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    Hear hear. My firm has advised every single client to not pay for the insurance programs and to just pay the penalty(tax) when they file because it will be cheaper long term. And the first rule of business is to turn a profit, minimize expenses and keep stock holders(investors) happy.
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    @Republican1050 Smart man! I'm all ears as to how the left handles the implosion of their idiot logic. Talk about a bull in a China shop. Like mary's newest article about Rachel Madow. She probably has the lowest nightly ratings in the business, and Liberals want to act like she's Bill O'reilly.
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    @Calfkiller will be interesting to watch. I am sure some how some way it will get blamed on George w or Romney.
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    Of course, according to President Hussein Obama they didn't build their businesses.....therefore by defacto logic.....anything earned is owned by the government.....and government decides what businesses grow, how they grow, and if they "donate" to the "family" they get "protection" from these things, such as waivers, complete tax refunds {Facebook}, and other perks.....

    Fuzzy math, fuzzy honesty, fuzzy integrity progresive liberal "values".....
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    I forgot to add, another protection they offer, is media protection.....if you're one of "family" their media will do anything and everything to attack the opposition and rewrite history even in front of the American people as history happens {Benghazi, Newtown}.....if of course you "turn" on them {Juan Williams}, you'll be even further attacked.....the chicago mafia style in this administration running the government mixed with progressive liberal communistic socialism and at best a disdain for christian, conservative, constitutional, american values is just eerie and disturbing on so many levels.....

    {Hey anyone hear if President Hussein Obama has mentioned anything on the 3 girls found in Ohio?}
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    I get tired of that lie being propagated. Mr. Obama *did not* say that small business owners did not build their business. He said that they did not build the roads and infrastructure that allow them to prosper -- we all built those, as a community effort.

    And then you have the gall to talk about "fuzzy integrity" after you try to pass off a lie as truth. For shame.
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    @Knightkore Yes, taxes paid by all of us. Exactly. When our community thrives, the individuals within it thrive. The president's point was that all you eager beavers who claim you pulled yourself up by your bootstraps *with no help from anyone* have, in fact, been greatly aided by the community in which you live. A little gratitude for that and a little recognition that our taxes do go to useful things would be in order.
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    yes it is an attack on small business yet some will whine and cry when these small businesses either cut hour to get out of it or pass the cost on,either way obamacare is a huge mistake that will effect alot of citizens in a bad way.

    the only folks who will never be effected are those who live on the dole anyway,like clock work the workers and small business get the shaft while the do nothings are rewarded.
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    Based upon lies, conceived in lies, and crammed down the throats of the American people....this crap legislation is going to undermine our economy and hurt our senior citizens in ways no one can imagine. It is already starting, but just wait until next ain't seen nothing yet.
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    The story writer I feel missed the point. Obama Care was never intended to be a well intended law. It was from conception designed to break the back of the American people.

    The Kenyan was told it was a stupid idea, he cried, he called everyone racist, he stomped his feet and made stupid faces. Everyone still said this is bullshit and a bad idea.

    Our leader chose to act like a out of control black man rather than a President. But then he has no idea how a President should act. That requires Class, Statesmanship, Poise, just plain old being a man, things you don't get by being raised as a democrat. Think Ronald Reagan as an example.

    Obama continued bulling and got it passed.

    Then the fools that voted for this and forced it onto the people, passed a law so they could be exempt. Well if we have to pay for this ignorant law, you can bet you ass the fools that voted for it are going to be in the same boat and the screaming will never be over until they do. Like it or not, they approved the crap, they are going to use it same as everyone else, or get the hell out of office. Comply or be voted out, Suit yourselves.

    If it good enough for the people, it damn sure is good enough for our employees, the elected pundits.
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    well intentioned law my ass! it was never well intentioned it was designed to cripple the American people and that's exactly what it will do it'll put the yoke of big government around everyone's neck except for a few an elite
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    "The main beneficiaries of the Affordable Care Act, known more commonly as Obamacare, are working class, uninsured Americans. This legislation will make available to them affordable and comprehensive health insurance policies either through the planned health insurance exchanges or their employer."

