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    @sittinduck It should most definitely ruin Hillary, as if she wasn't ruined enough already, but Obama being removed would only put idiot Joe in charge and help him get elected since incumbents are hard to unseat. Better that Obama be impeached, but not removed, disgraced for his misdeeds, but not kicked out of office.
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    After Obama is impeached, House Speaker John Boehner, who is in line to be Acting President (1) behind "Crazy Joe" Biden, would call for a vote of no confidence against Biden in the House. When this is done, Congress, having a Republican majority would in all likelihood, install Boehner to occupy the Oval Office. This of course, would place Boehner
    in a great position to be voted President in 2016.

    The only down side to this is, in the short time Biden is Acting President, he could pardon Obama.

    From wikipedia:

    Acting President of the United States

    Origin of the position: Constitution (1787)[edit]

    Article II, section 1 of the Constitution, appears to establish the position of acting president:

    In case of the Removal of the President from office, or of his Death, Resignation, or Inability to discharge the Powers and Duties of the said Office, the Same shall devolve on the Vice President, and the Congress may by Law provide for the Case of Removal, Death, Resignation or Inability, both of the President and Vice President, declaring what Officer shall then act as President, and such Officer shall act accordingly, until the Disability be removed, or a President shall be elected.
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    Well Folks The liberal spin machine for Obama "Jay Carney" was truly at it today, He made more excuses than the Keebler Elves have cookies.
    Its good to actually now see the state run media ask a couple of questions finally!!!
    They have covered for this radical leftist useless Obama enough already.

    7 hours of fighting, 4 dead Americans, Hillary doesn't know what happened and it doesn't matter to her either.
    The Obama too busy also to care Preparing for the David Letterman show.
    These Two especially have dis graced our country!!!
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    When things like this happened in other administrations, I noticed the president at that time came to the White House immediately and met with senior officials to find a solution rather than act as if nothing major had happened.
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    Amen well stated and also true.
    This Obama figured if it only could be ignored, then it would just go away.
    He covered and lied to win an election he didn't deserve to win.
    Man people are indeed truly ignorant!!
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    I heard it said that the Benghazigate coverup is worse than Watergate because people died...

    It's true...

    Obama lied. People died...

    Impeach Obama now...
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    @Vance1 but Hillary is honey badger mean. Don't think she isn't going to fight back. She will attack everyone that she can and throw everyone under the bus. Carney three the CIA under the bus today. That was a risky move.
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    @TheLoneRanger I was way too young to remember Watergate. It's a fiasco you hear about from time to time, but I had to go and read about it to know anything about it other than Nixon lied, something, something. He resigned.

    While I think that bad decisions were made in this affair to the point of not understanding WHY they were made, is Obama at the same level as Watergate? It doesn't seem like it. Did he cover up details? Maybe to probably. Was Hillary the main and maybe only inward feed of information, and did she so everything to control that flow of information? Even more likely. Did she convince the President to go along with the "story"? Maybe. Only time will tell. No matter how you slice it, bad decisions were made, and covering up the bad decisions has made the scenario explode. So far the difference seems to be more intent versus that of Watergate. We didn't incite the attack. We just chose to be stupid about one coming or have a proper response. Negligence? Almost definitely. Criminal intent to harm. Probably not.

    This may/should end Hillary's career. Obama? I don't know. Until more concrete testimony comes out, he can still stay distanced.
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    The author's right. It would be wrong and unpatriotic for Killary and the Coward of Benghazi to stand in the way of this investigation.
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    When do they not hide the truth? Most politicians get into politics because of the perks (the money under the tables) but also because of the power. They think they are smarter than everyone else, and that their ideas should be law and rule over everyone. They are the nation's egotistical bullies, just as the ruling classes of all countries before them.
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    @HawkTheSlayer I'd be more concerned about the attack on 1st and 2nd Amendments and the Healthcare scam. You can live free and well without banks and money, but not the others.

    But yeah, I think the politicians are milking the financial system, and as a result, it will collapse soon.

