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    I'm glad to see some in the Muslim world starting to denounce terrorism. No man, woman, or child anywhere in the world should be condoning terrorist attacks against the U.S.
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    The US carries out attacks in other countries that from the point of view of the inhabitants are terrorist attacks. Two weeks ago 10 children were killed in an airstrike in Afghanistan. Why do you expect people in those countries not to attack us in the same manner that we attack them?
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    @ded Here's the difference. Terrorists TARGET children, the US does NOT target children, but you knew that, didn't you?
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    @earl If you carry out a strike that you know will kill children, in addition to your intended targets, then you are targeting children.
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    @ded No, terrorists hide among civilians, when innocents die, the cowardly terrorists are to blame.
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    There are screwballs in every religion, some more than others, but still, they exist. Religion is secondary. Put the blame on the individual, not with anything which they happen to be affiliated.
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    Guess they figured since one terror criminal was taken alive they better try to get out in front and start the denials now...
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    This is what the Muslims are doing now,"We're not like those other Muslims." These muslim brothers who mained and killed Americans were here in America for over 20 years but they were born Muslims.
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    How about the derogatory words used against Republicans or Democrats just because they affiliate themselves with a different political party? They're still Americans right? Still our neighbors? Friends? Family? Some people's beliefs consume them.
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    HMMM....for all those that use derogatory words towards ALL Muslims, think Westboro Baptist Church......they are considered a Christian church.....right?
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    @MongoAPillager 40 members....40 million members. What's the difference. Has the Bapist church denounced them? if not, guilty on all counts.
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    Not by any Christian I've ever known. Their actions are quite the opposite of what Christianity stands for. No Baptist organization recognizes Phelps hate group as a Baptist church...they've never been affiliated with any Baptist organization such as the Southern Baptist Convention, Baptist World Alliance, American Baptist Association, or any of the other 20+ official Baptist organizations. In fact, most denounce this group as "unchristian" or as a "hate group".
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    I'm really glad to seen Muslim organizations publicly denouncing these acts of terrorism. I think this will help to alleviate some of the all-inclusive finger-pointing directed at all Muslims. They just need to continue their denouncement loudly and clearly instead of making their fear the #1 factor. The victims of the terrorist attack need these leaders and their followers to stand up for them without any caveat.
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    They have nothing to fear from normal lawabiding Americans however we have fanatics ourselves that may try to inflict their own type of justice on peace loving Muslims.
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    I am very proud to see True Muslims denouncing violence and hatred. The Taliban or Al Quada are nothing but dangerous ignorant cults like "Charles Manson Group", "The so called once Rev Jim Jones Group", or "KKK and Nazis". People who endorse violence and call themselves being part of a religious group are nothing but evil cowards, such as "Tim McVeigh of the OKC Bombing who called himself a Christian", by no means was he a Christian.

    Salaam! Peace to All! Say No to Radical Cowards!
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    Kudos to the Muslim leadership. They should do this EVERY TIME there is a terror attack. Silence implies consent. They've been silent far too long. I'm just as worried over Hindi, Sikh persons whom bigots often confuse for Muslims and commit crimes against.
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    So now the innocent of the world wait until the next attack. It will continue. Women will be brutalized, children will be abducted, and infidels will be killed all in the name of Islam.

    It will continue...Read the Quran.
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    @B_Girl_Turco Google it...

    [8.12] When your Lord revealed to the angels: I am with you, therefore make firm those who believe. I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them.

    [47.4] So when you meet in battle those who disbelieve, then smite the necks until when you have overcome them, then make (them) prisoners, and afterwards either set them free as a favor or let them ransom (themselves) until the war terminates. That (shall be so); and if Allah had pleased He would certainly have exacted what is due from them, but that He may try some of you by means of others; and (as for) those who are slain in the way of Allah, He will by no means allow their deeds to perish.

    [22.19] These are two adversaries who dispute about their Lord; then (as to) those who disbelieve, for them are cut out garments of fire, boiling water shall be poured over their heads.

    [3.85] And whoever desires a religion other than Islam, it shall not be accepted from him, and in the hereafter he shall be one of the losers.

    [5.33] The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His apostle and strive to make mischief in the land is only this, that they should be murdered or crucified or their hands and their feet should be cut off on opposite sides or they should be imprisoned; this shall be as a disgrace for them in this world, and in the hereafter they shall have a grievous chastisement,

    [2.191] And kill them wherever you find them, and drive them out from whence they drove you out, and persecution is severer than slaughter, and do not fight with them at the Sacred Mosque until they fight with you in it, but if they do fight you, then slay them; such is the recompense of the unbelievers.

    [9.123] O you who believe! fight those of the unbelievers who are near to you and let them find in you hardness; and know that Allah is with those who guard (against evil).

    [9.5] So when the sacred months have passed away, then slay the idolaters wherever you find them, and take them captives and besiege them and lie in wait for them in every ambush, then if they repent and keep up prayer and pay the poor-rate, leave their way free to them; surely Allah is Forgiving, Merciful.

    [3.28] Let not the believers take the unbelievers for friends rather than believers; and whoever does this, he shall have nothing of (the guardianship of) Allah, but you should guard yourselves against them, guarding carefully; and Allah makes you cautious of (retribution from) Himself; and to Allah is the eventual coming.
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    Hi , this is a big mistake done by people , so there is a book in your hand , you'r open up the middle of the book and picking a sentence from random . You should try to read sentence before and after .

    8:12 >>> why there is such a verse ? talking about killing infidels , why ? for no reason ? to believe in another religion ? Because Quraysh Tribe were torturing muslims and forced them to migrate .