    More working class Americans might get "affordable and comprehensive health insurance" but after their hours are cut or they're laid off they won't have much else.
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    This is an "Is the sky blue?" article. Only low information, marginally intelligent liberals (is there any other kind?) would have believed that Obamacare would turn out well. The disaster being brought to our health care system and its negative business effects have only just begun.
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    Who said this would happen, oh that's right the " mean" and "cruel" republicans did. Sorry republicans are realists.
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    I disagree with this author in a couple of ways. First: "working class, uninsured Americans" are not the beneficiaries of Obamacare. They are the target and victims of it. Also, it is NOT "...always going to be better to be insured rather than uninsured." The purpose of Obamacare was to drag the uninsured into the game and take their money to reduce the costs for the insured. Smart people simply plan ahead and save for all future needs. Retirement and health care are such needs. Managing our own health spending makes fraud and abuse obsolete. Managing our own takes the insurer profit out of the mix. Would anyone even consider buying "Food Insurance"? Here's the pitch: You get to pay for your food plus profits for the insurer. You pay for a part of the fat guy next door's food since he consumes more than you. And, you don't get to shop for what you want. You take what's offered when it's offered. Sometimes there will be a month or two delay...Sorry.
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    Sort of, but I disagree with the assertion that this was a well intentioned piece of legislation. It wasn't, no one read it, no one really vetted it and every progressive "Wet Dream" of free medical care paid for by the "Rich" for all, was simply every goodie each and every single progressive loved, no matter the cost, the difficulty in obtaining and maintaining the coverage and with no real thought other than Obama had a open window for at least 2 years, Dem. controlled senate and house, to get his far far left agenda in place, bipartisan support be damned. Thus, we have this mess, each day one more snag is found, one more unintended consequence and we are stuck with a president who is so arrogant and self-involved that he can't see the forest for the trees. What needs to be done is, put Obamacare on hold, READ it! Then, go through it, line by line, and FIX IT. But, Obama is too self-righteous and out of touch that he would never ever admit he was wrong, that anything he did was wrong or mistaken and that any social entitlement he deemed right could ever be wrong.
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    How hellish it must be for Obama to watch businesses act in ways beneficial to themselves and against his wealth redistribution mandates. Hours will be cut in earnest next Jan when the law comes into full effect. Employees will be let go as well in order to manage this onerous burden. How can you provide a service to 3 million people unserviced previously without a massive cost to someone? Who would own or run a business which was not profitable except for the government?
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    When we said this legislation is going to do nothing more then kill small business, increase government spending and debt they basically told us to go F ourselves. So when the layoffs start happening you guys can sit there and whine all you want but you brought it on yourselves.
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    The PPACA merely tries to yet again rearrange the deck chairs. We'll eventually do the right thing, after having exhausted all of the wrong ones. It's the American way.
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    The guy who wrote this is tied in to the health insurance industry. I hope Politix allows the other side to publich an opinion as well!
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    This site only ever allows one side, have you seen the rabid anti-gun vitrol they always run without a single pro-gun piece?
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    Politix is another Topix. Uber-liberal biased. Even in the enforcement of TOS. Which I bet this post will be deleted by the administrators for some such cockamamie shullbit. God forbid someone speak negatively of liberals.
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    @USailCapital I have seen them leave post that would instantly get a right leaning person's removed. There is a lot of bias in the moderators and how they apply anything.
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    Politix Diplomat
    @Arumizy Thanks for your comment. Feel free to use the "Report" button to report any content requiring review; it's the blue triangle found on each individual post. We'll review your report as soon as possible.

    - FenceSitter
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    Remember..........It is ALWAYS better to Feel Good than to Acutally DO good for the Left. Ignoring even the most obvious negative consequences of an action is VERY "Progressive" .
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    Surprise, surprise the exchanges won't be ready when they're supposed to be. How many years has it been and this administration hasn't done a damn thing...Except spend/give away money putting US further in debt.

    Obama had to release illegal aliens from prison...Adios Omego..because we didn't have the money. Remember? That's what HE said. Now we got planes flying around with nobody in the cockpit...Wez broke. Cannot afford it.

    And here comes Obamacare with no exchanges, just the Obamaplan and no you can't keep your doctor, it won't cover everybody, it won't cover all pre-existing conditions, it won't reduce premiums, it won't provide better care, and you won't be the one making end-of life decisions....

    Why?....Because he can't afford it and he won't cut spending back to where it was when he took office...Obama will not reduce his spending to the Bush rate.

    Obama said Bush's spending was "out of control" and "reckless"..

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    Most small buisnesses will pay the fine/tax instead of hiring people - its cheaper. I believe its a back door tax. Slick move - bad for small buisness and under employed.
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