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    Who cares if they would be shooting themselves in the foot? If the IRS illegally released Romney's tax info to Reid, that needs to be exposed.
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    @methinks If Reid received this information. We really don't know. Investigate? Sure. Why? Reid's allegations during the campaign coupled with new facts of IRS impropriety suggest a causal link.
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    @methinks Rabid party partisanship is what allows people to justify any actions of this kind.

    Anyone who engages in abuse of official agencies or systems to injure political opponents or to benefit one's own should be nipped hard, right in the buds.
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    @AndrewMC In fairness, both parties seem to be upset about this. However, clearly there are some in the Demo party (and I'd think we'd see some GOPers also) who thought this was a grand idea or "fair" game. I think those people are a small minority of any party.
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    Are Republicans shooting themselves in the foot?

    That's the line of reasoning Politix is trying to take with yet another example of the IRS being used as a weapon against Obama's enemies?

    If there's any truth to this and Harry Reid did illegally receive confidential information about Romney's tax returns, the recent revelation that ProPublica received information about conservative groups and the IRS's stonewalling of conservative groups illustrates a disturbing pattern of the IRS being used as a weapon from higher up than just a few "low-level employees."
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    I expect that there will be great bi-partisan demands from Congressional members that their financial records be kept secret.
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    Maybe the Patriot Act should be invoked to make all candidates' and sitting politicians' tax information public as a matter of national security. We need to know that our representatives have not been bought off by our enemies, foreign or domestic.
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    Another non-biased headline, Mary?

    I read no "admission" of anything. In fact, from the story:

    "In an interview with The Huffington Post, Reid claimed he had been called by someone who had invested in Romney’s former firm, Bain Capital. That person said Romney didn’t pay taxes for 10 years.

    “He didn’t pay taxes for 10 years! Now, do I know that that’s true? Well, I’m not certain,” Reid told the liberal news outlet.“But obviously he can’t release those tax returns. How would it look?”

    Romney’s campaign denied Reid’s accusations, eventually releasing a summary of the former Massachusetts governor’s taxes that — according to Romney staffers — showed he paid taxes over the last 20 years."

    While there is plenty of corruption on both sides, the greater evil, IMO, would be the IRS leaking confidential information as part of a Partisan Political campaign.

    "Whethrer" or not Romney paid no taxes or all taxes is a legal issue and certainly IF they IRS leaked information....they knew and must be going after Romney to collect, just as they would any other businessman not paying his taxes.

    I know for certain that the IRS doesn't play games when collecting their pound of flesh from citizens.

    Our accountant made a critical computation error back in 2001 and we were fined, collected and audited for 4 years.

    If Romney was being audited, in collections or in trouble with the IRS...that is privileged, legal information between Romney, his legal team and the IRS.

    If Reid was informed by the IRS...that would be a crime.
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    That is exactly what I read. I so no admission and he is asking that if Reid had the information he had, then had the IRS investigated it? Especially considering that this was on the heals of the IRS leaking other tax information to a liberal news site.

    Also Reid changed his story when Romney released his 20 year tax summary.

    "Romney’s campaign denied Reid’s accusations, eventually releasing a summary of the former Massachusetts governor’s taxes that — according to Romney staffers — showed he paid taxes over the last 20 years.

    But Reid continued to argue that Romney’s tax returns included something that the Republican didn’t want everyone to see.

    “He’s hiding something,” Reid said on a conference call.“He’s hiding something! It is so evident he’s hiding something!”" ;
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    I think that the entire government is shooting itself in the foot. The more time passes, the more corruption comes out. Both democrats and republicans are corrupt. Not necessarily all of them, but I think that a large portion of them are.
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    I Agree

    I hear a lot of people complain about how things are in my local government, but they continue to re-elect the same people that are causing the problems. I believe the same thing happens nationwide. People fear change so much that they are willing to just accept more of the same, even if that same is terrible. I's almost like America has a case of Stockholm Syndrome.
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    Widening a conspiracy theory is usually a bad idea: you never know when it'll turn on you. All it takes is one failure to rub blue mud into your navel as solemnly as all the other angry paranoids.

