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    The bill is just another political bandaid failure in response to the endless side effects done from Washington's social engineering agenda, started in the '60s.
    We must undo all that first, then see if illegals still want to come here. I doubt it.
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    we need some real border security and then talk about other things. what we have is not working,nappy flying over reading the comics is why she did not see all the holes.
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    Except that bills are changed and amended over time as they make the weary journey to live or die on the House or Senate floor. And if that bill does not achieve its goal--or is changed to be something much less effective than what its designer intended, then he has every right and responsibility to vote against it.

    Regarding McConnell's filibuster last year, it was clearly a bluff that the Democrats countered with one of their own. I hope that the Democrats in the Senate wished to actually surrender their Constitutional rights regarding the debt limit, but they have never ceased to amaze me in the actions they will take to prove a political point. Case in point: the 10 year old girl who is going to die this month because Sebelius refuses to step in.

    But of course logic and discourse take a second place to the witty remarks I see from familiar names here on a daily basis.
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    i agree with you on that point, but the bill in general is bogus. what they need to do is to throw upon the borders and allow people to come and go at will.
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    @KickBrass - "... the 10 year old girl who is going to die this month because Sebelius refuses to step in." Do you have a source? I've not heard about this.
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    Short version: She is 10, has cystic fibrosis, and the minimum age for the adult transplant list is 12. Her condition is at the end stages to the point where she will likely die in 3-6 weeks without a lung transplant. Her doctors state that she would be fine with an adult one based on her size and health factors, but since she is not technically 12 she's forced to only have access to the child donor list.

    Unfortunately the child donor list is 1/50th the size of the adult list, meaning that she only has a 2% of the chance she would otherwise have. Kathleen Sibelius has the ability to step in and order a change in the consideration for this individual, as it is a regulation and not a law determining the age of eligibility. She has refused to do so publicly.

    However, in the last hour or so a federal judge has ordered the girl to be put on the list for the next 10 days until a hearing can be held to determine whether or not she is being discriminated against due to age. So there may be a light at the end of the tunnel after all.
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    Well ALL good Americans should be distancing themselves from any immigration bill

    illegals are criminals...and they should all get the boot!!!!
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    The bill should be, not 55 million in a broke country with 55 million on SNAP, 20 percent unemployment, and 20 plus million who can't find a job, 11 states with more people out of work than working, but a timetable to go home, and hefty fines for anyone housing and hiring them. Or, just enforce the law already written.......
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    Anything Dick Bob and Chuck (Durbin Menendez and Schumer) have an inner thigh thrill for, can't be good for the country. And if Pubs know what's good for them they'd run for the hills on this one. Rule #1 NEVER trust a democrat to be true to his word. Lie #1 border will be secure. Lie #2 all illegals are good honest hardworking people who will never be on social welfare or violent commit crime.
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    Your Senators need to be hearing the public's deep objections to the S. 744 immigration bill that will get a vote of the full Senate in June.

    The word from various Senate staffers is that if they are not hearing the phones ring with objections EVERY day, the Senators and their top advisors assume that opposition is dying down. We can't let let the Senators and staffs thinking they can get by with voting FOR this bill.

    EVEN IF YOU HAVE SENATORS WHO MAY BE PRO-AMNESTY.......what do you have to lose by e-mailing them? Would taking 5 minutes out of your time complaining on internet kill you? Do it just to irritate them.

    Call your 2 Senators and tell them to vote NO on S.744 the Amnesty bill.(Here's a toll-free number: 888-978-3094). You can leave a message after hours with most Senators 24 hours a day.

    If you're nervous about making that first call to a Senate receptionists, just say your name and where you are from and ask them to tell the Senator that he/she should vote NO on S.744 because it puts amnesty before enforcement.

    Here's how to find out who your reps are and their e-mail addresses:
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    The bill sucks. In the beginning they were not going to qualify for welfair benefits for 10 years now they get is as soon as the get the get out of jail free card they then go past go and collect welfare. Send the fine folks back to their own country and let them enter legal.
    If you give them a get out of jail free card then everybody in all the jails in the US. They also should a get out of jail free card. They will be upstanding hard working citizens also.
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    So which is it......Marco Rubio doesn't have the courage to vote for a bill he helped negotiate and craft....or....Marco Rubio doesn't want to offend his obstructionist base??
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    We need a bill with real teeth. It should include mandatory E-Verify. It would be a crime for a company for a company to hire someone who did not. Pass E-Verify. Ilegal immigrants would be given a few choices. Return to native land orgo to one of a list of cities to work cleaning, repairing, and repopulating them. They would be provided minimal housing and food. Any who stayed would never be available for citizenship and would be stuck in their positions for as long as they were here. They would always have the option to return to their native land. We would provide the necessary transportation.
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    To me, it helps his image. Rubio said when they finished writing the bill that it would only work if the proper ground work was laid prior to the bill becoming a law. Now he says if the bill he helped write comes up for a vote, he will vote against it. So he is sticking by what he said, cause has any proper ground work been laid out?
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    If these assholes in washington can not craft a bill that will protect the interest of the american people an INSURE that further unlawful immigration does not occur, why allow for the same mistakes to be made all over again? If it were not for greed and access to ignorant labor the borders would be secure and those already here would leave of their own will. If anyone thinks that they can trust a democrat OR republican on this issue, they are dumber than the soap box they are standing on.
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    there are already billions in this bill going to border security. who pays for that? who gets that. taxpayers and gop state would be the answers. nice for them, huh. they're already getting the biggest increase in border security spending in history and it's not enough apparently. funny how they never mention who pays for this. or the fact it will fail on most levels. you can't patrol the border. you can't build a wall to keep them out. you can pay to make it look like you're doing these things and that's about all.
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    @frigginhell what are the gop offering to cut back on spending in order to offset this increase in security? are they going to increase revenue through taxes? maybe they'll try to repeal obamacare for the 40th time and divert the funds from it. instead.
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    @frigginhell ...the prison industrial complex is such a beast these days, especially at our borders, why would they want to stop the insanity?
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    Neither. He caved to pressure from his Tea Party backers who have made it clear they want nothing to do with any sort of immigration reform.
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    Terrible is more like it. Why would illegal aliens step forward so they can pay taxes, pay a fine, lose welfare, medicaid, and not be eligible for obama care, then go to the back of the line, and wait 15 yrs, learn English, when they can get all this with the fake papers they use now! And know we aren't going to try to deport them even if we do find them! Utter nonsense. Run like the wind Marco and don't look back.
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    Jeeez these stupid republicans are not just turning on themselves but their turning on anything and everything that their surgar daddys don't like....
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    And him along with cruz question why we call them stupid. Make legislation then not vote for what you wrote why would he not have put the language in the bill the way he wanted it that is the entire reason you write something in the first place moran.
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    Rubio is playing politics. Its a tremendously unpopular bill and he knows his political career could be killed by it. The damage is probably already done though.
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