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    These are the people that we toil over when we are trying to make an informed vote and the first thing they do when they get to D C is sell us down the drain. With Welfare on the far right and welfare on the far left Where the hell is the benefit to those of us who work for a living?
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    Big Pharma is the reason marijuana isn't legal. The reason we don't have a cure for cancer. The reason we don't have a cure for Aids. Hell most cures for that matter.
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    @Fishbone345 I don't know about cures. I try to retain some faith in humanity and believe that if they found a cure for those diseases, it would be applied.

    (I think that mainly because there is no shortage of other ills that people will shell out endless money to mitigate, so I balance optimism with a little cynicism. Now if you said they could permanently cure impotence and baldness with one pill but they choose to release the "cures" that require constant reapplication -- yeah, I'd believe it.)
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    @Zazziness The FDA is in cahoots with Big Pharma. There are all sorts of positive applications being blocked by the 'No' stamp of the FDA.
    It's sad what the FDA will block, it truly is.
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    This won't be fixed by the current crop of senators and representatives sitting in DC today. Both sides are bought and paid for. You won't vote out your side and they won't vote out their side. Thus you're going to be in the current clusterfck forever. The status quo will remain with finger pointing and name calling all around.'
    Here's the best part. If they do what Obama says they'll just raise the price they charge insurance. The insurance companies will raise their rates in response. Then everyone will say see we told you so. When in reality we're being overcharged because we don't regulate them as they should be because of people whining about capitalism and letting the market regulate itself. That's what is happening now and that's how we're getting screwed.
    Here's an idea. Let the federal government create it's own drug company. No longer protect the patents for these companies who are fleecing us. Open up some factories and produce them here in the states and sell them to us at a reasonable profit but competitve with what every other country pays in the world. You just created a few thousand jobs and lowered the cost of healthcare. If he big pharmaceuticals want to stay viable they'll lower costs or die since that's the way capitalism works.
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    Drug prices should be the same world wide. Why must Americans pay a higher price for the same drug that other nations get at a much reduced price? those drugs are produced here in America.
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    Why do you think the others get them so cheap? Maybe because we are subsidizing them? I also think that RX ads in the USA are a huge factor in the price we pay. If you think about it why do they even have them. No one but a doctor can prescribe them any way and most doctors have their favorites like Flovent or Combivent for asthma and a ton of other meds for a wide array of conditions..
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    The US pays for research and trial studies, other countries don't pay that cost, only Americans pay. The generic drugs are much cheaper and doctors don't prescribe them, that gives the drug companies plenty of money. This has noting to do with the health of the nation, only the profits to the drug companies. I'm sure they are well represented on Capital Hill also. Kind of a shame in my opinion
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    @ST_Louie_Sue Are you experiencing anal leakage? Have you suddenly become left-handed? Ask YOUR doctor about Flipintate. Flipintate can restore your righthandedness and help you avoid unfortunate social situations.

    Side effects may include spontaneous vomiting, dizziness, and liberal bias.

    Now available in great tasting mint flavor. Yum!
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    @Bill2E That's not true about doctors not prescribing generic drugs. Most physicians will ask if you would prefer generic drugs. And some health plans (with prescription coverage) will ask would you prefer a generic equivalent if it is available. What the problem is drug ads run 24/7 and people think that does drugs are the best for their ailments and are the only ones available. If people would just ask their doctors some simple questions about any meds they are to be on, they will find a lot of them have generic equivalents and also an older version of the drug that has less side effects, if any, the the current new drug.
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    Making a huge profit for a drug to help those in need of it is just plain wrong.Make a profit sure thats what it's all about but to reap max profit at the expense of helping others is nothing more than greed.
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    They pass laws complaining allowing the profiteering, and then they complain the programs need to be cut because they are too expensive.
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    we pay more for everything,even our own products in other countries are cheaper. just more proof of gouge Americans and reward others.
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    If that's what you think, that the drug companies over charging the american populace goes to pay for those "obamaphones" program that was started under reagan, then you have no reason to continue talking. You don't know what the issue at hand is and have nothing to offer.
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    Ohhhhh you must be referring to the lifeline program to help low income people get phone service. Yeah that program was started by Regan in the 80's. Wow how did president Obama go back in time to stick us with that?
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    Yes, of course! This has been known for years. Do you think that maybe, just maybe, those drugs companies are in the investment portfolios of those on the hIll? Or campaign donors? Maybe?
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    YES. There are senior in pain that cannot afford their pain pills, for example. There is why there is a movement in the senior community to legalize marj. With Obamacare treatments and prices are getting more and more expensive. The belief is driving a movement toward "pain relief" that is allowable. That is Marj
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    Yes, yes I do. Let me go a step further. My late Mother, for whom I cared a few years before she passed had COPD. She required an oxygen concentrator. Medicare, rather than buying her an oxygen concentrator, RENTED one at a cost of $323. per month. These concentrators often sell for under $1,000. In the 9 years and 9 months she used one, that means that Medicare spent $37,791. Compare that to the price of a single unit if bought at under $1,000. Even if the unit had needed service occasionally (it only had to be replaced once) that's a heck of a lot of savings. Two letters sent to the Medicare people went unanswered. Our tax dollars at work.
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