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    It is the goverment! Please just dont turn away from this, they are gonna take all our rights away just please go to youtube an watch alex jones, the whole thing was staged, just please look into it please
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    Alex Jones couldn't even finish the YouTube video with a straight face.
    Relax- I assure you, it isn't the illuminati.
    Alex Jones is a scare monger who laughs all the way to the bank- even he doesn't believe half of what he says.
    *I'm not making fun of you. I'm not. Just don't believe what Jones tells you*
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    The IED is similar in nature to those used in Pakistan and Afghanistan.
    Early speculation is that missing Ivy League student Sunil Tripathi could be bomber #2.
    He has Pakistani ties and is alleged to be a disciple of Che Guevera.
    Also, the Saudi student who was under guard at the hospital and whose apt was raided by the Feds. They say he is cleared but he isn't.
    Ali Alharbi is being deported on national security grounds and Saudis are waiting for him- no doubt to water board the Hell out of him.
    The Feds are closing in quickly- but they aren't behind it, no matter what Alex Jones wants you to believe.
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    Because I am watching CNN right now! Check it out! More radical stuff in Boston! One cop shot dead! Also, one Facebook pic.
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    Naw. That would be a cyber attack. In fact, I think that was already done. I can't recall the incident.
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    demand that all technology and data bases developed and in existence as a result of the works of the people's funded Big Secret America be made available to all so trusting dubious political agendas is not something anyone has to do in this case or many similary

    you've been told and the source matters not
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    Very few Americans have any idea what technology is actually available to positively ID who exactly that may or may not be, shown in pix and videos, that goes far beyond merely facial recognition technology. Of course all should also blindly trust those who force the people to pay for this technology and indeed keep them from all but the very wealthiest, to whom it is given and used to profit greatly in ways most prefer being ignorant.

    Yes, to the person who mentioned fake skin, that is a distinct possibility easily pulled off.
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    Didn't the FBI ask for any possible information no matter how insignificant it may have seemed? Now it's like they're upset because amateurs got better pics of the suspects than they did.
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    Clearer pictures and identifying hats or clothing can help, but unsubstantiated information can hurt the investigation. No one knows if the shooting at MIT has anything to do with the suspects of the explosions. Those being chased could have been using molotoff cocktails as explosive devices to stop the police catching them. Personally I don't think suspects of the terrorist attacks would have remained in the country. I think they would have gone into Canada before identifying photos and videos were released and changed their appearances. They were smart enough to make crude old school type explosives and put them in pressure cookers that the bomb sniffing dogs could not identify. Plus get in, place the bombs and get out. If they were smart enough to pull this off, I would think they would be smart enough to get out of here to Canada and change their appearance, forge ids and documents to get passports in Canada to fly to a country overseas that would protect them. Maybe my hope that they were stupid enough to stay here and get caught is coming true, but who knows?
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    Suspect #1 shot and killed
    Suspect #2 is on the loose, he is the one who placed the bombs at the marathon
    They robbed a 7 Eleven and shot and killed an MIT Police officer that responded.
    They then carjacked a SUV and were chased. They stopped and let the man go before they had a shoot out with officers and threw explosives. One officer is I'm critical condition from this. This is when Suspect #1 was killed. I do not believe police officers will take suspect #2 alive. Officers believe they have military experience. They are not from here. They do not know their names.
    No answers will be answered. Who are they? Where are they from? Was anybody helping them? Are they from a terroristic organization? What was their motive?
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    Whats going on ? There is crazy fked up murderes on the loose . That whats going on and I cant sleep i keep thinking there is more terror and now a cop has been shot?
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    You actually think the bombing was a hoax? Jesus christ! An 8 year old boy died. And you dont think that mindset in slightly insane?
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    How can I help from out here in the suburbs? By spreading the love. My love goes out to all my Boston family. Only by spreading senseless love can we overcome senseless violence. Call you're loved ones, even you not so loved ones!
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    Missing Brown student Sunil Tripathi is thought to be the one in the white hat. He is has been missing since the early hours of March 16.
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    There is no way to know if it will help or hurt, does public pressure to run down these potential leads distract from the investigation, provide valuable leads or some of both?
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    I don't know. For some reason I get the feeling that these guys were not necessarily terrorists with an agenda. More like a couple of guys who made a pact to do something to see what happens. Kinda like the Columbine pair.
    Nobody or group claiming responsibility or things like that. And waited around to check on the outcome of their work by what the news said. Odd.
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