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    Great! Another article that just "fans the fires" of division of the country. We are now divided about guns, gays, Social Security, race, sex ......etc. Just throw in age and we will be fighting among ourselves while Nero and his cohorts in DC take ALL of us for every penny we have!
    As for Obamacare, it is nothing more than an insurance scheme that will NOT lower anyone's premiums. Yesterday, at work, we were informed that our insurance premiums WILL be going up on June 1st. Why our premiums are going up when Obamacare PROMISED lower premiums is beyond me.....except to say this is more proof that the ACA is nothing more than a scam!
    It is a sad fact that DC will find a way to fleece their sheep so that WE pay tithes to our royal families. And to have the cojones to try to distant themselves (our politicians) by excluding themselves from these requirements is a travesty of justice!
    What I hope will come out of this is that way too many people will not get insurance and find out they now don't get that "refund" they were expecting. That's the only way to get the low informational voters attention. Take some money out of their pockets and then they'll pay attention.......
    Bottom line......we will all be paying more....and to think with all that we could actually have a "socialized" medicine instead of lining the pockets of the health insurance industry!
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    And that's all it's doing. Instead of a choice to pay ridiculous money to healthcare providers, it is now a requirement to line their pockets. Until we attack the source - healthcare costs, and pricing practices, we are in for one hell of a storm. And to make things worse, policies like the ACA, will increase the power of the healthcare industry into an even larger juggernaut than it already is.
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    You should be happy, because Obamacare is one giant leap toward a third-payer system, i.e. socialized medicine. The principle here is: controls breed further controls. The irony is, the worse the effect of the government action, the greater the pressure for more of the same.
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    If you don't want division, then start taking the right side of the issue. Why is it that those who you disagree with are the ones doing the dividing?

    The reason costs are so high right now is because of government controls and subsidies in healthcare. In a free-market industry makes money by providing the best value. In our government controlled market, free choices are out the window and costs only increase.
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    @Tomboy123 Ok, big boy. Which side "of the issue" is "the right side"?
    Extremely not so smart reply in those 1st 2 sentences. According to you, to stop division, you should comply with the ones you disagree with. Germany during WWII divided, the world should have agreed with Hitler so all Europe would have been a much happier place?
    You are nuts!
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    @stepped_in_it Well, that's my point. I was responding to someone who complained that those whom disagree with her are wrong because they are causing division. My sarcastic response was pointing out the absurdity of this by showing that those who use this tact always place the blame for being divided on those they disagree with, rather than their own views. As you point out, it's not valid. You have to argue for your view and show why it is correct.
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    Underneath all its bureaucratic trimmings, what the ACA's age-related rate restriction amounts to is the declaration that a 27-year-old who is starting out in life, who wants to save up for a down payment on a home, who has his eye on an engagement ring for his beloved, has no right to pursue his goals until he first pays for the health care bills of every generation that came before him.

    More government meddling into the every day lives of the citizenry. Just leave us alone!
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    "that a 27-year-old who is starting out in life" HMMM......funny, but at the age of 27, I was purchasing my 3rd home! They do NOT grow so quickly now, don't they?
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    Yeah I know what you mean. At 27 I was married, in my own home and was a partner in a (part time) business. I thought I was sheltered compared to some of me friends. And I was sheltered compared to my dad.
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    right... and that's the way it should work. nobody should be so selfish as to think about themselves before they think of their parents and grandparents wellbeing.
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    @Thunderchicken what i'm saying is that they shouldn't have to tell you. and that's not what's happening, anyway.

    tell me, though. doesn't the law tell us that we have to take adequate care of our children? if so, then why shouldn't the law state that we have to take care of our parents in return, also?
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    The goal should have been to bring down health care costs for everyone, not simply reshuffle the deck without attacking the root of the problem.

    So long as COSTS remain sky high for everything from an Aspirin to major surgery, we will continue to see problems.