    47:4 >>> talking about taking captive enemies , if you had noticed Quran says get them captive and leave them after the war .

    22:19 >>> says that it is a punishment for those who committed evil deeds in the world .

    3:84 >>> please read verse 84 before 85 . Verse 84 says to them , we believed Quran we believed prophet abraham , ishmael , isaac , jacob , moses , jesus and we believed that received them , we dont seek the difference between them and have delivered to them .

    3:85 >>> it says who are looking for another religion other tham islam , they will lose . So its a warning .

    5:33 >>> it says who are figting agains Allah(c.c) or Hz.Muhammed(sav) or islam and who are disrupting the world , their punishment is death , cross cutting their hands and legs , or expulsion to another location .
    This options may varm from case to case . So you will try to kill me , in this instance I have to right to kill you . This is not fair ?

    2:191 >>> kill them where you find who started a war to you , if they want to kill you , then kill them . This is their punishment .

    Sorry I have no more time for this , please get rid of prejudices and try to be objective .

    See you ...
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    @B_Girl_Turco There's a lot of killing going on in the Quran and there's a lot of people being killed around the world in the name of Islam. Linking the two is not being prejudice.
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    @cwi530 yes there are lots of killing going on in quran because everyone was killing each other at those times (time of Hz.Muhammed Mustafa s.a.v.)

    But its not mean quran says kill the people. You know what happaned at the times of Hz.Jesus . Jews tried to kill him . All of which also was in the time of Hz.Muhammed(sav)
    But muslims protected him they had to fight with others for this happen .

    Today , if someone of the mask on the face enters your house secretly , you have to right shoot him , isnt it ? not something different what Quran says .

    Goodday ...
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    For right or wrong, this doesn't do Muslims any favors.
    Once again, it is the same religion responsible for terror against the very nation that welcomed them-
    This is not good for how Islam is viewed by civilized societies.
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    Muslim fear is a function of Statist propaganda and a form of control by much of our society. America needs a boogyman to control the population.
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    Muslims in America have nothing more to fear than do Sikhs, Indians, or any of the other ethnic groups that the few ignorant, irrational reactionaries out there have also targeted.

    That said, none of those groups have much to be fearful about.
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    Yes and they deserve it. Islam is a joke. Great for uneducated third world countries. Islamic women are irrelevant, they like it that way. Mohammed was a slave trading, war mongering, pedophile. I can't make that up. It's straight out of the Koran. Islam does not mean 'peace' it means 'peace thru submission'. If you don't understand the difference your opinion is not valid.
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    That is harsh on Islam!
    In the meantime, I'll trade you 2 chickens and an apple for your daughter.
    *that girl can take a punch*
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    @GuyFawkes LMAO. yeah that is harsh. True though IMHO. It is straight out of the Koran though. Don't ask a Muslim though they will spin the hell out of it. I know first hand. Apparently in 600 A.D. there was nothing wrong with marrying a 6 yr. old girl and sealing the deal so to speak when she turned 9 roughly quoting a Muslim guy I was in the Army with. The majority of any spiritual aspect of Islam was lifted from the Bible, specifically the adoption of the Old Testament as the supposed foundation of the religion. I'm very critical of Islam. We are dealing with an attempted Islamic invasion in Tennessee. They are putting up Mosques and "Islamic Centers" in key locations across the State. By key I mean college campuses. Can't say Christmas publicly, God forbid someone is caught praying in public and offending someone, but by golly they had better not serve ham,bacon,or sausage on the same counter the Muslims are forced to use. Also in the public schools in Murphreesboro the pledge of allegiance is a NO-GO (yeah yeah breaks my heart) Muslim children praying up to five times a day? No problem. So long as the teacher doesn't disturb them whilst praying. Would be offensive to Allah. In other words they are allowed to promote Islam in the public schools, up to five times a day. But GD! don't you say God! would be offensive for sure. And the thing with the campuses that get's to me. They are here in the hundreds in the three largest colleges. You would be hard pressed to find one who is a native citizen. Everytime there is any kind of cultural festival or the likes they show up in caravans literally in force. Everytime one of them farts sideways on stage you can't hear for 30 seconds or more for the raucuous applause. It's transparent as hell. These people aren't involved in the communities for the most part yet. It is more a strategic push on the campuses and anywhere they can stir up attention for their demands. I know a large percentage are well intended people. But damn. yeah this post is pretty long, i'm watching the Aftermath of another Muslim student on t.v.
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    Very disturbing.
    I thought you folks in TN would be more protective of the American way of life. You have Hell to the Yankees, do the same to these cavemen.
    Look at England. London is dead, like a zombie apocalypse of Muslims building minarets, calling to prayer, sealing off entire neighborhoods and declaring Sharia Law.
    Same with much of Europe.
    We bash the French but at least they don't tolerate soft invasions from Muslim immigrants. They kick ass and deport.
    If people think this cultural nightmare is harmless they're fooling themselves.
    I am not afraid to say it is time to get tough on Muslim immigration and the invasion of this stone-aged religion called Islam.
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    @GuyFawkes Amen. what more can I say? Amen brother! We are fighting them ATM. I believe the school prayer thing is being adequately litigated out of existence. I heard that their Islamic center in Murphreesboro is located nearly dead center geographically in the 'bible belt'. Not sure if that is completely true but I would not be surprised as symbolism seems to be a big part of their ideology. I do know it is the same group behind the trade center mosque, or heavily intertwined atleast with said group. Political correctness is going to be the downfall of America as we know/knew it.
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