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    Concur. Proof is in the pudding. 93%ers made it very clear that race is the only thing that does matter. If they can be proud of their heritage and what they have endured, I can be proud of my white race and being forced to tolerate them.
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    Whites being proud of being white is older than the hills, what's new is blacks being proud of being black. And actually blacks were forced to tolerate whites, and endure.
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    So.....just abandon an entire voting bloc? Don't even try? What happened to that "hard work" ethic regressives are forever spouting?
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    I swear the TEA/pubs are running an unforced error contest to offend every demographic.
    Thet started with the slavery debate at CPAC, Sandy Vote,, women don't want equal pay, immigration reform announced DOS in HT, college age see racism, Duh, and voter suppression. How many angry old white farts can be left not enough to win an election nationally
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    Resources are finite; it may often be the rational thing to do to apply those resources entirely to group where they yield more benefits.
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    Of that 90%, what percentage is getting goverment assistance and how would they vote if they were not getting it? The same can be said for all who get assistance. How would they vote if they were not? Just got to wonder about things like that from time to time.
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    @marine1 If they would do a little research, the dems use them to for crime rates and HIDTA's, which are worth billions in federal monies. Used, abused, and don't know it.
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    @marine1 Of that 90% how many vote that way because guys like this exist? I don't think I'd want to go to a party if I were black if 25% or so of the guys there were at a Klan rally the night before either.(i'm being generous here and saying that probably 3 out of 4 members of the gop aren't racist and acknowledging that the 1 in 4 who are get pretty loud about it)
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    @JimCO55 Yep a John McCain connected guy. Whom they fired. Guess you should have read more on the story.

    Sorry- Liberal flunkies 'ACORN' was dismantled & rebranded. Try again.
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    I keep hearing, and reading, some on here too. That Republicans better change their ways, and idea's. That we are set in our ways, and old fashioned. That America is changing and we better change too, or be left behind.

    Well if your party can just change their philosophy just to get votes, you really got to wonder about their conviction.
    If you believe what you are doing is right and for the best, you can't just change in hopes you will get more to agree or follow you.
    You stand your ground, and if that means you go down in a blaze, then so be it.
    Besides if the Republican party changed to come more in line with the Democrats, then the people would have no choice, no form of checks and balances. If you think gov't is corrupt and dishonest now, just imagine how corrupt and dishonest it would get if the people had no alternitives.
    As for black votes, or white vote, or red votes, or any votes, I think all you pay taxes should get to vote, those with sh!t in the game should have say. Those who are takers, well, we know how they will vote. They will vote for whoever promises them the most for doing the least.
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    Most non-Republicans think the Republican Party should NOT change their ways and just keep on keepin-on.
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    @ctc right, cause for the non-republicans they believe if we keep doing what we are doing then Democrats will keep the White House, which they just may do, for a while, bit greed has no party affiliation, and before long things will turn.
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    @Thegrif There has been a paradigm shift in national politics in this country stretching back 20 years. GWB losing the popular vote but being awarded the Presidency, then winning re-election in the midst of two wars, has sidetracked the R's into thinking they were on a roll.
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    The original statement he made was perfectly valid; if group X votes 90% against a certain political party, then that political party will want them not to vote. It doesn't mean they will suppress their vote; but we do not require people to deny the truth about what they would like.

    The problem is that liberals and the left wing usually fail to acknowledge logical truths when they find their implications uncomfortable. Part of the problem is that many of the more vocal liberals have college degrees in the humanities which cause them never to learn how to think clearly and simply.
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    Uninformed voters, who base their vote strictly on the color of a persons skin, are not making the wisest vote. It is those uninformed voters that got this country into the mess we are in.
    How many of them got the free cell phone they were promised?
    A persons race, should not be a factor when deciding who to vote for.
    Let's not forget all of the racist attack's from the left, on Herman Cain in the last election.
    Think about it!
    The left has made everything about "race" and not substance.
    It's really sad.
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    The truth is what will set you free.........and also insure that the Republican party dies sooner rather than later. Is this mic on?????
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    "The answer will tell you whether you want them voting or not"

    Really, dude? On board with voter suppression specifically for black people now, are you?
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    Dear Libtard

    I simply do not think it's right for people based on color ...Blks voted for the Obama knowing absolutely nothing about the guy...EXCEPT Oh look he is Black!!!
    If they are truly that stupid they shouldnt be voting...Period!!!
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    @Vance1 "...Blks voted for the Obama knowing absolutely nothing about the guy...EXCEPT Oh look he is Black!!!
    If they are truly that stupid they shouldnt be voting...Period!!!"

    Do you happen to have a fire extinguisher with you?'Cause the #ironyisdead tag just burst into flame.
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    If I were you I wouldn't be advocating that stupid people not be allowed to vote. No reason for you to lose your say in who represents you. Remember RePUBICans (see we can make stupid parodies as well as you teabaggers) are overall less educated and have lower IQs so intelligence requirements work in liberals' favor.
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    It is a factual statement. Republicans do not want anyone to vote accept for white males.
    They also want it to be acceptable for the police to profile people based on race and they support the actions of the confederates in the civil war, while calling Lincoln a traitor.

    However, when you mention that there might be racism in the Republican party, they will quickly tell you that it's all lies spread by the liberal media.
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    The Tea Party is not the Republucan party! The sooner liberals get that through their thick skulls, the better! You are wrong about Republicans!
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    The tea baggers are unfortunately the ones who have taken over the Republican party. Ever since they appeared, they have been slowly pushing out the moderates in the party. Unless the moderates can take back their party, the tea party is both their present and their future. The fact is, that the moderates haven't been willing to confront the tea party, despite the tea party attacking them and people who would have chosen to be Republican ten years ago are moving to Libertarianism.

    Until the Republican party can tell the Tea Baggers to stick it where the sun don't shine, they ARE the Republican party.
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    The Tea Party is not and never has been the Republican Party. The Republican Party has continuously separated themselves from the Tea Party. The Tea Party keeps chasing because if they cannot grab ahold of the Republican Party, they will sink. It's the Tea Party that is weak, not the Republican Party. Liberals don't want people to know that, as obvious from your post.
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    I`ll put it THIS way: I`m American, black, independent, (and damn proud of being all three), and I`ll vote for whoever I want. Whoever doesn`t like it, too f-ing bad.
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    The Republican platform is based in the root of Land Barons and wealthy getting more votes than working person. Slave owners should get extra votes for their involuntary charges and the more you own the more votes you get to cast. It is a continuation of the Republican ideals of Rome right down the Senate being the Legislative body of greater power. They would prefer the working class not vote either, the get this in effect by anti organized labor propaganda splitting that vote.
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    The comment was stupid, unauthorized, and I bet a HUGE turn-off for the few African-Americans who have voted Republican or are high-profile Republicans such as Condoleeza Rice, General Colin Powell and others. What an idiot.
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    In actuality he was making an accurate factual statement. Still, it never ceases to amaze me how the Tea baggers can find every possible way to make themselves look bad.
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    Agree, but I admire the guy for being honest and prepared to say what is factually accurate, even when it's not in his party's interests (I guess they've got the angry white guys tied up and would do better getting women and moderates to join them).
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    And its not like the black community is racist and blacks who dont do the democrats bidding and vote for them are treated any better by so called "Black Leaders".
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