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    I support those guys and gals to the utmost....thank you good guys for putting on the armor and walking home to house on our befalf. You are matter what the liberal says....Thankyou
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    It looks like good evidence that citizens of Boston support the measures taken to quickly capture the bombers, and counters accusations by some individuals that it was merely an excuse to oppress innocent Americans.
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    The views of the mob do not cancel out the Constitutional rights of the rest of us.
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    Exactly, it was a completely voluntary act. The governor had no authority to force people to stay in doors, but the majority did so willingly.

    If the government wanted to oppress innocent Americans, the President could have easily declared martial law and the military could have completely taken over the city. With a terrorist on the lose, he had a completely legal basis to do it, but the fact that they didn't, and let the local law enforcement and other government agencies handle the investigation speaks volumes.
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    @Seamus No Constitutional Rights were suppressed. The authorities urged people to stay indoors. They complied on their own, they weren't forced.
    I'm a big Liberties person being a Libertarian and I didn't see the same things others were seeing. Public Transit was shit down and people were urged to stay off the roads, but they weren't forced.
    That being said some of the Boston pics of no people out and about looked a lot like that last Batman movie huh? Heh.
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    It was a distraction while Obama snuck into everyone's house and took their guns. At the same time gays were also getting married and communist Kenyans were swimming up from Mexico.
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    Obama stole my gay gun!
    - I bought it in Mexico from a Kenyan who said he was el Presidente'.
    *Super fast & furious*
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    Now the Bruins can get back to the goal of the Stanley Cup. We're comin for you Lord Stanley!! go B's!!
    My heart goes out to Boston and its inhabitants. Bless you all.
    And to those in Texas, same thing.
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    @Fishbone345 just rolling I was a Sabres fan growing up always made it a point to go to Boston games.. it was always the best fights ;-)
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    @bsking Yah, that usually is a bruiser game.:)
    The other night the B's played the Sabers and at the end of the game both teams stuck around on the ice and gave stick salutes to the fans. It was pretty heartwarming.
    And at the first, the guy singing the national anthem got about a sentence in and realized that the entire arena was singing too. He simply stopped and held the mic out and sang with them instead of for them. It was tear inducing.

    I was impressed with how cool the Sabers were.
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    @bsking Then I bet you remember when my Broad Street Bullies beat your Sabres for the cup in 1975. Remember all the fog on the ice?
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    Crowds cheer for law enforcement agents? This is a sign that liberals require Big Government.
    Boston Mass , the place where our country was created...what a shame!!
    Needed a show of force by jack booted thugs, Locking them inside their homes, telling them to stay off the streets.
    All because there was a 19 yr old walking around with a gun.
    It truly amazes me...To see just how many people would willingly obey Obama's marital law orders.
    Or get aboard the "Hitler Oh I mean Obama" the liberal promise land.
    It sickens me to see these scared sheep people.
    What would George Washington had done? in that situation.

    You mean to tell me, That these people in Historical Boston couldn't have found this man? and they prefer to get locked down in their homes and just expect the big bad cop people to remove the threat to your own neighborhood....WOW!!! pathetic !!!
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    Bravo.............We all support you and sincerely hope that this horrific nightmare is over for our fellow citizens at last.
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    Maybe I'm weird. I don't see any cause for celebration. 4 people are dead, many others are maimed and will have their lives adversely impacted the rest of their lives.....maybe relief and satisfaction that these psychotic thugs have been taken off the streets, but celebration? My heart wouldn't be in it, especially because of the two beautiful young women we lost, the little 8 year old boy, and that poor young MIT Campus Police Officer who'd only been on the job for about 1 year.
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    There are in all likelihood, 2 less terrorists running around Boston.. however we don't know if they acted alone, or if they were just the tip of a spear.