on, look ahead......find your "Hole in the Wall", Sundance
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    @PoliticalSpice Cut that crap out already, everybody already knows the explosion came from a hippie veagans fart combusting on their joint.
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    @PoliticalSpice it would be odd since almost every one of these mass shooters and bombers either they have no particular religious belief or radical atheists... or they have no particular political belief or are radical leftists... that's just the facts. you can try it to twitch those facts and I'm sure you will so will take Eric Rudolph of the table right now and see what you've got.

    starting with Obama's own personal friends who by the way helped him launch his political career. and you can go on down the line till you get to Ted Kaczynski, probably the most famous whacked out left wing enviromentalist bomber... throw in a couple of Ivy League professors who were once members of The Weather Underground,, famous for their bombings... and you my friend would be much like some of the victims of this late is bombing, without a leg to stand on.
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    @bsking kazanski was not an environmentalist, he was anti- technology, he wrote some dozen pages in his manifesto as to how much he despised the left and had nothing move to say about them or te folks at Berkeley, where he was at the university. The only other spree killers that I can think of is some eacko in canada, who hated feminist, and the texas university killer whose politics I am unaware of. Where you get the idea these people are leftist, other then your own imagination, is beyond me, but most political violence I have seen in the u.s. has been from right wingers, be it the klan, tim mcveih, the ant i-abortion guy you mentioned, etc.mass shooters, as a group do not have political motives for the most part, they are just crazy. People who engage in political violence and hurt or kill others tend to be right wingers. The weather underground did dozens of bombings. Except for an explosion where three of their own died, no one ever died in a weather underground explosion. The blacl liberation army, an off shoot of some militant panthers that developed in response to several murders of panthers by police and FBI targeted police, they harmed no civilians. Right wings are violent people. They bombed the church with four children because to try to prevent covil rights, in particular voter registration, something right wingers tried to do legislatively on a national basis in the very last presidential election. It drives them crazy tjat a black man is president to a point they have created a bizzare cult of conspiricist. They hate mexicans to a point they want cars to be pulled over and question them about citizenship. And people are finally starting to wake up and do something about it, to a point where obama was re-eleceted despite thr fact no president with an unemPloyment rate this high had been re-elected since the FDR.
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    **********HELLO OUT THERE******
    Jesse said 'you folks have made me realize that I'm a nobody.'
    May I address this quickly?
    This is simply a website- an opportunity for us to opine.
    Nothing more.
    Sorry, Topix, but this is nothing of real importance- it's a distraction.
    These are avatars we argue with or agree with.
    You simply cannot take this too seriously or too much to heart, for life exists OUTSIDE.
    Not in cyber-ville.
    I enjoy all of you, and also want to kick some of you in the pants, but I realize this has no meaning. It isn't real.
    Just do yourselves a favor and remember that, ok?
    Your worth is not determined or affected by some avatar in cyberspace disagreeing with you.
    Rock on.
    *tips his wine to the fake masses*
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    -and NO I'm not leaving.
    I'm not one for multi-page 'farewell to the troops' novellas.
    I enjoy periodically slapping some of these avatars around lol
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    Boston is a scrappy, Irish town.
    The three great passions are politics, sports, and revenge- a good reason for the Muslim community to fret, unfortunately.
    The Irish are masters of kicking ass.
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    I wonder why he didn't say "Let's hope the Boston Bomber isn't Muslim." I don't recall people becoming more suspicious of blacks after it turned out that the DC Snipers were black. I don't recall people becoming more suspicious of Asians after the Virginia Tech shooting.

    In fact, I would think that if he doesn't want entire groups to be blamed for the actions of one or a few, he would also be hoping that the perpetrator(s) aren't right-wing either since we all know that the media and democrats would try to paint half of America as potential terrorists.
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    I don't care who they are and those who are speculating (regardless of what side of the political spectrum) to promote political interest are RETARDED (that's right I said it). I hope they catch the SOB regardless of skin color.
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    I am a moderate conservative and calling these militia style groups "right wingers" is a fallacy. The liberals love to try to connect these people to conservatives or Republicans. They are not. They are anarchist! They are just as anti-government and active when there is a Republican president and a majority of republicans congress. They are no Republicans, I don't care if they call themselves Republicans or not, they are so off what Republicans and conservatives believe and do that the notion that they are Republicans is ludicrous!
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    These militia groups (not neccesarily saying they are responsible for the bombing) are right wingers. They are way farther to the right then your average republican, however.
    It is a leap, but not a far one, from the extremely small and powerless government Libertarians want and the no government that anarchists want.
    Extremists with any belief can be dangerous. Being pro-choice can be a moderate stance, but an asshole extremist in PA killed live children because of that stance. Being anti-choice can be a moderate stance, but assholes have murdered people with guns and bombs because of that stance.
    If it turns out to be an extremist right winger(s) responsible I will not associate that with you because they do not represent most right wingers.
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    They do not represent Republicans or conservatives. Being anti-government is anarchist. There is no way to even call them right wingers. Even when you add the word extremist to right-winger. Right winger implies they have a belief in the government. They don't. They are anti-government, which by definition makes them anarchist. Not right winger extremist.
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    Believe what you want, but anarchists are not very different in belief from libertarians like Rand Paul.
    The point I was primarily trying to make was this:
    If the bombers turn out to be extreme right wingers I will not blame 99% of right wingers because most right wingers are not the type to support this type of behavior.
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    It just doesnt get any more Far Left Socialist then Salon .Com
    The origional site for OWS!!! Welfare state'rs!!!
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    A couple of articles ago I sarcasticly said "the bomber was a left-wing nut that was mad about the sequester", in reply to the Chris "the thrill" Mathews. But somehow when the left says things like this, you can just feel their vile racist hate. After all, I did say left-wing nut, which IMO could be any color American. Stupid Racists!
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    This has got to be without a doubt the stupidest 3 choices for a poll I have ever seen. Politix has stooped to a new low. Race baiting? Dividing an already divided nation? This gets race, religion and political party hatred spewing in 3 easy choices. What's next decaf or regular?
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    A simple "No" option would be nice. I don't have "beliefs" about the people behind the bombing because there's no good information to base one on.
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    I'm not so shortsighted to believe that having one crazy person means they're all crazy. Blanket categorizations show extraordinary ignorance...reference racism if you have any questions.
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    Even if it is a Muslim it won't stop immigration reform because the politicians are gonna make money off of it and get votes. They could care less how many lives were lost as long as they get to keep their jobs and keep up the under the table dealings with corporations. If it were illegal Mexicans it wouldn't matter. Nothing matters anymore because the political machine is very corrupt.
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    I am sick and tired of the liberal racist hate groups! No matter who it is, Justice shall be served. By the way, I hear from real news: It is a Middle Eastern Person being sought!
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