    As raw scandal material, though, this isn't high grade ore. Sen Reid had already sourced his allegation to a Romney confidant. What this allegation does is revive the Romney profile - which didn't work out all that well the last time around.
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    I agree. I think this is bad timing by the republicans. They need to leave it alone and focus on the scandals that don't include a member of their party not paying taxes for 10 years.
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    You've gotta ask yourself why they would bring this up right now. Trying to bring Romney back into the spotlight? That is a dumb move in itself. Romney sucked. He was one of the flip-floppiest candidates that I can remember. He was just as responsible for his defeat as Obama was. And if he were to run against Hillary in 2016, she would annihilate him. Hell I wouldn't even vote for Romney.
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    Naw...Romney's personal profile is good. What was done to demonize him for being a successful businessman was not good. The big problem he had was being a "stick in the mud" dull personality. His other problem was that he talked ABOUT the poor and minorities rather than talking TO them. That's always a bad idea for anyone in a leadership position or a campaign. Any first line supervisor learns that quickly or he doesn't survive long.
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    I can not wait for the next republican to be elected to the White House. Why, so I can bitch and complain and be disrespectful to them and the office. I used to sometimes vote republican but now I have found myself actually hating them and all the stand for due to the constant attitude that have that they are so much better.
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    You missed your chance. You had 8 years under bush. A lot of folks didn't miss their chance. There's always 2016
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    Wait now, back the truck up chuck. These same congressmen called Reid a liar and said he was making it up and had no proof. That makes them liars if they knew better. It also means they were supporting a man for president of the United States of America who was incredibly wealthy and paid NO taxes for over ten years. So if an IRS agent passed this onto Reid, find out who it was. Don't bury the rest though. Don't pick and choose your outrage. If you don't care that you were sold a bill of goods and that Romney didn't win so it doesn't matter then you're just a partisan hack. If he hasn't paid taxes in 10 years while making millions of dolllars doing nothing at all then that matters. If they lied repeatedly to the american public because they put a presidential bid above honesty, that matters.
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    @frigginhell For the record, Reid could have just as easily gotten that information from a member of the McCain campaign from his being vetted as a vp choice four years prior.
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    @frigginhell I really should have spent 5 seconds on google. Reid already stated publicly he got the information from a Bain investor who knew Romney and his financial situation.
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    Who? Look at our administration. Whose doing the damage to our country? I'm a republican and didn't like Romney one bit. Most didn't. Prosecute Romney. No one else broke the law concerning this. The person who needs to be prosecuted is our president. The most we can do is impeach him for now. It's coming. There's no way he won't be impeached.
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    Sigh ---------- and YOU know this because.......... DNC talking points and disinformation, lies and propaganda do not count. Sorry, Obama is STILL the King of Liars in all the history of politics, and there have been some big liars before him, he just outdoes them all. LOL - don't worry, I'm not really waiting for you to produce any real facts, just pulling your leg while I get another great chuckle from the left. I'll give you this, you guys don't give up, ever, even when it's been proven by the likes of the Washington Times and the New York Times that the "facts" you all recite are nothing but a pack of lies. Loyalty like this deserves something, maybe the IRS can forgive you all your tax bill this year. You all have been good at parroting the party line after all, some reward is due.
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    @Tralee My party is not in power, if it were republicans and democrats would not be an issue. I based my statement on the article posted, which clearly stated republicans admitted romney hadn't paid the taxes in ten years. Based on that premise everything I said follows. And the washington times? Really now, a paper started by cult followers of a man convicted of tax crimes who said he was christ? Is that the type of source you'd rely on. LOL.
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    You didn't read the article, they admitted nothing of the sort! This article SAID they "tacitly" admitted it. In other words, to the MIND of the person writing this article, they sorta, kinda, maybe, admitted it because they are looking into how Mr. Reid got the information he said he had and he did say he had solid information. They are just looking to see who leaked what information to good Old Harry. No admission at all, and, just FYI, the information was released by his tax accountants that he HAD paid taxes for the past 10 years and the tax forms he released SHOWED he had paid taxes, so the 10 years claim was a lie no matter how you parse it. And I meant the Washington POST, mea culpa.(And I did mention the NEW YORK TIMES too - the bible of the progressive party.) This was just another RED HERRING the Obama group threw out to cover for the very real lapses in any record Obama could run on. Old news and not even correct, just DNC propaganda.
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    @Tralee Bible of the progressive party? The paper that supported the war with Iraq? The paper that editorialized when reagan was president that the senate should approve his cabinet choices. Oh my, where do you cone up with this stuff? LOL. I wasn't even aware there was a progressive party. In NY they have GOP, Conservative, Liberal, Democrat and Working Family parties are the only ones I am aware of that have ballot status...Even in ca. Where there were several more choices I don't think they had a Proggressive Party.

