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    In this case a second opinion was obtained and the child was misdiagnosed by the original hospital and doctors. Where is the problem with a parent removing a child from a hospital that is giving sub standard care and misdiagnosed the child. They saved the child from an unnecessary operation and expense.
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    When one considers that over 110,000 people die annually in this country on average, due simply to medical errors, it is very wise to be careful relying solely on the opinion of one doctor. If a doctor has the legal right to hold you to their care, then choosing a doctor becomes even more of a crapshoot and risky.
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    I do agree with you, and CPS interceding in the decision of parents to remove a child from a hospital and taking them to another doctor for a second opinion is reasonable and in this case was necessary. CPS has too much decision making authority as in this case. That again is government interfering with my personal decisions and my child's life would have been endangered, why didn't they go after the hospital and doctor for making a misdiagnoses?
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    Its funny that we Americans always talk about how we're free and have rights but in reality that freedom seems more like an illusion with each passing day.
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    I didn't answer any of the choices proposed by the editors. This type of over-reach by our governments total infuriates me and any comment I might make would be removed.
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    And until we express our opinions at the polls, this will continue. Another poster JessyJames made a statement I totally agree with, never elect an incumbent to office, we need a 180 degree change in Washington, I am all for new representatives and senators in all states. Will it happen? I hope so but am not sure it will happen, I can only do my part with my vote.
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    Sounds to me like this couple need a lawyer to sue everyone involved. The government always sticking their nose where it does not belong.
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    Who knows??
    There isn't enough information provided about the specifics in this case.
    Parents should follow their Doctor's orders; but parents also have the right to get a second opinion from another Doctor or specialist prior to making medical decisions.
    These people appear to be good and thoughtful parents.
    The state should leave your kids alone.
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    I watched several videos about this. The parents did nothing wrong. The kid wasn't in any danger or in a condition where taking him from one hospital straight to another put him in any danger at all. The Dr at the second hospital cleared him to go home. No emergency condition whatsoever. And then, the next day, the cops and CPS showed up at their house, roughed the dad up and took his house key and just came right in. They told the mom they were taking the kid and not to fight them. Since then, CPS has been "allowing" the parents to come see their baby every few days for one hour. Can you imagine?!? No warrant. No court order. No nothing. Just taking people's kids. Kidnapping basically.
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    I agree with you.
    I also thought the parents were trying to act in the best interest of their child.
    The state. We should all be wary.
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    Oh, and btw, the first hospital, the one that the parents left from because they had several concerns about, yeah they have been the hospital that CPS has been letting see the baby. Wtf!
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    @Slowmo - I thought you could walk out of a hospital any time you wanted to. I forgot the term, something like AOR - Assuming Own Responsibility. All the discharge does is close your file for the visit, more or less. You know, unless you're mentally affected or something.
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    They should do away with the whole "discharging" crap at hospitals. A person's rights do not end simply because they seek medical treatment. The law is slow, and thanks to trial lawyers and because of lawsuits that will probably never be the case. The best thing is for people to simply ignore the hospital discharge rules. Power in numbers.
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    'They should do away with the whole discharging crap.'
    So no more enemas?
    The discharging crap is all their fault.
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    If you have ever been to the ER for anything, do you notice how long your stay is? I compare it to eating at a restaurant. You know where they come by and take you drink order, then you wait, come take your food order, then you wait, get your appetizer, then wait, then your meal, then wait, then finally your check. ER's along with outpatient services charges at my local hospital is based on how long your there. HMMM, sounds like a reason to keep you around.
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    No, doctors aren't always right!!!

    Where's Kate..... we were just talking about liberals aka "CPS" the other day.
    Liberals intend to come into your lives, Because they believe that they know whats best for you.
    Watch the video of the local police and this couple.
    The jack booted thugs treat this couple real bad. They literally force their way into these peoples home, and treat them as if they are hardened criminals.
    Its a pity what this poor everyday couple had to endure, Because of liberals.
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    I'm right here, Vance. Careful what you wish for.

    "Because of liberals." Right. Everything is the fault of those damn liberals, in your opinion.

