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    Actually the phrase "innocent until proven guilty" is a fallacy, one's guilt or innocence in not based on a court ruling (which is why innocent people go to jail and guilty people walk).

    P.S. With enough evidence and probable cause the government can treat you as guilty before any form of trial.
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    A rather narrow set of choices.
    How about this: They believe they have seen evidence of government complicity.
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    Even though Islam is absolutely opposed to all things liberals love- gay marriage, women's issues, abortion rights, et al.
    Libs protect the very group that wants to kill them. It would be laughable if it weren't so dangerously misguided.
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    And all those who have proclaimed him to be innocent also checked that little box that said "Liberal". Crackpot rightwingers can dream up some of the most bizarre ideas when they set their little minds to it.
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    Okay we've got two scenarios here, either our government along with a Saudi did this and the guilty party has been deported OR our government knew more, dropped the ball, and failed to prevent Tsarnaevs.

    Either way I'm guessing our government is in some way complicit.....

    But that does not mean Tsarnaev is guilty or innocent. Let us see what the evidence shows.
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    Or perhaps something like this is actually pretty damned easy to pull off. Two guys can easily do it. Lastly you're paranoid and should really leave this country if you feel the government is that far out to get you that it frames innocent people for bombing it's own citizens. If Obama was going to set it up don't you think he would have used 2 white guys? I don't but I imagine you're of the persuasion that is probably giving it more thought than it deserves.
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    There is another option. That is the government got Tsarnaev to actually do it. I don't think he planned it. But he could have been the triggerman. Like you said the Government is complicit in this somehow.
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    Why is there only two scenarios? The more logical answer is that he was just one of thousands that the FBI has been asked to look into over the years and as in most cases ... there was nothing that stood out and pointed to a terrorist plot? It should be understood that the FBI does not have unlimited resources that they are able to assign a team of agents to follow every single lead they get for two years, to see if they are up to something.
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    "Why are so many Americans sympathetic to the terror suspect?" Simple answer is that they are just stupid, no other explanation can apply. The idiot ADMITTED to the crime and now the main stream press is trying to paint him as if he were just some poor misguided kid. Sorry idiots, he deliberately, VERY deliberately, placed his bomb next to an 8 year old child and walked away, knowing full well that within a few seconds that child would be dead, we have him on tape doing it and NO he didn't look confused or intimidated, just like he was out for a mornings walk. The world if full of Dumb AZZ's, really why give them more than 15 seconds of recognition?
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    could u please provide the link to the video where it's obvious that THAT very person is placing the bomb and so on?
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    @Alina I could OR you could tune into any mainstream media or the FBI website to see it, it's played about a thousand times on TV and sorry to burst your little girlie loves how cute this killer is bubble, but HE DID IT, HE ADMITTED THAT HE DID IT, HE BRAGGED that he did it, it's on film, a first year law student could get a conviction. So, take your little girl, ohhhhhh he's soooooooooo cute and cuddly, I'm sure he's totally innocent little brain and go away. Wow - and you and those like you (Shudder!) are the future of America - GOD HELP US! And, if you must reply and post here, U (and in you, meaning me) is spelled YOU - love the kiddie shorthand but adults use real words and no CUL8R type of crap. Grow up sweetie.
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    butthurt detected)
    sorry to cause it to YOU...
    I don't think he's so cute that he can be a terrorist,you failed your attempt) maybe it's a mainstream thought but I don't care if YOU don't try to think with your head and your "adult" brain just can't suppose anything else about my reason to go on like this :)
    use less Caps if you are such an adult...
    I used shortened variants because it's easier while texting from my smartphone, no other reasons.
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    Tsarnaev has ADMITTED HIS GUILT.
    He is guilty. Period.
    This is a huge country and has its share of idiots.
    Teenage girls know nothing.
    Teenagers in general know nothing.
    They swoon and are dreamers, can be easily taken advantage of.
    There are thousands who believe Jodi Arias is innocent...even after she ADMITTED to killing Travis Alexander.
    Some people are just plain stupid.
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    ok,then u r a teenage girl following ur own logic.have YOU heard him pronouncing he is guilty?or you believe EVERYTHING mentioned by mass-media?any proofs?or maybe any critical thinking is supposed to be 'teenagers'?firstly they tell u he was armed when caught and u believe.then they say the opposite and u believe again.kind of stupid.
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    I don't care about mass media.
    At a certain point one must believe in Dept of Justice attorneys, some who are defense attorneys, who have asserted this suspect has admitted guilt and given them access to information regarding his future plans in NYC, etc.
    They aren't making it up.
    One does not need to be Sherlock Holmes to discern fact.
    I go to bed. I wake up. There is snow on the ground. Did I see it snow? No, but I can deduce that it snowed.
    Tsarnaev is guilty and has admitted his guilt. Move on from that point-
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    @Alina - I expect those signing the petition have nothing to go on except a feeling... Law enforcement will have evidence if he is guilty. We'll see during the trial.
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    Hey, what about lizard people who walked on the Moon?
    We know a gecko runs that insurance company- I saw it on tv.
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    @HPthinker no one was blown up , look at the photos from the scene of first bombing where double amp. with legs gone is not bleeding at all the bone is dry, and the cowboy that becomes a hero is just standing there looking around waiting his turn to go on camera.look it up decide for yourself it is frame by frame and one lady wearing red has third hand in back pocket. this stuff is crazy.
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    @kinglll "no one was blown up , look at the photos from the scene of first bombing where double amp. with legs gone is not bleeding at all the bone is dry, and the cowboy that becomes a hero is just standing there looking around waiting his turn to go on camera.look it up decide for yourself it is frame by frame and one lady wearing red has third hand in back pocket."