    As to romney, I stand by statement, he lied and lied and lied. Mostly about his positions which changed drastically between the time he created them and the last election campaign.
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    How come its only republicans that can shoot themselves in the foot?????????? Is it because only corrupt democrats can buy Redwing bulletproof boots?? Iam sick up to my ears that the right can't even question the left without being comdemned in one way or another. This alone people should prove to you how corrupt the democrat party is. They have for years put on the show as the party who cares while making republicans look like evil white rich people that don't care about no one but other evil rich white people. People are fools on the left for falling for all the brainwashing garbbage they and the liberal media has fed the American people for years and its got twice as bad since Obama. You mark my word if they don't somehow turn these 3 scandles around and the republicans will some how be the culprits. It never fails because of weakminded idiot sheeple only have tunnel vission.
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    I don't like this question. Who cares if it hurts some party! I'm more worried about it hurting the People!

    Corruption all around us... we have a den of thieves and liars on the Hill. A cabal of powermongers...

    Are there are honest statesmen left???

    "Because power corrupts, society's demands for moral authority and character increase as the importance of the position increases." -John Adams
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    Mitt Romney was a moderate. Not a true Republican in the spirit of the Republican platform.....

    He is also old news. IMO the Republican party should run with this and press the point. What Romney did in his personal life should not be held against the Republican party as a whole. If Romney did not pay his taxes.....Romney is the one who should be held accountable for that.

    The IRS and the Obama campaign on the other hand seriously violated the trust of the American taxpayers by disclosing private information for political gain.
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    Yes, lets get to that point then shall we. Harry Reid publicly stated he was told by a Bain investor that Romney has not paid taxes in 10 years. They called him crazy and a liar. Now they're saying he was right they knew it and they wonder how he got the information. Wonder no longer. He told you how he got the information in his initial statments. Not the IRS but someone who invests along with Romney in Bain.
    So here's the score so far. The GOP are outraged that groups actively seeking to destroy the tax code and who oppose paying any taxes were seeking tax exemption status with the IRS. This caused the IRS to check these groups more diligently than they would other groups. These same men also reaped great benefits to their own campaigns as a result. These same men and these same groups also actively sought to have a multi-millionaire vulture capitalist elected to the presidency of the United States. A man they knew had not paid any taxes in the last 10 years himself.
    This is the party of personal responsibility. This is the party of the makers vs the takers. This is the party of pay your fair share. This is a party of clowns.
    Takers vs makers my ass. Romney has never made anything. Bain took what was already there ran it in the ground sent the jobs overseas and took what was left as a result. This was their chosen champion. The fact he didn't win is a plus for the rest of the nation. You can't sweep him under the carpet so easily tho. They were all complicit. Pay your fair share only applies to everyone but them apparently.
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    I'd like to see Romney go down and be fully prosecuted for being the wealth extracting and outsourcing sack of tax-frauding dung he is. Any and all of them, gang or skin color matters not at this point.

