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    "...maybe, for example, Americans are conditioned by their education and media to keep these sorts of racial preferences private in a way that Indians might not be." Max Fishers last statement is disturbing. The implication being that America should have shown that is was more racist but we're more "private" about it? Seriously? What kind of progressive liberal ideology insists on pushing racism even when evidence shows otherwise? Enough already.
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    On a side note. I noticed that Max Fisher used the same three colors that are used to denote the political leanings states. Of course the red countries are the most racist, the blue countries are the least and the purple countries are in-the-middle.(And before you call me paranoid... read this thread.)
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    Another side note... Max Fisher's commentary about the American public might have some validity.

    I've long held the belief that the Democrat Party is the home of race-based thought... Asserting that skin color should decide what people should believe, care about, and for whom they should vote.

    But try to get them to admit it.
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    @Bobolinsky - Is it still paranoia if they really are out to get you? ;)

    Agree he could have used yellow-to-dark green just to keep it from looking partisan.
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    Ooh, I get to bash France again! Of all the Western Values countries, France is the only one in the red.
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    I remember a while back that France was the least friendly country due to so many tourists and political turmoil. Nothing seems to have changed.
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    I hadn't noticed that. Too funny. I was too busy ripping Max Fisher to shreds.

    It's also interesting how so many countries that are predominantly Muslim are either red or gray.

    I also notice that Venezuela is the only purple country in the western hemisphere.
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    I think that is because they have so many Muslims. Muslims often attack the native French people. They attack gays. Burn cars. It's not the French people themselves. It's foreigners.
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    The French hate Arabs. They also hate gypsies. They are pretty hostile to about anyone who isn't French. Well I should in Paris they are that way. When you get into the Brittany region or nice or aix en Provence areas the people are very welcoming to white foreigners. But yeah Arabs and gypsies are hated all over France.
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    There wasn't a proper choice, as I can't make a decision based on a 'map' of someone's elses definition of 'racism'.. No I am not surprised by the amount of racism in the world but who does these polls and what is THEIR definition of racism?
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    ! you look at the map more, where there is more atheistic and/or muslim countries as where you start to find more racist tendencies, the western nations that have been judeo-christian for hundreds of years you find less racism.....should tell you something.....
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    Years ago, the Christian church would never have approved of homosexuality, abortion, or illegal immigration. Now it's their new God. That's what this tells me.
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    @RollinPapers Ah the apostate churches, indeed, but lets take the Episcopal church where the worldwide Anglican body is ready to disown. Where did they go wrong, their acceptance or approval of homosexuality, abortion and illegal immigration is a symptom. If you remember the first openly gay bishop, they didn't even believe the Bible is the Word Of God anymore and ultimately falling satan's time old lie since Eve "Did God REALLY say that?" When many of the churches answer is "We can't say." Or even agrees with the world, "Probably not." Then that is the real problem.
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    @Knightkore Russia has a very healthy Russian Orthodox contingent, but the country is a good example of why it is bad for government to mix with religion.

    As far as China is concerned -

    But the main problem with both countries is that both have struggled with xenophobia for centuries.

    China has been successfully insulated from foreign influence for thousands of years.

    Russia has suffered the opposite fate, with various invading forces subjugating the country over the centuries.

    The historical development of both countries plays a much greater role in racial attitudes than religious makeup.
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    Middle east?

    Not only are they racist but also gayist, christianist and anti-woman. Other than that -- they are a VERY tolerant people.
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    No it looks about right, although the US is not perfect our trespasses are largely benign and the most egregious are rare.
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    One`s tolerance for DIEversity is always improved the further one actually lives away from ''DiVERSITIES and DIEversity.
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    There are exceptions and clear mistakes, but, it is not that far off. Too bad he doesn't have a list from best to worst. Then we would be able to see his bias if it exists.
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    Their is much more to tolerance and understanding than Skin Color or Old Country habits. No other Country on Earth has evolved with so many citizens from all over the World It sure isn't perfect. But, when you think about how well the vast majority of us get alone and enjoy our unique American blend of cultures it is a very good thing.
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    Interesting study. Now I want to see the map that estimates and answers the following question:
    How do you estimate the odds of people adjusting their answers to appear more socially acceptable?
    This would vary greatly. For example, the Japanese actively distinguish between "Honne" and "Tatamae". "Honne" is one's true feelings and desires and is only shared with if at all one's closest friends. "Tatamae" is what you display in public. Even an over-the-phone anonymous call could fall under "Tatamae" if the Japanese people think of it as "saving face" for their country. For all we know there could've been thousands of conversations throughout Japan right after those surveys were taken where respondents chatted with friends who they could confide "honne" in "I got this survey asking me if I would be uncomfortable having neighbors of a different race. In honne I would but I decided to give the Tatamae answer to save the honor of Japan."
    I'm not trying to sound like a racist and know not every Japanese person will believe in these concepts especially if they live outside of Japan and then there's bound to be Japanese people who are radicals in their own society that see the concepts as flawed and something to rebel against.
    I'm just stating facts. Sociology shows that these concepts are more important and explicated in Japan than they are in other cultures (of course people in other cultures also use social masks). I actually think Japan's way of doing things is pretty smart. In other countries they get cognitive dissonance which leads people to lie to themselves to justify going along with something that leads to an outcome that's just too tempting to pass up. I rather lie to others than to myself.
    Also no matter what surveys like this will be distorted because of subtle differences in the use of language that get lost in translation and which occur more and more the more and more distant the cultures and languages get. One person's "uncomfortable" may mean that on some small level they feel a tiny irritance that they then can happily ignore and still engage with and be friendly and happy with their neighbors. To another to label themselves as "uncomfortable" would require the feeling they imagine having being worse or for there to actually be verbalizable circumstances to describe for why they would feel that way. There's many variables other than one's actual level of racism or racial tolerance(not the same thing you could be a big racist on the inside but just act tolerant for reasons that pertain to other feelings/goals/priorities you have) that would explain this.
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    It proves how the Dem media is a tool of Beltway racial interest orgs with an agenda to exaggerate racism in the US. There's big money for non-profit orgs and leaders like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton if the media pretends we have a big problem with race. Trayvon Martin was just one contrived example.
    PS: look where "progressive" France ranks.
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    Another day, another set of lousy "options" on a poll that don't address the real issue.

    All the countries in the two darkest blues have one or both of these traits:

    (1) One ethnicity is so dominant in numbers that those different are a negligible population, are not considered a "threat".

    (2) Classism bigotry is more important than racism. They are countries where discrimination against the poor by the rich is a bigger issue than racism (e.g. USA, Australia, England).

    India's attitude shouldn't surprise. It is a country where discrimination and bigotry were "culture" and government policy for centuries, re: the "caste system". "Caste" is illegal now, so like any ingrained bigotry, people are looking for places to redirect their hate (e.g. the US inciting islamic terrorism to replace communism and justify its militarism).
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    Only surprised by the Indian statistic. My gf works for habitat for humanity and she has talked with them before and from what she has told me they are some of the most relaxed peaceful folk she has met.
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