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    Here you are people. The state can now tell you what you can and cannot do with your body, you cannot save your family from a fire. You are a 'subject' of the state. Thank you both democrats and republicans for the demise of this beautiful country. Why not take this cop set his house on fire and taser him while his family members die? Because that's what he did to this man. The government has to much control and this is a perfect example. Once more....thanks.
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    HMMM.....gotta wonder why they just didn't shoot the man's all for his own good ya know!
    If the f-ing cop had even pulled a tazer out (if it was me) in this (or a similar) situation, I would have gone after that SOB with all I had..... Some times any/all the pain or your life is worth it to attack.....and this would have been that time!
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    @stepped_in_it My stomach just rolled. I know this much. If that cop turns up dead you wouldn't want me on ANY jury because I'd have to vote justifiable homicide.
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    @jessejaymes - this infuriates me more than anything else. Once more the state does not own your body. If you want to set your house on fire lie down and commit suicide the state should not help you if you tell them not to. I bet this guy is real happy that he pays these guys salaries that shoot him with a taser then allow his child to die a very painful death. Sickening.
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    @jessejaymes It would have been only "justifiable" if the cops death was slow and very painful.......and after he also watched his family die.
    Cops are only good (now) for moving violations and writing reports. I could get a Brinks security guard to do that job at 1/4 the pay and no lifetime benefits/retirement....(time to fire those a-holes?)
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    @kirbstomp1 I don't even know what to say that wouldn't be a crime in saying it. I think that cop should have his balls cut off, his house burned, and turned loose in the middle of the Sahara desert without any water.
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    This man had another child that survived. Would you die for a child that you couldn't save and leave your other child without a father?
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    Would you let someone jump in front of a moving freight train? I certainly hope you have a bit of common sense and humanity in you to stop them before they kill themselves, or are you one of those people who stands beneath the 10 story building and yells at the suicidal person to jump?
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    @PayThatCEO worst analogy I've ever heard , doesn't even come remotely close or corespondes with this poor child's tragic death.
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    He should not have been tasered, and had the opportunity to save his child. If
    it were my child in a burning house I would have also attempted to go in and
    try to save him, or die trying...
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    Tasering a man for trying to save his baby? Screw the police! Nobody was going to even try to save this baby because it was too dangerous but they stoped the one man who would do it or die trying. I bet this man wishes he had died instead of his child.... i would. Cop was WAY out of line. Did the exact opposite of his job description. "To protect and serve". He should be fired and face charges for assaulting this man with a deadly weapon.... what a joke that cop is and what a shame that young kid is dead
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    Police are no longer required "To protect and serve"......notice the cars no longer have that on their doors and courts have ruled that LEO's are not there to perform that service......TY to our criminally negligence courts and politicians!
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    @stepped_in_it Good point! The courthouse and justice for all is now the center for extortion and racketeering. A for profit corporation, fueled by drug cases and the corruption that comes with it.
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    @BostonRob like anything else... figure that shit out IF it happens. You wouldnt lay your life down to save your child? Thats sad dude
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    @AMSCountryboy A police spokesman told the newspaper that the infant's body had already been discovered,“and the scene was being processed when (the) male tried to forcibly enter the scene"
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    People, the baby was already dead and his body recovered BEFORE the father had even arrived on the scene. The police didn't stop him from saving his boy, his boy was already dead. The police SAVED HIS LIFE pure and simple. This man was obviously beyond reason and multiple police were trying to restrain him before one used the taser.
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    i've seen this exact thing happen too many times. people kep trying to enter into a burning house to rescue loved ones, objects and pets. they have to be stopped in one way or another... i'm not too sure that 'tasing' is the best answer, however.
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    As a dad I would rather have died trying to save my child than to let them watch my baby die knowing myself and the police or fire didn't help.
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    If someone wants to risk or even sacrifice their life for someone else, no one else should be able to say no. That is the most personal decision a person can make.
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    WHO is to say the man would not have ultimately saved the baby's life, even if one or both had been burned? By Tasering the man, they made the baby's chance of survival zero, and they ENDANGERED the man, because MANY PEOPLE have died after being Tasered. It was the man's choice. It was the man's (and his wife's) baby.
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    I'm a fireman here in milw,wi and I can tell you if you escape from a fully involved structure fire, the chances of you RE-ENTERING are ZERO.
    The chances of you ENTERING a fully involved structure fire are also ZERO.
    Without protective equipment and breathing apparatus, the radiant heat alone would force you back. And IF heat doesn't get you (and it will,TRUST me) the smoke and hot gases would fill and fry your lungs.

    I've seen fires that had not a lot of flame but lots of smoke and people died.

    The news accounts say the baby was deceased and already removed from the house PRIOR to the fathers arrival to the house. IF this is true, no USEFUL purpose would be served by him killing his self.