    Economic chaos = public out of control = martial law = new laws and authoritarian politicians consolidating power = New World Order controlled by the few rich elite.
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    You'll get used to it. It's a "progressive" thing. If they let most of their own supporters know the TRUTH they would abandon them.
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    One mistake I hope will be avoided in the future is anyone suffocating to death in a "safe/panic room". I had no idea that's how poor Chris Stevens (and others) and died. Maybe stored oxygen in those rooms at other at-risk-embassies around the world? The biggest mistake was probably allowing the Libyan "militias" to be the bulk of defense on the perimeter. Libya is/was a country fresh from revolution and things had not/have not all sorted out altogether yet. We see these kinds of stupid mistakes all the time. While I was stationed in Europe, in the US Army, we soldiers on guard duty along the border of the then "The Iron Curtain" were not given LOADED RIFLES. We didn't even have radios. We had 1) an empty M16A1 2) a bayonet 3) a whistle. What the hell was anyone supposed to do if the Russians had ever decided to pull a North Korean stunt and come across the border? Use our Matty Mattels as clubs, or maybe fix bayonets and charge the nearest T34 with it? We repeated this STUPID mistake in Beirut, Lebanon and it cost us the lives of 241 dead US Marines and many others wounded. The US Marine sentries were UNABLE to stop the driver of the bomb-truck because they had no ammunition in their M16A1s! At the Khobar Towers, in Saudi Arabia we lost 19 USAF members because the sentries posted on the roof apparently had no loaded weapons or were forbidden to fire on the number of trucks which had gathered below for a suicide attack. They did have radios, but were not successful in getting the word out to evacuate the building in time. We need to provide better security for our men and women serving abroad. It's all well and good for people like Hilary to throw up her arms in the air while throwing a tantrum and saying "what difference does it make?" But like the writer says, IT DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Not only to the survivors of the service members lost, but to surviving fellow service members. No one likes to think their country doesn't give a damn about them enough to come up with intelligent, well-thought out plans/strategies etc. to prevent needless deaths. The only other thing that hurt more about our losing 241 US Marines in Beirut, Lebanon due to unloaded M16s was the fact the ash hoe that sold terrorists the explosives with which to conduct the attack was CIA rogue agent Edwin Wilson, the original "Merchant of Death".
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    @Firestorm I didn't know either until I read in the article that he had run out of air in the "safe room" in which he had taken shelter. What a damn pity! He could have survived if there had been some sort of failsafe ventilation system or breathing apparatus!
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    @Prime_Meridian Yeah. Is that typical? Are safe rooms always so sealed that no air can get in? No ventilation system at all? I could see that being a weakness in the security of a safe room, but you would think that it would still exist, have detection systems for gas and chemical weapons and the ability to shut the ventilation system down or not.
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    Once you understand what the problem is, by looking at the truth, you can usually find a solution. If you hide the truth you cannot work on the problem.
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    Isn't it funny how a lie is so much like the shadow of a chair in an empty room. The liar can turn out the light and the whole room becomes dark and you can no longer see the shadow. But, if you leave the light on and move the chair the shadow follows it. Then, if you remove the chair from the room the shadow disappears....and you can see everything. I bet there are a whole passel of "shadow doctors" at work in the White House and the State Department right now...and they are on overtime and working double shifts.
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    @Bill2E I cannot take credit for the shadow of my high school teachers gets the credit for using it to a class I was in. But, I never forgot it.
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    First, learning the truth is a worthwhile end in itself. That the truth damns Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama because they lied and misled intentionally and with abandon. So now Hillary cries "what difference does it make". One difference it makes is it was close to a lock I would have voted for her in 2016. I will make the second donation to a political campaign in my life to the candidate that has the best chance of beating her. I have never worked for a party or a candidate before. I do not care who the GOP candidate is, I will work tirelessly for him. That is what difference it makes.
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    Like the fact that today they are evacuating embassy buildings in Libya, Benghazi specifically. Think we are gonna stand a better chance of catching the people who killed the Ambassador now?
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    I doubt it, but maybe we have enough initiative going to waterboard Jay Carney. It would be more fun to waterboard that sniveling weasel than impeaching His Excellency, even.
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    @Tripod If you've watched the Vikings show on History Channel, they execute the little shor t guy that always followed the 'earl' around... dunno sounded relevant
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    @Tripod This is new turf for Obama's White House. They are never held accountable for anything by the wimps and wuzzzies in today's Press Corp. They have cowered before the Obama mantra that "The Buck NEVER stops Here" for the past five years.
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    Famous words of Obama.
    "I defeated terrorism" and
    " I lived with these people, I understand them".
    Oh, and lets not forget,
    " this was a in protest if a video"

    For 17 days he told that lie and never said he actually watched the waves of attacks on live video feed from a drone flying over head, or that there was a seal team a mile away- who were told to stand down.

