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    Martial Law? No, it's just a "lockdown"....

    Where you can't leave your homes, travel, police can come in and search your home at will. Nothing to see here.
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    @Firestorm LMAO good sarcasm! "Lockdown" is just "martial law" that has been sprayed with bathroom air freshener, it still stinks, just has two different smells.

    Interestingly enough, "lockdown" is the term used in prisons when there is a violent incident. America can become a prison of our own design if the citizens allow it, and give in to fear.
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    No, it's "martial law", as in "military rule", where the military controls the movement of people and materials, and acts as b
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    We are here to ban high capacity pressure cookers. A national registry for nail purchases is not needed but I think a simple background check will keep us all safer. Do it for the kids. You don't hate kids, do you?
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    Haha and yes please don't mind the riot gear and assault weapons. You don't have anything to hide right? Don't mind if we come inside and look around do you?
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    Boston now resembles another little police-state paradise called "Pyongyang."

    Look at the military police, their armor, their rifles. Look at the disarmed citizens being pulled from their homes without warrant. Look at how little excuse they need to take over an entire city.

    Don't be so gullible, America. This whole ordeal isn't set up just to catch some teenager. It's to show you who's boss. Stand up for yourself, take apart the police state, or be crushed under its boot.
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    Practically martial-law, 4th Amendment suspended, Gestapo, SWAT, Goosestepping, panic, fear, crying, screaming, cowering.

    All over 1 kid!

    Wow! I thought people in this country had more guts that all of this! Or is this all showboating and just for the cameras? Is it all a desensitizing prop?

    Where is the ACLU? Why are people freaking out that hundreds of homes are being invaded by SWAT teams without a warrant, just like in California with that nut Dorner?
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    I hope this was a wakeup call for both citizens and the government.

    Citizens, take note how the government can lock you in your home and search it armed to the teeth all while saying it's for your safety and best interest and amazingly how people become like sheep in times of crisis.

    Government, you should remember that 2 individuals with a couple side arms and home made explosives put an entire city in a stand still and had you all scared shitless. If your tyranny goes too far there are tens of thousands of veterans with more knowledge of weapons, tactics, and bomb making skills than these two young men and they are armed as well as you are. They also would be razor sharp in their purpose.

    Anyone here still think if the government encroached too far on the rights of its citizens that a smaller faction of well armed, well trained, and laser focused individuals could not bring them to their knees?
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    @Slowmo Coming to a city near you SOON.......... and hopefully often....... right?

    Did any people demand to see a warrant or otherwise refuse/resist?
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    @Concerned_Cit Well why would they <politix you mean?> do that when then it may lead to discussion about how the United States has been in a State of Declared war for a very long time?
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    Which image do you find most jarring?
    The Jackbooted Government thugs, Taking over demanding we the people remain in our homes, Not allowing someone to go to the store if they need or want to.
    This was a practice session for The Obama Martial Law system coming.
    Making an innocent man strip naked and be purped walked thru his own town.
    Because of freaked out scared police tuff guys, wow...This country has changed so much since I was a little boy...its truly disgraceful.
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    Empty Boston street kinda makes me think of the end of man kind, or what it might look like if void of us all of a sudden.
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    I am wondering how many people were arrested for illegal activities behind the door of there homes of these searches?
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    I'd have been more impressed with the show of de facto military force Bloomberg would have employed had the incident taken place in NYC. Still, quite impressive for these guys not to actually be wearing SS lightning bolts and it being alleged the Third Reich was destroyed nearly 70 years ago.

    Anyhow, Bloomberg has some seriously heavy hardware to keep his subjects in check.
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    This is a very sad situation for the people in Boston. Let us stand proud as Americans and pray for the best outcome.
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    HMMM....wondering if they'll come to my town for a day! I could always use a day off from being a responsible, tax paying adult. I sure there will be some who don't fully understand what I'm talking I'll spell it.....W O R K (sorry for the cuss word)
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    Well this was a good test run for Obama and his cronies for their martial law takeover of multiple cities. We gotta use those nice MRAPS and all those millions of rounds of ammo and it makes it much easier to steal firearms and disarm citizens when they are forced to stay in their homes or risk being slaughtered by police.
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    It was the right thing to do because this buttwipe had pipe bombs and could have killed and maimed others. A little inconvienence for some but most wanted him caught and were very helpful. We should not be upset-leave that to the folks of Boston.
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    And still, inconvenient treatment and illegally detaining all of its citizens. The suspect was not caught during this atrocity commented on the good people of Boston.
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    OMG people ! I cant believe after the horror Boston has seen in the last four days, the shocking, mind- boggling events, you could possible think, a city full of terrified people would consider staying in lockdown for their own safety with no more bloodshed, a Government take over. I guess being a lifelong New Englander, I feel the pain Boston feels and would wholeheartedly do the same. Im proud that everyone stuck together and cooperated. That is team work when you can get millions in a short time to lockdown and wait it out. And it worked
    So I disagree, it was not marshal law, it was a city willing to do what it took. Im relieved for those people .
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    Life interupted, are the people who lost their lives, others with limbs blown off. To sacrifice one day of your life, to essentially help the police , and to keep yourself safe , by staying in your homes and out of harmsway from a raging lunatic I wouldnt consider marshal law or anything negative. It was the absolute right thing to do. And it was successful
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    I have to say, this was not martial law this was an entire city doing what it takes to catch a terrorist. If that means staying in your home for one day. For the safety of all. It was incredible to see, a city and people willing and able. Fantastic job. And the bastid is Captured.Boston can rest easy.
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    Thats quite presumptuous of you to say everyone was on board with this, i doubt everyone was.. just because you are obviously all for rolling over for extreme and alarmist reactions doesnt mean everyone would be
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