    THIS STUFF IS CRAZY! Gotta love conspiracy theorists.

    Ever seen the result of a traumatic amputation? Not in the movies or in your fantasies, for real? He's not bleeding because tourniquets were applied or he would have bled out of this big artery thingy in each leg.

    We didn't walk on the moon and the holocaust didn't happen, right? Kennedy wasn't assassinated, he was abducted by aliens who replaced him with the shot up double. Lincoln wasn't shot, he ran away and joined the circus. The Lindberg baby wasn't abducted, he ran away from home. 911 didn't happen, the buildings fell down beause they used cheap concrete sold by Dick Cheany, right?

    I wonder f the alternate universe the Conspiracy Theorists live on has Global Warming too?
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    @Knuckleballer it was staged 100% , i have frame by frame of bomb at first site . you are brainwashed like they want you.
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    He may be young, he may be 'cute'...but he is not innocent and should be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law. Life in prison or death... either one.
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    He is innocent until proven guilty, and his past actions and information obtained in the investigation shows he is a danger to society. Lets have a trial and see what the evidence says before pronouncing judgment, keep him in custody to insure my freedom to be free of terrorism.
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    How are we supposed to know if this guy did it or not? We heard it on the news, but we are aware they are liars. Or believe the government. Not very likely.

    So all I can say honestly is I did not see him do it. Plus there has been no one that has said he did it that I would personally believe is telling the truth. So this is indeed a mess.
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    I don't believe him to be innocent, but I also know that many 'facts' about the case have been constantly changing and that it's very fishy that these two acted alone. I also think it's fishy that the FBI has declared that they are not looking for the guy in the US that trained the older brother and that it's pretty convenient that the older brother is dead. Then you have the fact that there were 4,000 armed military in the town to kill... I mean 'catch'... a 19 year old kid... and this just doesn't sit right. Call it whatever you want, but things just don't add up for me.
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    @GuyFawkes Tell me how you know this to be true. Have you seen the video and transcripts, personally? I'm not saying either way... I'm just asking.
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    I was there. Thought I saw you too- weren't you the one pressing your finger into his bullet wounds while asking him if he was guilty?
    I helped the kid out by bathing him in turpentine and salt- wounds dig it.
    He admitted guilt. Must be 50 people in the room and not everyone in law enforcement is a government conspiracy shill.
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    @GuyFawkes I was the one pounding rock salt into his wounds and upin the rectal area using a sledge hammer fashioned out of a composite made of his freshly pulled fingernails and metal epoxied hair weighted with the lead from my sap gloves I wore out on him prior.

    I draw the line at sticking fingers into open wounds as I do have both morals and ethics. I'm not a barbarian.
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    And your evidence of this is derived from what source? Your personal belief has nothing to do with guilt or innocence, it is just your personal belief and I agree you have a right to your opinion.
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    On a good day, I trust the government and media about as much as there is water in the Sahara. I don't believe many of the "official" stories of things that have happened in our country.

    This bombing in Boston, however, is what it is. The younger brother let is radical older brother influence him. Sad, but true. He has killed people, and chances are would have killed more if he'd gotten away. I see no conspiracy in this incident. The facts are fairly clear. If the brothers had been innocent, why were they running from the police? Why the shootout? Why kill that campus police officer? All the petitions in the world make no difference. The Tsarnaev brothers did what they did with no regrets or remorse. Dzhokhar is guilty. Period.
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    Are you kidding me all the people that think this kid is innocent you should be sent out of this country and put on a island together friggn idiots how stupid can you be
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