    I want Hillary held responsible, but not to any greater extent than the Commander and Chief.
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    Someone needs to ask Hillary if a stand down order would have been given if it was Chelsea's butt being smoked out over there.

    Or ask Obama if he would snooze through one of his daughters being under attack in Benghazi. Or if he would have cancelled his Vegas fundraiser the next day.

    No, No and Yes are the answers I'd expect to hear.
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    That is how they stay in business. If there are not problems, then they must create them, so they can "solve" them for us dumb back-erds ig-nert public. Job security.
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    There's some truth. If one law don't work, pass another one wider in scope. Drug laws, immigration......then lie about it's success and benefits
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    Knowledge and past experience is always a foundation for most to improve and get better at what it is they do and I believe this to be true in all cases excluding goverment. Benghazi will happen again and it will be for the very same reaason . Sad to say, our goverment could give a shit less.
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    I don't think it will help.
    The reason I feel this way is this. There were so many obvious disregards and derelictions of duty and responsibilities, that it is unrealistic to call this a tragic accident. Accidents are something that happen when all the needed logical precautions are taken, yet still go wrong.
    That is not what happened in Benghazi.
    What happened in Benghazi Criminal Negligence- failure to use reasonable care, resulting in damage, injury, or death of another.
    The fact that the President involved himself in the cover up should bring him up on criminal charge and impeachment.
    Landing is a$$ in prison.
    From the White House to the Big House.
    Hell since there was a death resulting from Obama's and Hillary's criminal negligence, seems like involuntary manslaughter would be a good charge.
    Of course I'm no judge or lawyer.
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    Sure would've been nice for all this to have been revealed prior to the election instead of downplayed by this stupid ass administration. It could have made a difference.
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    It might have mattered to election, but this new attitude of America, who knows?

    But that's why Obama, Hillary, and the whole administration lied for so long.
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    @Thegrif This new attitude thats erupting is a frightening event. The blind leading the blind. Things are being set in motion that eventually wont be reversed. Its actually quite sickening.
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    Here's another boo-boo caught on tape.....

    >>> VIDEO: Democrats calling media looking for help undermining Gregory Hicks....

    "The fact that Lisa Myers goes on Morning Joe and actually tells us about it, rather than just taking the marching orders, might be an indication that the media fears for its own credibility if it keeps whitewashing this thing.

    I still think they’re going to protect Hillary at all costs, but I’m a little surprised Myers sells out the Democrats by saying this publicly.

    Then again, maybe she figures it’s MSNBC and only other liberals are watching, so it’s like something you say at the dinner table that’s not intended for outside consumption.


    MSNBC Video -- Desparation setting in---
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    Huh? The offensive-YouTube-video explanation disappeared mere weeks, at most, after the attack. Yet the first paragraph claims the Obama Administration held on to that explanation right until the Congressional testimonies began.

    Yes, transparency is constructive. But that implied statement by Mr. Barr is not true.
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    There you go. You are cleared for take off. Feel free to place your head back in the sand and disregard the rest of the article in it's entirety.
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    No, I read it, and among other things I also disagree with the characterization of the Obama administration's "intentional misleading of not only the American public"—the facts are not conclusive yet, even with a "damning" testimony and a notorious excised paragraph.

    But if the faulty first paragraph reflects the founding logic of the rest of the article, I wonder about its credibility.
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    @InTheDark that's called denial. It's not easy to accept your hero's failed you. But wait a bit. There is more coming.
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    @Tripod No, the facts are not favorable to the Obama Administration. But, no, they are also not conclusive. Was it politics, was it interagency noncooperation, was it negligence, or was it restraint of information for security's sake? Even if this is likely to hurt Obama and staff, it just isn't completely clear yet.

    And it most certainly is not true that the Obama Administration maintained the film explanation all the way up to the Congressional investigation, as Mr. Barr implies.
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    Comrade Obama needs to be impeached and tried for this boondoggle. Hillary needs prison time. This has to be the most corrupt regime to date.
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