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    Whats the point of stealing from the rich when its going to the lazy welfare maggots an disability bandits. Free house, free food, free money, free cell phones.... How about a new car to
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    Yep. What other results should we expect when 68% of the US population pay little or no taxes at all themselves?
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    @No_Bama yes its a fascinating world we live in today. Truely sad that the ones with their hands out recieve anything but a slap in the face.
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    Wow, does this mean when you fall on hard times and need either welfare or disability we get to call you a maggot too? I can HARDLY WAIT!
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    @songbird lol that will never happen believe me. If you plan ahead an have a career not a dead end job you dont end up on welfare! An legit disability is one thing, 99% of people on it are crooks!
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    @Randolf Really? Goodness, there are a lot of people who have careers but get laid off due to downsizing. If they are older they may never find employment in their fields again. Age discrimination is rampant. Lose your job you lose your insurance. And you never know what may happen with the stock market. There are no guarantees in life. A lot of people who have college degrees and have worked years wind up in dead end jobs and broke.
    Where's your proof of the 99% of people on disability are crooks?
    To get on disability a person has to provide medical records. Records of tests that include the individuals claims. Then a panel of doctors go over those claims and seldom do individuals receive SSI on the first two attempts. People generally have to get attorneys to help support their claims. The odds are stacked against the person trying to receive disability. I'm afraid you are spewing the extreme right propaganda.
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    Distributed? I earned my money and I paid an effective tax rate almost twice as high as Obama. So
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    I noticed that word choice too. "Distributed" by whom? Why the government of course. According to the Marxists what we earn belongs to the state and the state decides how much we are allowed to keep! The respondents believe the state will give them the money it takes from the rich; that's the implied promise. In fact, the ruling class keeps the money for itself; it never gets to the poor.
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    @Realthinker History lesson? Who are these so called 'Marxists'? When did they say or do anything you've claimed?

    It's a bird, it's a plane... it's a STRAWMAN!
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    For the win. Why do all the Walmart employees and McDonald's food preppers think they should be paid like bill gates? Payment equals for services rendered and educational requirements.
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    If they keep trying to tax the rich and Corps. We may have go teach these peon mal -contents a lesson and take away their guns
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    So those of us who have worked hard, taken out loans and grown our incomes need to distribute our money? Noone but myself are paying off the mountain of loans I have taken out to get to the pay I want. I fail to see how my "wealth" comfortable pay needs to taken from me and given away.
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    You're talking about the time where it was the 'haves' vs the 'have nots', the poor were starving, wealth was concentrated at the top, the tax system was regressive putting the burden on the poor while the nobility and clergy were exempt, and those at the bottom violently revolted against those at the top? That revolution?

    Yes... we might learn something from that...
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    @AceLuby My thoughts exactly. Thats the way the poor in this country see it anyway. Even though they are NOT starving, we have the fattest poor people in histrory in this country. They may eventually revolt, having been worked into a frenzy by thier govt. welfare masters, but the makers are going to revolt too. It will be a thinning of the herd, fine by me, but I think patriotism will prevail, not socialism.
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    @CATTLEPROD ...that's a nazi statement if I've ever heard one and they where nationalist socialist btw if you know what that means...
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    and like the French Revolution, there are vastly more of the "have nots" than the "haves". If the have nots really wanted to, a couple of lynch mobs would change things up, and very quickly.

