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    Free room and board also. For many people it's better on the inside than out. Might not be the case with this woman, but obviously she doesn't consider jail to be that bad if she prefers it to freedom. I bet she wouldn't want to do this in Sheriff Joe's jail in Arizona!:-D She just exemplifies the typical sheeple, needing someone else to tell her what to do, because she doesn't have the willpower or character to do what is right herself. Weak person.

    By the way, cigarettes are basically currency in prison. Guards even sell them to inmates.
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    @Tripod Agree she should have to pay the cost of incarceration.

    But that brings up another scam, on the side of the jailers and prison system. They usually claim operating costs of inmates FAR in excess of what is actually needed, robbing tax payers of more money, if they are taxpayer funded jails. Sheriff Joe's approach is minimal costs and comfort. Nobody wants to return to his jail I hear, cause it's old style hard work prison, no A/C, bootcamp style.
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    @Concerned_Cit I think sheriff joe is a self aggrandizing ass. But he is spot on in the way he runs a jail.
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    @Tripod Yeah, he reminds me of the southern sheriff in 1970s movies, toothpick dangling out of the corner of mouth, mirror shades on, snarling at ya. :-D He's gotten a bit fond of the TV spotlight though, not exactly Harry Callahan style.
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    If she was in Sheriff Joe's Jail, she would quit smoking for sure and don't think she would want the treatment again. I'm sure if you asked Sheriff Joe, he would tell you to pay the cost of being in his jail for nicotine addiction, he has more serious prisoners to watch out for. And he is one damned good sheriff.
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    How the hell is it up to the states to help people stop smoking?
    If you want to stop smoking, don't light one.
    You are in charge of you.
    So insteed of trying to control everyone else's life, just work on controlling yours.
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    States could give a tax credit that would offset the cost of medical care.A simple swab would show nicotine in the system.Money talks.
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    I like that idea. Like any drugs I don't care if a person smokes or not in the appropriate places. It's their body. But I like this idea a lot.
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    No. How is it any government's business what someone does as long as it doesn't interfere with another person's health or property? The government should stay out of it completely. I'm anti-smoking myself, but I refuse to believe that the government should breach the personal sovereignty of a person in such a way.
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    Sorry, but quitting is a one hour at a time, only the smoker can do it task. If you think you need a crutch like incarceration, you probably aren't ready to quit. Getting free from any addiction is something only the addicted person can do, whether it be smoking, alcohol, gambling, drugs. Addictions are not the state's problem.
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    If people want to stop smoking , then they should quit and if they cant there are several places every where to get help.
    My office offers it for free to employee's.
    People need to be self reliant and find assistance for themselves.
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    @slimgoody -- am just curious for no reason a'tall -- but do you drink alcoholic beverages?
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    It is an individuals decision to start smoking, an individuals decision to continue smoking, and an individuals responsibility to stop smoking should they choose to do so.
    I have no problem offering assistance, however it isnt the States responsibility to get people to stop, nor is it any of the states business.
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    For the 63% that say "it should be none of the states concern" ....the state allows cigarettes to be sold knowing the fact that it is killing millions of its citizens all for the all mighty dollar.
    All tobacco products should be outlawed, period.
    Don't give me any of that freedom of choice shot either, cause if that's the case then why the hell are the citizens not allowed to drive on their cars without a seat belt? Why are they no allowed to shoot up heroin when even they want? How about smoking crack?
    Money! That's the only answer and everyone knows it and turns the other way.
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    Wow, I wrote that so fast and in the middle of something else I didn't even notice all the grammar errors!
    I'm glad though, at least anyone that disagrees with what I have said here will have something to comment on.
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    there's only one way that a person can stop smoking. they have to want to. nothing that any state, or any other person can do or say will make someone quit smoking otherwise.
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    Slapping a cop, what an idiot. In L.A. she would have been shot fifty times, a radical method to quit smoking but effective.
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    Prisons should be work camps (to an extent)... Therefore lazy people do not freeload off the hard working tax payers... This lady chose to attack an officer of the law however does not have the will to put on nicotine patches...
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    Yes, they are contraband, but you can get them for $50 a pack, cell phones are $400, unfortunately I know this because a friend of mine from high school is in prison, sentenced to life without parole.
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    Oddly enough, they hardly ever use actual photographs pertaining to the story. Most are lifted from the web, note the captions. I wonder why they don't, if it's just convenience, or if there are other journalistic rules that apply. Probably has something to do with $ or reporter copyright laws.
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    @bleakoutlook Thanks for the link. The real Etta is an attractive woman. No one ever looks good in a mugshot. She looks like a farm girl that's having a bad day. Pity she's so obtuse she thought slapping a police officer and getting incarcerated for 63 days was her only way to quit. Some jails and prisons actually ALLOW smoking, and she may find herself degrading herself just to get a couple of roll-ups from some 'chicken-dinner-craving' woman inmate.
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