    The truth is that there is nothing "liberal" or "conservative" about the actions of Sutter Health or the police. In my experience, the "jack booted thugs" lean much further to the right. If I questioned a hospital nurse about medication she was giving my infant and she responded with "I don't know" I'd take the baby elsewhere, too. What is happening to this family is a travesty that has absolutely nothing to do with liberal vs conservative politics. This is what happens when a society is overrun with lawyers, IMO.
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    @Denizen_Kate A typical bureaucracy cluster F. Hospital #1 followed protocol for parents leaving a hospital against recomendations by notifying CPS. Hospital #2 had no reason to inform hospital #1 or CPS. Cps blundered by not nvestigating properly. How our favorite racist frim pror posts turns a masive bureaucratic F/U in lib conservative issue is a truly a mindbogglingly dumb tea soaked concept.
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    @Denizen_Kate - "In my experience, the "jack booted thugs" lean much further to the right."

    But not those who order the actions of the "thugs". Much of the time the "thugs" react to over-reaching orders uttered by well-intentioned but misguided progressives.(Boston area lockdown comes to mind.)
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    This is the stupidest thing I've read! The parents were acting in the best interest of the child and have the right to a second opinion.
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    Police state is nigh. It's no accident that law-abiding citizens Constitutional rights are being trampled by the state all across the nation. Get the people disarmed and the police state is complete. Very thin line right now between liberty and freedom, and a police state. Liberty minded people should be very concerned.
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    You mean you don't like Obama's vision of "Change?"

    ... and here we actually thought he meant jobs and the economy ... rotflmao =)
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    False arrest is illegal, and SCOTUS has upheld on more than one occasion, that you may use whatever force necessary to avoid it.
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    And more recently the brownshirts said "your children are not yours", or to parody Obama, "you didn't build that".
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    Explain to me why CPS shows up when parents want a second medical opinion, but they don't interfere when people let their children die because they believe in the power of prayer? Backwards!
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    My doctor works for me. If he ever forgets that, I'll fire him and get a new one the same day. Doctors/hospitals may not like the idea but patients are consumers, if the consumer isn't happy with the product then the consumer should be able to take his business elsewhere.
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    Something here just isn't adding up. I realize this is Ca. Having seen the results of negligent parenting by taking care of foster kids I believe there's more to this case than we know. If what the parents say is true i'd be contacting a lawyer. To take a child from one hospital to another isn't a crime.
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    I agree, this is not the whole story. I have worked with families who would either neglect to take their child for treatment for various reasons, and none that made sense. In our local CPS, a baby girl was taken from the parents and was in their
    custody. They ( both ) went to visit her, and in the visitation room where no one
    was watching, they BOTH raped her, the 'mother and 'father'. They are currently
    in prison. We have all heard of parents who refuse to give their kids life saving treatment and instead allow them to die...I think there is more to the story, as is
    in most cases. Sometimes the most evil and dangerous people a child comes in
    contact with, is her/ his own parents. We need CPS, children can not protect themselves and someone has to. No, it doesn't add up.
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    If ANYONE knows what's right for their child it's the PARENT. They're the ones that take care of it everyday. I'm sick of know-it-all, childless Nurses, Doctors and Social Workers overstepping their boundaries. Do they forget who pay their salaries? That's right WE DO. If you work for me and do a crappy job, dern right you'll be replaced. Plus, my best friend was taken to the hospital and the first hospital mis-diagnosed a blood clot. I'm glad his parents took him to a different hospital for a second opinion because the "bruise" could have killed him.
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    Law enforcement officers and CPS seem to be overstepping bounds all the time, yet they want us to hand in our guns? Ha. Corrupt and power-mad civil servants need to learn to be afraid of the citizens. It will keep them honest.

    If you try to force your way into my house without a warrant, and try to abscond with my family, expect resistance...and a lot of it.
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    Just another case of the PC nanny state sticking their nose where it does not belong. The cops had no warrant and no right to enter the house. This couple should own the Cops and the CPS. I hope they get a good lawyer and sue the pants off all of these idiots!
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