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    Surely Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, and a few other compassionate Boston area celebrities could foot the bill for this gentleman's medical expenses.
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    I'm not buying it. Are you trying to tell me Obama/Romney Care isn't working up there and that any medical providers are holding this kid's treatment hostage for 1,000,000 bucks?

    I'm not buying the story as presented or the question then asked by the survey.

    Are you buying it?
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    @TheJimmy Really? I don't think there is a hospital or Dr in this nation that would refuse to treat this kid unless he had a big wad of cash, Obama/Romney Care or not.
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    so his friends have started an online donations page to help cover his treatment. They've already raised $300,000 of their $1 million goal.

    This is a sign that something is very right with this country.
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    What about the unfortunate many who do not have friends like that? What about the many who lack the high profile of this unfortunate individual? People in other countries are not saddled with these enormous, unpayable medical expenses.
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    @Russell797 that's when Jay Leno, Conan O'Brien, Tom Brady, Mark Wahlberg, and the rest of these very rich Boston area celebrities should be jumping in and helping out.
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    @Thunderchicken It's a systemic problem requiring a systemic response. What you or I do personally does nothing to solve the larger issue.
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    It would seem to me that at a "city sponsored" and "city sanctioned" event, the city takes the risk of open invitation and security and should be responsible for any medical bills incurred by participants and attendees for damages outside the normal risk of participation.
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    In ways, I absolutely agree. Being a sanctioned event and being a terrorist attack, Boston and the federal government should at least help patients with their medical bills. This is why many athletic organizations have a policy called 'catastrophic insurance', surely local governments have a similar insurance policy. I don't think they should pay every dime of it, but at least match what insurance companies are paying and for those uninsured, pay a portion of their expenses too.
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    @in4longhaul Hey, Do some "fact checking". The Federal Government, The Mayor of Boston and the Police and firefighters immediately on day one after the bombing established funds for families and victims! Over $2, 000,000 raised in the first few hours. There is no predicting what ultimate medical costs will be. I'm certain that Jeff Bauman and his family are focusing right now on healing and getting through each new development in his medical condition!
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    @Puddycat Um, okay? I wasn't really all that concerned about 'fact checking' it, but rather just voicing a simple opinion, but thank you for your information.
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    Well that's smarter than expecting help from charities or Obamacare. At least people donating directly to him will know that he will get 100% of the donations, as opposed to about less than 60% from most organizations.
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    Who wouldn't like Jeff Bauman? I like Jeff Bauman. Fortunately, the nature of his personal tragedy has helped to raise $300k in ten minutes. I see FB posts doing similar fundraising for everyday nobodys with everyday tragedies (cancer, car crash, etc.) that will never come close to this high profile tragedy.
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    Wait, I'm confused. Didn't Massachussetts, under Governor Mitt Romney, pass some sort of comprehensive health-care law that these poor people can turn to? Isn't there some kind of Victims' Assistance Program in Massachussetts as well? I'm not being coy, I'm asking in earnest.
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    I see the Boston DA has jumped at the chance to defend the bombers. Do you think it has anything to do with book and movie rights. Well that money should go directly to the victims and zilch to any public official, they make enough.
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    Several funds (official and managed by financial agencies were established by midnight on Mon. 4/15. Millions of dollars have been raised, and leaders have pledged that medical bills will not be further burdens to the devastated victims of the Patriots' Day bombing.
    -Visit to donate.

    -Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund: This nonprofit has established a Boston Marathon Relief Fund as part of its existing America’s Fund to assist victims of the bombing.
    According to its website, the Semper Fi Fund has raised $74 million over the past decade to help injured or critically ill U.S. troops and their families. Assistance from the --Boston Marathon Relief Fund “will start with the most critically injured and expand as we receive donations,” the website says.
    To contribute, visit . Click “yes” for the question,“Is this donation in support of an event, campaign or fundraiser?” Select “Boston Marathon Relief Fund” from the next drop-down menu.
    Charity Navigator has given the Semper Fi Fund its highest four-star rating, and the group is registered both as a nonprofit and with the attorney general’s Non-Profit Organizations/Public Charities Division.
    -The Patriots and Robert Kraft: Patriots owner Robert Kraft has pledged to match up to $100,000 in donations to assist Marathon bombing victims through the charitable foundations of the New England Patriots and New England Revolution.
    Contribute online at . In the field provided, donors should write “Boston Marathon.”
    -The website says Kraft will donate all contributions and his match to the One Fund.
    Kraft’s foundations are registered with both the IRS and Coakley’s office.
    Patriots players have pledged support, too.
    Technology Underwriting Greater Good: This organization, which represents the region’s tech companies, entrepreneurs and venture capitalists, said on its website it had raised nearly $180,000 as of Thursday for victims of the Marathon bombing.
    On Wednesday, TUGG said it would donate the first $100,000 it collected to the One Fund. All contributions will go to victims, the website say

    Read more: Where to donate to aid Boston Marathon bombing victims - Stoughton, MA - Stoughton Journal
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    Coverage is coverage, however if an insurance company wanted some great advertising, if they would take a million off the top of their CEO's bonus and donate it to the people they have covered it would show they have a heart. That being said I doubt if 1 million will be enough.
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    I think the fact that he's raised $350,000 in three days from willing, loving, charitable volunteers is a sign of something very right with America.
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    no its not a sign that something wrong with the healthcare system. it's a sign that there something right about our charitable nature as human beings.. someone needs to learn how to write a headline
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    But alas this POS terroist bomber will get the best Medical Care in the Boston area all paid by the tax payers of Massachusetts......go figure...
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    We as a nation should come together, gather the funds for medical treatment of the victims. Anything not covered by insurance could be paid by a fund we put together, the victims are in fact victims not of their choosing. We are a very charitable nation and should remember this, it is what makes us great. Help your neighbors if possible.
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