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    @slayer98_l --- Yeah, that's the only area Dems. are willing to be bipartisan in. All the easier to once again excuse this lame pathetic excuse for a leader. Has this administration taken any responsibility for anything, other than killing Osama and outing Seal Team Six for extermination, in the past 5 years?
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    Yes and it's called a Constitutional Convention and should be conducted by the states without any input from the federal level.
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    Conservatives are such pansies! Mitch YOU are the troll who stated all the GOP would focus on was making sure Obama isn't re-elected. Well you failed pansy. If conservatives like would would stop whining and lying, maybe this government could work correctly.

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    Sigh, another low information progressive. This statement, taken out of context by the DNC and parroted by all the lemmings, is just systematic of how uninformed and uneducated the left is.

    There is no doubt that McConnell said he wanted to make Obama a one-term president. But he did not say it at the start of Obama’s term; instead, he made his comments at the midpoint, after Obama had enacted many of his preferred policies.

    Perhaps, in Obama’s memory, McConnell was always uncooperative. But that does not give him and other Democrats the license to rearrange the chronology to suit the party’s talking points.

    Two Pinocchios
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    "When seen in full context, McConnell’s quote is not really as shocking as the snippet that is frequently repeated by Democrats.

    Generally, Democrats suggest that McConnell believed that no problem is bigger than getting rid of Obama, but it is clear that he is speaking in a political context — that the goals of Republicans could not be achieved unless Obama is defeated in his race for reelection. A case in point: the health care law could not be overturned unless Obama is defeated.

    Moreover, McConnell goes on to say that he does “not want the president to fail” and cooperation was possible “if he’s willing to meet us halfway on some of the biggest issues.” McConnell in fact cited an extension of the Bush tax cuts — and Obama did strike such a deal shortly after the midterm elections."
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    It sorta bursts that false tale bubble when the facts are presented, LOL, but really, when was the last time a progressive dealt with truth or facts? DNC talking points and propaganda are all that they need, like good beautiful parrots, the repeat the script they are give without an ounce of thought or research to see if they are even close to the truth.
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    McConnell's statements are impossible to refute after the IRS and the AP debacles. How sad for the voters who actually believed Obama to be worthy of the public trust!
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    Who do they bring in for damage control? His campaign manager. But one might expect that since there is talk the campaign may have been involved in the 'stand down' order.
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    @slayer98_l I haven't seen that jackal Axelrod one time in all of this. Wonder who is going to be managing Hillary's campaign? That would be a good story in regards to all of this nonsense. Where in the world is Waldo? and his poodle too....
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    It's easy to figure that any Obama Campaign person who is usually all over TV and is not anywhere now may have some direct connection to the IRS debacle. We shall see.
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    “culture of intimidation” YES indeed Chicago politic's at its finest with Obama, Holder, Jarret in the Wright House.
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    What Obama,Jarret, and Axelrod all have in common is that either their parents or grandparents were registered Communists, at a time when it wasn't 'cool' to be a commie. In the case of Obama he was raised by his grandparents who were registered Commies. That mixed with the fact that he was raised as well in the most populous Muslim country in the world indonesia. It is telling of his actions as president.
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    The person that started this whole IRS targeting was David Axelrod
    The truth needs to come out...Until then we are just kicking the tires.
    This admin has been the most corrupted admin in history.
    It takes time , But hopefully the people will begin to speak loud and force the truth from the Obama admin.
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    "Republicans are trying to use the problems at the IRS for partisan gain, rather than trying to constructively solve problems at the tax agency."

    Well, SOME of us don't like turning a blind eye to corruption! The GAUL of these people!! Seriously folks... it's pitchfork and torch time!!!
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    It's been "pitchfork and torch" time since ObamaCare was rammed down our throats by the Cabal of Reid,Pelosi and Obama.
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    That President Obama wants to "punish his enemies" is nothing new.

    Strassel: The President Has a List: Barack Obama attempts to intimidate contributors to Mitt Romney's campaign.

    Strassel: Obama's Enemies List—Part II: First an Obama campaign website called out Romney donor Frank Vandersloot. Next the IRS moved to audit him—and so did the Labor Department.
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    Good job David! I like the way you quote four sentences spoken by McConnell and follow it up with a small speech by this pfeiffer idiot.
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    It seems like the flood gates are open now, more and more people, perhaps who thought they were just the only one, are coming forth with their stories. One has to wonder, just how many votes were suppressed? How many Vote for Romney outreach and get out the vote campaigns were stifled for lack of funding, donations and volunteers all because the IRS sat on, held up or intimidated the ones seeking to get the vote out for republicans? Well, as I said, the Dems. wouldn't find a level too low to stoop to in order to secure the win for Obama. Seems I was right and it seems more and more clear that some very nasty and dirty tricks were played to steal the election. If Obama didn't know about this, and how could he not when he named names and organizations in so many of his speeches and his senate Democrats wrote threatening letters to the IRS demanding that certain groups be investigated, than he is even more of an incompetent fool than I thought.
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    I was wondering if anyone else was going to make any type of suggestion that it seems a bit hypocritical from the leader of the senate filibuster everything to death team to whine about intimidation.
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    Why do all these DC criminals refuse to call these conspiracies to defraud and harm the American people "scandals", "cover-ups" or "intrusions"?

    I'll tell you, because in absolute terms, they are all guilty of the same.

    Case and point, the uncontested bi-party gutting of the STOCK ACT which conceals and hides traitorous fraud from American eyes which do indeed have the right to know. All 535 were complicit and BHO signed off on it with no coercion.

    All 535 and BHO are impeachable for that crime alone, against all Americans.
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    I think the intimidation by the IRS has been a sword held over anyone who didn't want to play the game by the WH rules. Mc Connell as a Wash dinosaur knows this anther reason lifers like him need to go
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    Good post. Blame the messenger rather than the diabolic gangsters in the Obama Admin who have worked overtime to ruin our faith in their stewardship of the White House and our OWN Government.
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    He's a lifer because his constituents like the job he's doing. Same for Bwarny Fwank, Schummer and Pisslousey. Their ultra lib, gay followers liked/like the job their doing.
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    President Obama touts the openness and transparency of his administration constantly, but we know better. Let's review just this last week in the "most transparent administration in history."

    First, the Internal Revenue Service finally admitted to what many conservative organizations have asserted for over a year: they targeted and harassed nonprofits based solely on their political leaning. Days later, President Obama and his Administration still haven't answered basic questions about this gross abuse of power. We also now know that the same person who was targeting conservatives will be in charge of implementing Obamacare.

    Second, the Justice Department used a secret subpoena to obtain phone records of Associated Press members without notifying the organization. Furthermore, the Administration will not say specifically what they were looking for. The broad scope of this seizure without explanation is outrageous.

    Finally, it has been 8 months since the terrorist attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi and chilling details are still emerging. President Obama still will not admit that mistakes were made by the White House in the reporting of the incident. We have seen the emails, we have heard from the congressional committee, and it is time for President Obama to take some responsibility.

    Wake up folks.......Demand Answers!!!
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    The IRS checks all groups that apply for tax exempt status. That is not what this scandal is about. The IRS specifically targeted conservative groups for additional scrutiny, required an extreme amount of proof, intentionally delayed their applications, and told them they were going to make all their submitted information public. All because they were conservative groups.
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    I see Sen McConnell is so intimidated he's appearing in public to criticize the President only once or twice a day. It must be terrible to live in such fear.
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    Gee sort of reminds me back to when you far left radicals attacked President Bush on a daily basis...Wow how things change hey.
    Your person is under attack now...and you whine cry piss and moan the A typical hypocrisy!!!!!
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