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    My opinion is that she is right on 2 out of 3 of them.
    I don't mean I agree with her, all I'm saying is she is probably correct with that angle.
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    @Rocker I agree that the GOP is not going to sway Latino voters anytime soon. Nor will they be picking up black votes. But she's not going to get white voters to "come back" while the GOP is so widely viewed by moderates as shills for Corporate America, Wall Street/banks. The base is the base for both sides. It the moderates who carry Presidential elections and the moderates are not real happy with the GOP these days. Not happy with obama either. My guess is they stay home still.
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    I have a feeling that illegal aliens, sorry I mean "undocumented workers"(eyeroll), are just future Democrats, but I could be wrong.
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    Here's a thought. What if u had the option to join 2 different clubs.

    One club frequently called you undesirable names, or "slipped" and leaders called you insulting names, and in privacy couldn't tell enough great jokes and you and your family, and saw you as a human coatrack at parties and a bartender who never made my martinis dirty enough? Club#1 proud to point to new alarm system to avoid you getting through the doors. You will be our 3rd! As Club #1 routinely mistreated you and yours just for fun--but it insulted you don't want to come and be a decoration at their big ho-down meetings! But they ARE willing to slip you a few bucks if you'll come and pose for a few photos, looking like you attended.

    The other club treated you as well/poorly as everyone else in the group, if you rose to the top then that's what you did and if you stayed in the middle or fell to the bottom then that's what happened too. Club figured you prolly as smart or dumb or capable or incapable of everyone, but secretly hoped you had something on the ball.

    So which would you join? Why do you think Latinos might tend toward the Dems?

    Aldo, that Phyllis Schlafly an absolutely miracle of the power of hatred living in individual. Still up & spewing in her 3rd century. Little known fact: Phyllis already at Plymouth Rock when Mayflower ships in, levitates right on board (god-powered lady) and throws overboard any non-caucasians on board.

    Keep up the good work, Phyl. Care to go for 400?
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    @Brandon101 Your first paragraph describes Obama and libs perfectly. Remember when Obama was caught on tape talking about "typical white people" in the Midwest who cling to their Bibles and guns?
    Here's what I want to ask you though. Why would any sane intelligent white person vote for a guy who sat in a racist church for 20 years? I'll wait for your answer.
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    @Brandon101 democrats facilitate socialism and government dependency. Republicans facilitate individual responsibility and self preservation.

    More people taking handouts and free stuff obviously going to vote for the guy who is not making them be accountable for themselves.
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    I read the first few sentences of your post and thought, "you mean Democrats/Liberals, right?" Apparently I "cling to guns and religion"... etc... and i "didn't build that"... etc...

    You talk about some woman you've never met spews hatred left and right; yet, you insult her age in the same sentence. That does not make for a convincing argument.
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    We simply can not allow Mexicans to take over our country, This has been a La Raza goal...It must be stopped... end of story
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    Reconquista has been in full effect for years. Only they will not be satisfied with just the SW part of the U.S. They want it all.
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    Hey GOPers! You need to listen to this dried up old prune. Hispanics aren't going to vote for you anyway. Schlafly represents the future of the republican party, increasing irrelevance and the likelihood of death within the next decade.
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    Wait a second. Are you suggesting an 88 year old woman who's head is stuck in 1950 doesn't have a good answer for how the gop can move forward in the 21st century?
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    @frigginhell Not at all. I am suggesting that she is the perfect proxy for today's GOP. Odds are high that she'll be dead within a decade and she is already irrelevant. You can even top that because she has passed on the insanity to her son Andrew who created "Conservatpedia" - an online encyclopedia for righties who can't handle the truth. What more can you ask for in a role model for today's conservatives unless it turns out that her husband is a closet case?
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    Welcome to the party Phyllis. I have been saying this for years. The best thing the GOP can do is to promote bills aimed at the collective racial interests of white people. Every other ethnic group promotes their racial interests so why shouldn't we?
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    Because that would be "racist", and we all know the GOP's bigest fear is being called racist./eyeroll
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    @cdman Why would it be racists? By 2054 Latinos will be in the majority in the USA. Using your thinking, would that then make La Raza racist? Is it always racist for the majority party to want to celebrate their own race or would you just restrict that to white people?
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    I get what you're saying. It's really not in our best interest.
    Need to do what dems do. Say one thing do the opposite.
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    @jessejaymes did you not notice my "/eyeroll"? That's means I'm being facetious. XD I do completely agree with RollinPapers. I was just poking fun at the people who have destroyed the meaning behind crying racist too much... and the republican party that seems to still be paralyzed when Dems and Libs throw it around... I just made myself sad :(
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    @cdman We ARE a racist nation. By all races. You would not believe the truth of what the Japanese and Chinese think about other Americans. Both La Raza and the NAACP are racist and not at all what Martin Luther King or Caesar Chavez envisioned. Man is what man is. A world of tribes. We need to stop pretending that everyone is "equal", admit to cultural differences, different value systems and start demanding people compromise to work things out but not to claim we're all the same because we are not all the same.
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    Remember when Phyllis Schlafly was a respected, dynamic conservative voice whose advice helped the Republican party remain a vibrant and relevant political force dedicated to the good of all Americans?