    I've been saying this for awhile now, history is about to repeat itself. People are fed up. Sick and tired. It's start with civil discussion, then civil unrest. We are past civil discussion, and are about to infringe on civil unrest. After that, the world will be a much different place.
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    Redistribution of wealth? Get out there and earn it then it will be redistributed to your bank account. Its a fairly simply concept.
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    @SavageMazx Thanks, by that definition you exclude most of the super rich and any industry that has lobby representation.
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    @SavageMazx I don't. I pay the exact same taxes as they do for their taxable amount equal to my taxable amount.
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    No one wants to steal from the rich.
    People just want to be fairly compensated for the jobs we do.
    Why should WE do the work and the wealthy who DON'T labor get all the spoils?
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    @Poppie I wouldn't say ALL the wealthy people "worked their asses off". Some are born into money and some are born into families where connections make it much easier for them to have the connections where making a huge salary is much easier than for others. Not saying their is anything wrong with that. It is what it is. But you cannot argue that ALL wealthy people have gotten their through their own hard work and sweat. Many of the nation's wealthiest got there on the backs of the workers they employ- without whom they could not have amassed their wealth. I don't believe that there can ever be an "equitable" distribution of wealth. No such thing. There will always be rich and poor, and those who want to work hard and those who do not, those who have connections and those who do not. The key, though, is that companies , who have the absolute right to pay whoever whatever they want to pay, need to understand how it looks to employees when they are told there is no budget for good healthcare plans, raises or even cost of living adjustments but then the execs of that company get huge raises and bonuses every year. Again, it's their call....but people are not stupid (in general) and can see what goes on. No wonder the working class is ticked off.
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    I always hearing about the "risks!"
    Risk is the fireman running into a burning building!
    Risk is the cop searching a dark alley at night to retrieve the suspect who just robbed you!
    Risk is the young Marine or Soldier on patrol,the Airman flying those planes amidst anti-aircraft fire, the Sailor on the nuclear submarine a mile below the surface!
    Risk is the lifeguard trying to save your panicking, drowning ass because you don't know your limitations or how to handle undertow or heavy surf!
    Rick is the lineman repairing your electric lines in the midst of a driving storm!
    Risk is the forklift operator!
    Risk is the crab fisherman!
    Risk is the cab driver who drives the rough neighborhoods at night and rescues your 16 year old daughter because you forgot to fill the tank!
    What would YOU rather lose; a fortune or your life!
    Don't even tell me about the "risks" the wealthy take. Most of them are spoiled, sniffling, little weasels who couldn't survive without their grossly underpaid employees!
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    One thing to consider: If a "poor" person is taxed at say 15% and makes $15,000 a year, that is $2,250 he/she contributes to the workings of this country per year. If a wealthy person makes $1,000,000 a year, and is taxed at the same 15%, that is $150,000 that that one person contributes to the workings of this country per year. That is 67 times the amount of tax money paid by the wealthy person compared to the "poor" person. THAT ALONE means that the wealthy pay "more" taxes already. Meanwhile the "poor" folks tend to use more of the social services and things that the tax base pays for. Since the tax rate on the wealthy is more like 30-35%, that "wealthy" person pays $350,000 per year.....that is more than 150 times the amount the "poor" person pays. Why should the wealthy pay even MORE on top of that?
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    And don't forget that "poor" person that is taxed at say 15% and makes $15,000 a year also gets a big refund at the end of the year for making less the $18,000 alone, not to mention child, dependent, head of household, etc tax credits, and ends up paying little to nothing in taxes...
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    Wealth is not distributed to the wealthy it is earned. As long as their money is earned honestly and legally it rightfully belongs to them and nobody else. There are many people that are no smarter and no more privileged than myself that are extremely successful. The fact that they are I am not is my own fault and not theirs, they should not have to feel obligated to helping me because I am not successful. Granted I would not turn down the winning lottery ticket but I am not entitled to it.
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    Really wow ! unbelievable... it was only a few months ago was just 47 percent who felt entitled to someone else's money.
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    That was the false message put out there by your "loser"-----and look what it got him. So repeating his false allegation doesn't make it so.
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    @Sonny it couldn't be more playing you want from 47 to 60 ... even in your world sunny that's gotta be considered an increase in moochers
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    @Sonny How exactly was it a "false allegation"? This poll just confirmed his assertion proof positive.
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    @No_Bama Its a false allegation because 47% of Americans have NEVER claimed that the rest of America "owed them something"---That was just some BS line from a man trying to do & say anything he could to get elected!
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    I have posted on here for more socialistic programs and been told by others I am wrong, looks like a majority agree with the concept of me taxing the rich is really not the issue, the issue is building and operating vital infastructure, such as national high speed rail, providing jobs for people, putting those who ripped off people in the sub prime scandel in jail, insuring everyone gets basic medical services....
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    @Medicinebow that's the rub isn't it?...sure PoliticalSpice's world sounds great but the cost goes all the way down the ladder in all honesty. It doesn't stop at a few more dollars from the rich.