    As far as I can tell, the ACA did little or nothing to address this issue.
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    I respect Obama for trying to make a difference in healthcare. Unfortunately, he walked on top of a hill, saw a little grass and flowers, and told the people that he could landscape the hill into a beautiful garden and outdoor living paradise. Unfortunately he either chose not to dig a foot in the earth, or he just didn't have any understanding of what needs to be done whatsoever because he would have realized he was standing on top of the city dump. Intelligent people watching in the distance would say, "You know you are standing on top of a dump right?" Unfortunately, all he could see was the vision and the green grass.
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    Yes, this is how the law was designed as well as what was stated in the article. This is how Insurance works. I know it is scary when we change the way things work, but we are going to have to make a LOT more changes of even greater alteration in the coming years to adapt to a new world.
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    @JackinVienna You call the US paying 10 times more than what every other country pays for health care AND having fewer people covered a success???
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    @dances-weebles Our health care is expensive, but it does work. There are so many changes that could have been made that would have driven cost out, but curiously none of these were included in Obamacare.

    Tell me this....if you were in exruciating chronic pain and need a joint replacement, would you rather get treated in the US quickly, or would you rather live in one of the countrys that spend a 1/10th of what we spend on healthcare, but you have to wait 6-9 months to have the procedure done. That is if the actuaries determined that your value to society warranted the cost of the procedure. Otherwise, it's take to asperin and buck up man.
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    To those of you who voted for all that Hope and Change. Well you got it! You sometimes get the President you deserve and you got it. So enjoy paying for the someone.... who was so cool to vote for when you were in college. Have fun paying for everyone else. Welcome to the reality of life, you sometimes get exactly what you voted for Nothing.
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    You are being unfair. Most Americans are too stupid to handle the adult responsibility necessary to self government in Snooky/Obama Nation. The voting majority no longer have the intellectual curiosity required to decern the diff between touchy feely nonsense and common sense. That how we got to the point where an agenda mad San Fran Freak was empowered to take control over Congress and completely toss our once greatest health care system in the World into BigGovt manipulated Chaos.
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    Of course Obama care fleeces the young. Flat out screws the old. And now the people that voted for the law want to be exempt from it. Does that not tell you what the law is about. When the lawmakers that approved it don't want to have anything to do with it.
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    Well yeah, but they also don't want to be subject to insider trading laws and other ethical guidelines that would result in jail time for everyone else.... and it would seem for the most part, they get away with most anything they want.
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    "Ayn Rand Institute for Individual Rights" - What did their beloved goddess Ayn Rand do when she was old and sick and couldn't take care of herself? Yep - you guessed it. She went running hat in hand to the government and signed up for social security and medicare so that all the young and healthy people would have to take care of her. Do as I say - not as I do.
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    The argument makes sense if the 27 year old isn't going to live past 45 or so.

    But if he/she intends to live to a ripe old age, it evens itself out.

    It's kind of like the maker/taker argument.

    We're all generally 'makers' during our working years, but then 'takers' after retirement.
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    No, not all.
    There are people like you who neglected their retirement planning and now work as greeters at Walmart.
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    This is baloney. What really "fleeces" the young is the fact that so many older people have been unable to retire because of the fear of having no health insurance and have kept jobs from being available to the younger worker.
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    Hardly surprising. The "baby boomers" have supported the previous generation and the next generation will support the "baby boomers". Both generations will get far more in benefits than they paid for. BTW this is the romneycare not the Obamacare. The republicans don't want a single payer system they want to enrich their friends at your behalf.
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    Whole heartedly agree, but what do you expect from something that's entire premise was it has to be passed before we know what's in it.
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    This sort of violation is only possible because the youth of our culture are too cowed and meek to stand up for ourselves. It is the morality of altruism which has done this to us.
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    You would think the young would pay less since they are relatively healthier. But, I believe if our elected officials do not subscribe to this, we shouldn't either.
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