    Yeah. Me, neither.
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    This is the best advice the GOP has gotten in years. If they follow your advice they'll keep getting beat time and time again.
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    They will keep getting beaten until they come up with a decent candidate that offers something other than the "same old thing", It needs new blood and get the "Good Old Boy's" out.
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    Ms. Schafly is known for her anti-woman, anti-choice, and anti-gay diatribes, even though I believe that she has a gay son. She needs to join the 21st century and realize that her 15 minutes of fame were up YEARS ago.
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    Just because one doesn't support baby killing and unnatural behaviors doesn't make them anti anything. It means she has a different POV than you do. Welcome to America.
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    @RollinPapers, abortion, whether or not YOU agree with it, is a legal medical procedure here in the US. If you don't like it, don't have one. Same with Marriage EQUALITY. I'm gay, as is my wife. Please get a life.
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    Thats one way to reduce the Republican Party to a white elitist organization, they need all the votes they can get to be elected. It is dropping in numbers everyday. I am considering switching to libertarian myself. Just cannot go Democratic at this point in my life.
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    I will never vote Democrat. But I won't vote Republican either. One election I vote Libertarian, the next I vote Green. We need four parties to force compromise. Coalitions. Only when no party has a majority will Washington care at all what the people think.
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    Following your logic that would make the Democratic Party a non-white elitist organization. Hmmm..... You might be onto something there.
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    @jessejaymes The Green party is pretty cool too, have voted that way too. Registered Republican but don't vote straight ticket, and usually vote for anyone that is not in one of the two major party's if I can.....

    A third party needs to have a sensational name to draw people in:

    How about the Viagra Party? We fight longer and harder for you?
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    "White voters are much more likely to back the GOP."

    That's correct, blindingly obvious, and terribly stupid all at the same time.

    Pretty soon she'll have all good conservatives in bunkers, ready to defend against the onslought of the other than lily-white hordes.

    Truth is, the days of the WASP power monopoly are numbered.
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    Pubs should go after decent Americans whoever and wherever they are and leave the criminals, welfare recipients and alternate lifestyle people to vote free-stuff democrat.
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    @RollinPapers Like I've said before , just tell them what they want to hear, like the libs, then do what you want.
    Need votes, not further division. It's unhelpful.
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    The GOP welcomes all from the Young black republicans to the log cabin republicans. This woman is sad for her suggestion.
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    I think she has a point. I for one think that illegal is illegal and I am sick an tired of being told that we can't enforce our laws. Stop worrying about how Latinos vote. They like free stuff so they will probably continue to vote for democrats until the democrats run out of money.
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    Why should anyone care what this dinosaur thinks? On almost every issue, she is on the WRONG side of history.

    On almost every point, she insists on a world in which others determine how others can live. What part of freedom and liberty is that?

    It's YOUR life, if you can't live it the way you choose, it's a crime.
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    She's the one who thought women shouldn't have careers or have the right to vote. Yet, she had that right and has exercised it. A male, conservative extremist in drag?
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