    Leak it all, we have the right to know, as well as though we should know.
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    The GOP is a marketing entity, just like its arch-rival. Of course exposing the competition for being in league with corruption and investigating it is good for their brand. They can show that the Dems are as corrupt as the Repubs claim. Just like Pelosi was going to "clean up the swamp"...
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    Wasn't romneys taxes looked at by the rnc back in 2006 when they thought about having romney be mccains vp? The returns were so horrifying to the extent of dodging taxes, they went ahead with palin instead.
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    Because she is a WOMAN!!!!! Duh, they were either going to run against a BLACK man or a WHITE woman, it was a foil. AND, until the MSM savaged her, she had a STELLAR reputation and lots of respect from the conservative base. Too bad she decided to not abort that (to progressive women) hideous Downs Syndrome baby, the feminists may have been a bit kinder, but who knows, when have progressives EVER been nice to anyone who doesn't toe the party line. That and I'm guessing she polled better as a foil to the age of McCain. Anything else I can clear up for you. I know these things aren't in the DNC Playbook, just ask and I can answer any and all questions pertaining to the real world that the DNC would rather you all don't know. An uninformed voter is easier to control after all. LOL ;()
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    Why would you guess that? Nothing in this article, or any article in the past years BTW, points to that. Good try.
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    That's what Harry Ried said. They asked him for his sources and he said they were "credible". He dropped the no taxes statement under the urging of president Obama. It was about 9 months ago...
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    I think they should all be investigated. Both sides should be viewed under a magnifying glass and everything laid on the
    table, we'll see if there is an honest politician.( what an oxymoron
    that is).
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    See, once AGAIN, headline is not exactly true to the story, the operative word is "Tacitly". What they are doing is following up on many of the IRS infractions of the past few years:

    1. The targeting of several Romney donors for special audits and public leaking of their tax records.

    2. Mr. VanderSloot (a large donor to a group backing Romney) was vilified and denigrated by Obama, then, strangely enough, he and his wife were notified of an audit of 2 yrs. of their taxes. The Dept.of Labor suddenly informed him of an audit of one of his ranches and then a few months later, another IRS audit was started on one of his businesses. Strange, within 4 mos. of Obama PUBLICLY calling him out as a Romney supporter (apparently that was enough to tar and feather him) all these audits started. They certainly need checking out since NO FINES OR PENALTIES WERE EVER ASSESSED. Hmmmm?

    3. Obama called out "Teabaggers" for special attention - they got stopped in their tracks in their get out the vote efforts. Hmmmm?

    4. Obama raised the possibility that "All around this country there are groups like Americans for Prosperity" who have the gall to actually support someone other than him! Audits and slowdowns of 501(c)(4) applications - held up AT LEAST long enough to get through the 2012 election without them getting any donations and not only having to fight the IRS but BE UNABLE TO GET OUT THE VOTE for those who would not vote for Obama. Hmmmm?

    So, no, it is right and about time the R's looked into this fiasco of an "Independent" agency called the IRS and the EPA and any other government office with the power to delay or harass or fine any person, company or group that stood in the way of the reelection of Obama. Remember, he didn't win by a huge margin, how many votes were suppressed by his friends at the IRS to give Obama his slim win?
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    The fact that romney's tax info got leaked to the public is a shame. What Romney pays in taxes is a shame. It's been well known for years that the wealthy don't pay their fair share. It comes as no surprise. It should be criminal, then I would be ok with it being public record.
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    I can't make the assumption that the IRS had anything to do with Mr. Reid getting that info just because the Republicans suggest it. They, both Republican and Democrat, lie and manipulate to gain advantage. If you want my opinion of Mr. Reid having that info, then the allegation must come from someone known to be consistently truthful. I'd suggest Ron Paul or Jimmy Carter suggest it so it's worth looking into
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