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    The cost of obamaphones is spiraling out of control? Sort of like the costs of obamacare? Any government program obama rams up the backside of an unwilling people is going to spiral out of control. I thought people knew this.
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    Yea, problem is this: reagan created this program. Romney designed the health care program. Both bad ideas, so republicans named them after obama. Republican propaganda, nothing more.
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    When I was growing up many people did not have phones or had party lines. Everyone knew what neighbor to call to get in touch or you used their phone or a pay phone. If you can't afford a phone - too bad, not my problem, deal with it. I remember when I was in college and had to hide my motorcycle from the repo guys so I could finish school and start paying bills again instead of tuition. I didn't have a phone then either, used a pay phone.
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    Yea but the problem with that today is there are hardly any land line pay phones to be found. Heck I don't even have a land line in my home, haven't in years. Otherwise I totally agree; "Don't have a cell phone? Tough. I shouldn't be paying for yours." (not you specifically YNH).

    Personally I'm sick of all the entitlements that others expect me to pay for. I EARNED what I have. How about some of you slackers get off your lazy bums and do the same. Quit sucking off my hard work.
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    250 free minutes-250 free text per month.Lets break it down.At one emergency call per day average call 2 minutes thats 60 minutes gone.Text me if I need to come in for a job interview 30 applications 30 text responses per month.Contact children in trouble 3 times a week thats 12 times a month 5 minute call=60 minutes.So in free talk time you have burned120 minutes.In text time 30 minutes.Plenty of minutes left to call your dealer or the government to see what else you can get for free.You still have 220 free text if you run out of phone time.Whatta great deal Its a shame I have to work for mine and contribute to paying yours.America the land of opportunity and opportunist.
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    @miketost I remember hearing ex-NFL player Marcellus Wiley say on ESPN one day that he was ashamed to let his friends see him spending foodstamps as kid. Now people act like they're so proud of the fact.
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    absolutely scrap it. people can afford to pay for their own cell phone I don't care what situation you're in. you look at these people walking around with Obama phones they have nice clothes nice cars designer handbags hundred dollar sunglasses.. it's just another free gift they can get from the taxpayers
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    If you cannot afford a cell phone you don't need one, why are we paying for the poor to have cell phones? If you want to work, fill out an application and give a friends number to contact you at. This is so ridiculous and we cannot just blame Obama, this goes back earlier than that.
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    If you'd read the article, you'd know taxpayers are not paying for the poor to have cell phones. It says the phone companies give them the cell phones so the company can get the $9.95 basic service charge that we do give them.
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    @Zazziness I do understand the story well, we are paying for the cell phone through the subsidy we pay, the cell companies are loosing nothing at all, they are making money on top of money and we the tax payers are financing it. The cell phones for the poor cost us millions if you read the article.
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    @Bill2E Millions is a drop in the bucket when military spending takes up 57% of our annual budget. $9.95 is basic service -- enough to call 911. That just doesn't seem excessive to me. I don't want impoverished old people dying just because they can't contact emergency services.
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    If this program were for "Impoverished old people" I could agree with you. It is not only that segment of the population, anyone on medicade, food stamps, basically the unemployed and includes the younger generation that are unemployed. Look at the article and you see it is for the unemployed also. Restrict it to those with total disabilities and a need for the phones for emergency reasons, it might be OK, not as it is.
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    @Zazziness. That's Billions with a B. ...cost taxpayers 2.2 Billion last year alone if you read the article. Hardly a drop in the bucket.
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    First repubs about a health care plan created by Romney, then they claimed Romney lost the election as a result of a phone plan created by Reagan. And in both cases they re-named these failed republican policies after a democratic party president. Republican propaganda: that is how it works.
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    @Laity1 Which has exactly nothing to do with the facts... do you base all your opinions off of what people 'in the hood' say?
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    "the phones help poor people to find work". HMMM.....wondering if there ever was a study to verify that these phones "help poor people find work". Or is that just the way the phone lobby spun it to sell it to our "bloated" politicians while stuffing money into those politicians "pockets"?
    I think I'll choose the latter!
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    Shouldn't welfare programs be renamed to more adequately describe what the intentions and role of easy-walfare- for- all, really is,Just another Get-out-the- vote for obama program. Like the question once asked of people standing in line for a government program, "Where's the money coming from that your going to be getting," The reply from one of the persons in line was, " I don't know, Its obama money, and we're going to get some, Well, were did the money come from, its obama money!
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    It doesn't matter who started it, it is out of control as is the case with most every goverment program you care to mention. These asses in Washington are suppose to be stewards of our tax dollars not a conduit of waste and corruption. There are several programs that should be held accountable but that is not going to happen because it will cost both sides to many votes.
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    My mom, who is on disability, has one of these. Its a joke. You get a nokia phone from 1995 that doesn't have servic ANYWHERE.
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    @shihtzuman - I don'tcare who started it. I didn't like Reagan and I don't like Obama. I'm tired of paying for peoples stuff.
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    Absolutely NOT. We voted to be nothing more than Tax Slaves to the whims and the excesses of Big Brother/Big Govt last November. Elections have consequences!!
    We voted in support of the "Let them eat Cake" attitude of our oppressive Orwellian Progressive Masters last November. Pay Up Suckers is the motto of Pelosi/Obama's incarnation of the Democratic Party. We voted to be Less Than.
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    The "Gipper" just keeps on giving. S and L boondoggle at cost of $1-trillion+. Ten tax increases. Arms for hostages. Attack on gun rights. Jeopardized air safety. Now these fones. Seems he would have seen some of these problems in the Stars.
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    The program as designed is a good idea as a consistent phone number is essential for a job search or for single working moms to have emergence contact with their kids.