    Why do so many working class people vote Republican? Because they just make enough so that they do not get any government help, and still have to pay their taxes. Why on earth would working people vote for more taxes. I know many union workers that vote against Democrats for that very reason. Because Democrat = pay cut
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    @callmecrazy well I am not a democrat, so that doesn't concern me. Now I did vote obama, but only cause it was better then the alternative. As to paying for it, I am not saying I am against taxing the rich, just that that is not the issue to me. How does it get paid for? If everyone had jobs there would be more taxes coming in and taxes would be more evenly distributed. There is a history of prosperity in this nation that preceeded the cut taxes cult that has been fasionable with Bush and company.
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    You are wrong, no socialist running for president has ever received more than .02 (point zero two) percent of the national vote. What you are seeing now is the parasites outnumber the producers. The wealthy are smart and you won't be getting any of their wealth.
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    What a POS article. First, what a leap from thinking "wealth is distributed unfairly" to the question of "should the rich be taxed more?" Only because Mr. Fitzgerald made an assumption that it was an "obvious implications: that the government should do something about it. In this case, through higher taxes on the wealthy." First of all, "Wealth" is not community property. It belongs to those who earn it. I am not one, unfortunately, but I cannot begrudge some who are smarter than me (few), have better networks or skills, or hit the lottery. If you want more, earn more. Next, it is no wonder that there is a shift in this poll because the number of those who depend on Government support has grown in the past five years. Welfare spending is up 41% under Barack Obama. According to the Census the number of people living in poverty has increased by 15% under Obama; "Some 45 million people in this country, or more than 1 in 7, were poor last year. It would be the highest single-year increase since the government began calculating poverty figures in 1959." As the number of those wanting other people's money increases, it's going to show in polls like this. Mitt Romney's 47% was an accurate figure.(How the Democrats used it to make him appear he didn't care about them is another discussion). 47% of Americans are on some sort of government program. That's sad. However, that does not mean the rich should be taxed more or that those answering the poll thought that. Maybe it means they want the President to quit chasing ambulances and talking about "gun control", and flying around the country pandering to illegal aliens, and start working with Congress to create an environment where jobs can be created. Despite Mr. Fitzgerald's obvious paradigm, which models Democrat philosophy, people are NOT stupid and incapable of managing their own lives, they do NOT need Government to hand them something, and all they want is an opportunity to WORK for what they have.
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    Who are you? And why are you talking sense? Stop that, it could be contagious and then where will all these progressives be if it catches on. You Sir are a threat and must be discredited even lied about if that is what it takes to stop you from voicing such opinions. Some call the media we have a radical here. Someone quick this man must be stopped! How did he get in here without drinking the Kool-Aid?

    Welcome my world! ;)
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    Of course half the people want the "rich" taxed even more than they already are, they DON'T PAY ANY FEDERAL TAXES and need the "rich" to ante up even more to keep their entitlements intact and growing. This is a no brainer poll. Of course half the people polled will want someone OTHER THAN THEMSELVES to pay more. Pure Greed is alive and well under Obama. This, despite the real fact that the "rich" already pay 70% of all federal taxes raised and despite the fact that in 2012 the US treasury got the GREATEST AMT. OF REVENUE in history.
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    What is "fair" is irrelevant. Your financial success is a reflection of your work ethic, judgment, skills and intellect, and negotiating ability. You make exactly as much money as you deserve.
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    Well Harold we can't argue with FACTS now can we????(well.....SOME will)

    If these companies want tax cuts with the BLESSINGS of the general population, then they need to go ON RECORD and say what they will do with the tax cut money.

    "If you give us a TAX CUT, we will________".
    A.Expand our operations.
    B.Hire MORE employees.
    C.Build a NEW plant.
    D.Upgrade our equipment.
    E.Give cash bonuses to ALL employees.

    Pick ANY of these answers or ALL of them but they have to GIVE us SOMETHING in exchange for these continually LOWERING tax rates.
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    Companies of all kinds have made many promises in exchange for govt largesse.
    The problem turns out to be that after the favors are done, nobody ever looks to see how the promises were kept.
    And in the few instances where a reporter or whistle-blower has brought that to light, nothing has been done.

    So to me the answer is to cut off porporate welfare completely and immediately.
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    At least $1.5 TRILLION dollars in taxes have been lost since 2001 because of George Bu**sh** and his unnecessary "tax cuts" which Obama then extended.

    The problem isn't that the rich aren't paying enough, the problem is that the rich aren't paying ANYTHING. Tax loopholes are now so glaringly large that the wealthy in the US contribute nothing to the economy, and certainly not to job creation.
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    The parasites do outnumber the producers, hence the last election. There will be no revolution til the free stuff runs out.
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    You think the upper 5% will revolt when they no longer are fed by the government and of course it's all honorable and legal because they bought for sale politicians that made any and everything they do that way.

    Tell me earl, just how wealthy are you?
    Net worth in excess of 100 million?
    Are you a paid shill of the Koch brothers?
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    I'd like to see how the question was worded..because even though Obama was elected twice, I still don't think 60% of Americans are Marxists.
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    If the left wants these people taxed more...they need to start with President Barack Obama.

    God gave us all "free will" to make "choices" in our own lives. WIth those choices come consequences AND called "Americans" need to buck up and take responsibility for the "choices" they have made. No one "owes" any of us anything. We all get wherever we are because we have piloted our own ship. If you want to consider yourself a victim....that is what you will be. For gosh sakes quit whining and buck up.

    Take a close look at other countries. Our poorest are not poor as compared to what is going on where they are attempting to redistribute the "wealth".

    Marco Rubio is a great example. Look where he came from and look where he is today.
    That is because of the "opportunities" the foundation of our country offers. You just have to "choose" them and quit playing victim.

    I also want to draw a line by saying while i don't believe in redistribution of wealth and I don't believe the "rich" should be taxed more than the rest of us....I also know the difference between that and the "rich" using their power against everyone else because of their wealth. The wealthy and the "politicals" need to be held to the Constitution and the Declaration of Independance which this once great country was founded on...

    why is what has worked for so many years suddenly not important? Power and control.
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