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    you maybe right,i went to the fbi website and the pictures were taken down,there were also some twitter links to pics and they were also taken down,guess suspects take a while to manufacture?maybe they were bleaching there skin to make sure it was a white guy
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    Shooting a yet unnamed person, based on a not to clear photo is no evidence that person was involved in any way. It only means we won't know the truth. Won't have a trial. FBI has acvussed the wrong people of bombings before (Jewel), and has deliberately killed and imprisoned people in political groups they targeted (black panthers as one example). Without arrest or trial we have no idea if the person shot had anything to do with this.
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    One is dead and the other is still lose. I hope he dies of lead poisoning too because he will soak up so much money at tax payers expense. People who are video taped or have three or more eye witnesses should be shot immediately after being found guilty instead of getting 10 years on death row. It won't be long till they get Mr White Hat, and I hope he get's what he deserves.
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    Sounds like it was a couple of college students. That should make the right happy. Higher education means they must be liberals. So go ahead and point your fingers and blame over half the country. It will endear you so well to them.
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    The Che Guevara t-shirt is a dead giveaway about which side of the political spectrum at least one of these terrorists is on.
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    @TheJimmy The communist party? Oh wait, you're pointing to liberals being communists. Well, at least by your logic we know it wasn't the Nazi's then. Because we know which side of the spectrum that is as well don't we.
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    @frigginhell ...and BTW, Nazis are actually on the Left just like Anarchists are on the Right. People seem to get those two backwards for some strange reason.
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    @TheJimmy Defensive for pointing out your word association and thinly veiled insinuations? Not really. I'm not a democrat nor am I a liberal. It's funny how many posts I have in common with both sides of an arguement. Yet there are those issues which I might clearly be opposed to something that another side supports. Thus I'm branded a liberal. I'm a technocrat. I have no real national party. It's a sad truth. If it makes you feel any better I'm certain conservatives hate the idea of a technocracy and would call it liberal. Although, that's really being unfair to the concept.
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    I hope all of us were watching these jack booted thugs going door to door forcing their way into homes, forcing people to stay inside their homes.
    They made an innocent man strip naked and they perp walked him 1/2 block naked to a patrol car. How embarrasing, They could have at least wrapped something around his waist, I hope he sue's them for his embarrasment.
    I would have told the police "Thugs" I will protect the inside of my home, You protect the outside, I wouldnt have allowed them to enter my home...period!
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    Thank God they brought in the military - so far First Cavalry and Eighty Second Air Born Rangers are on location. Maybe they can show the cowboys how to slow down and take control. All these armed, pumped up Leo's need to calm down.
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    Bombing suspect gunman on the loose in Boston area: I bet there are some anti gun folks in the area that will wish they had a gun in each hand if this lunatic kicks in their door looking for a place to hide.
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    The parade of armed agents - armored vehicles - watch them on CNN - officers running in circles - holding AR's by the pistol grip- pointing guns in all directions - the way they swarm target areas - they need to be retrained. They contribute instability and increase the likelihood of more mass casualties.
    I respect the gravity of this situation - innocent people were killed and injured - a Law Officer shot.
    Regroup - slow down - their unintentionally setting themselves up for another possible mass combatant situation.
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    Hat's off to the Boston PD and the FBI for doing a great job of bringing these terrorist to justice!! Now we need to stop letting these people in our country that are getting a free college education on the backs of the middle class and then turning on us.
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    Well.I guess they were both domestic and foreign terrorists. They were from Chechnya,but they were living here for 10 years. Interesting.
    Of course I doubt that they are tied to foreign terrorist groups like Al Qaeda. If they were they probably would have been supplied with proffesionally made bombs,not the cheap, homemade, kitchen bombs that were used in the bombings.
    Personally I believe that the only people involved in this bombing were those two men.
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    Oh, they were Chechnyian Students??? I'll never understand why this country wants to have so many foreign students coming here for free education to begin with, while kids in poor areas of our own coutry get the shaft. Do we have to have a quota of so many students coming here for free education from terrorist countries? Oh I forgot, the US was afraid to decalre Chechnya a "Terrorist" state back in 2001 because they though they would be targeted by white Chechnyians and wanted to snub Russia.

    Something you won't hear from left or right. The right loves cheap foreign labor for engineering and IT, the left loves the "feeling" of opening our borders to everyone. Maybe it's time we thought about our own people(of all races/types) in this country before we open it for everyone to start taking flying lessons and chemical engineering classes again.
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    The reports continue to be somewhat confusing or have not been entirely verified. From what I can gather, these Chechnyan bombers have been in this country since 2003. This surprised me since Chechnya is considered a terrorist state. As we recall, since 9/11, there has been a proliferation of legislated intrusions and restrictions imposed upon US citizens. Was there no oversight designed to prevent potentially dangerous people from coming here after 9/11?. Were they part of the State Department's immigration lottery? No one knows how many people freely entered the US on very limited background information. One attended the Boston Latin School and was said to be a medical student. They also were associated with MIT. The US has been very good to them. But who are they really, who are their connections and why were people from a terrorist nation brought here and given the royal treatment? While Congress debates a kinder gentler immigration policy, we are allowing serpents such as this into the heart of America and educate them to inject their venom into our society.
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