    Under this president, the program is just another freebee handout to buy votes. This thread will quickly deteriorate into GOP bashing by handout junkies because they don't want to lose their free phone.
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    " But beneficiariessay the phones help poor people to find work.".... or in Rochester, they use them to sell drugs, and find drugs, and order " Adult Intertainers" from backpages.
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    Some of you probably missed the article at The Obama Administration says that it's legal to track the movement of every American all of the time. The free cell phone program makes that aim possible. Put an end to the free phone program and put a dent in the government's tracking the citizenry program. Middle class and rich folk will continue to participate, but us poor folks will be off their grid.
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    @PoliticalSpice Reagan was a liberal, he banned people from carrying guns on them or in their car when he was Governor of California and he was for Social Security and gave away phones to poor people. Or maybe Reagan was a real conservative and the modern conservatives are insane nitwits that cannot see any logic or reason.
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    @DrFunkenstein I think the latter. I am to the left, but Reagan was true to republican ideology, with few exceptions a Goldwater republican. I didn't like him, but it was not irrational. Not only that he acheived much of his adgenda precisely because he was not an insane nitwit who manage to sound so crazy the frightened voters just enough to prevent the republican candidatd from being elected. Being on the left I thank them for that. Being an advocate of mental health I suspect they mostly need medication.
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    For the record the government did NOT give free phones. Phone companies provided the phones. The government only provided the $9.95 bill. This program has been in place since the 80s from Regan. Not a Dems plan. Smh
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    Actually, this is how it works ---

    "The federal program dates back to 1996; it was part of the Telecommunications Act of 1996. The Act did a number of things, including increasing internet access to doctors and patients in rural hospitals (for consults with specialists); subsidizing internet and phone coverage for schools and libraries and providing free or subsidized coverage for families who can’t afford it so that they have links to emergency and government services. The Act was not taxpayer funded… exactly. Taxpayers do pay for coverage but not via federal income taxes. Instead, the Act “mandated the creation of the universal service fund (USF) into which all telecommunications providers are required to contribute a percentage of their interstate and international end-user telecommunications revenues.” So that little fee on your phone bill labeled USF? That’s what you’re paying for."

    And, the USF Phone tax that we all pay, was instituted by Algore when he was Vise Pres.
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    Land lines should be the priority, plain jane cell phones if a land line is not available. No one should be getting any sort of smart phone through this program.
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    Passing out free telephones while I pay a couple hundred a month for ours and I cannot get a free one because I work?

    Well that just pisses me off. We have to vote out any and all elected people that think handing out free phones so they can be sold or traded to dope dealers is a good thing. We got so many screwy problems in this country we may have to have a recall election.

    People that are not Americans voting for President. President that may not be an American. Free Phones. Free Cable TV. Free Rent. Free Auto Repair Allowance. HUD. Welfare. Medicaid, Food Stamps.

    Why am I going to work tomorrow? Because I am not trash.

    Follow me people, we going to go debate something.
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    Cost of Federal Phones Program Spiraling Out of Control, Say Lawmakers

    and it doesn't even include all those welfare "Obama" phones!!!!

    Make everyone who wants a phone...its simple "pay for it yourself"
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