    The cops did the right thing to prevent him from going in but tasering him was not the best way to do it.

    Don't count on anything good coming from someone who goes back into a burning building.
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    @cnw95 Total respect and appreciation to you, your colleagues, cohorts, and the noble and heroic occupation you perform every day. Experts have been wrong before. There's always that chance. A woman was pulled from the rubble in Bangladesh 27 days after being trapped; people have survived nightmarish falls; I respect what you say; but realize this man will carry SURVIVOR'S GUILT the rest of his life. The Police MAY have saved his life, but who is to say he and the baby would not have survived, even badly burned or with lung damage to to heat/flame/toxic substance aspiration? When LOVE enters the picture, there is little room for Spock-like rationality. A man who really loves his sons/daughters/wife WILL TRY ANYTHING TO SAVE THEIR LIVES. How many firemen have lost their lives trying to save their fellow firemen? Who can blame them? I'm Jewish but John 15:13 of the New Testament speaks a great TRUTH.
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    @Prime_Meridian Even ANIMALS are compelled by this same heroic and Loving Spirit. Do you remember the case of the Momma Cat who went back into a burning building, TIME AFTER TIME, to rescue her litter of kittens? She suffered great damage but survived and is living, and her kittens also survived. Who says animals don't have souls?
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    @Prime_Meridian Thanks for the thanks. Greatly appreciated.
    Yes you are correct about MIRACLES happening. But as it relates to a civilian running into a burning building WITHOUT proper protective equipment and NO training....that's a suicide mission.
    Your also correct about the experts being wrong. Houston fire dept lost three brothers and one sister last week in what they thought was a routine building fire. We ALL know about FDNY and 9-11 but most don't know that a few months before 9-11 three FDNY brothers lost their lives in a hardware store fire in queens new York. These are the pros, properly protected and trained and they died. What chance does a unprotected, untrained civilian have against odds like these?????
    I know how anyone must feel in a situation like that and it's TOUGH to accept but sometimes people die and there's nothing we can do about it.
    I had to learn to deal with that in my own way as a fireman.
    We have all the proper equipment, train constantly, have twice yearly EMS training/certification, we stay up on the latest applications of emergency medicine and after all of that, people STILL die.
    We do EVERYTHING by the book and still, people die.
    I guess all we can do is PRAY that we are never faced with a situation such as this .
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    If the fire crews on scene couldn't get the baby out alive with all the safety equipment they have, the father couldn't have survived the attempt either.
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    We will never know now if the father could have survived the attempt to save his son. And the Father will not find comfort in knowing he did all he could to save his baby because a cop with the mentality of a slug played God.
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    Exactly! And even if they don't have to protect you from yourself, they have a duty to protect themselves and others from you and the damage you might cause. Also the article says the childs body had already been discovered and the scene was being processed so the fire was at least under some level of control and was by that time a crime scene which police also have a duty to protect.
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    When one sacrifices his life for another they are called should have been the father's free will choice.....not the government making that choice for him.

    Here is an example of that type of sacrifice:

    "Maximilian Kolbe was a Polish priest who died as prisoner 16770 in Auschwitz, on August 14, 1941. When a prisoner escaped from the camp, the Nazis selected 10 others to be killed by starvation in reprisal for the escape. One of the 10 selected to die, Franciszek Gajowniczek, began to cry: My wife! My children! I will never see them again! At this Maximilian Kolbe stepped forward and asked to die in his place. His request was granted ..."
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    "The grandfather, Odell Miller, said the tasing saved his son's life "because he would have definitely perished in this fire,"
    Yah. That probably was already considered before he attempted to run in. I'd be ok with dying to save my child.
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    Using a taser on the guy was a bit much but chances are the kid died very shortly after the fire started. The police apparently responded faster than the parents in getting to the house which means the fire had to be blazing for more than just a few minutes. You can cry foul all you want but what the police did was allow that family to have their father and only lose a son/brother. If he had ran into the house and succumbed to the smoke then who would take care of his wife and other child?
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    And,,,,,you would have just accepted the fact that YOUR infant child was dying/dead and stood there watching? jeez, hope you don't have/never have children.
    I don't have kids......but, if I did, I would have given my life to TRY to save their's....and so would have 99.9% of the parents.
    Ya over thunk this one Rob......
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    ...but that would have been HIS decision to make and no one else's. The cop was wrong. It is most parents love and instinct to protect their
    children no matter the cost, and for me, I would die in a NY. minute to
    do whatever I had to try to save them, even if I died, I would rather die
    saving my child than having known I didn't try to save him, no matter
    the reason. The cop was just wrong, very wrong.
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    @mimi57 so you would leave another child motherless, your husband a widow, and your parents without a daughter?
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    @BostonRob ...unfortunately, yes. My main and only focus at the time would have been to try and save the baby who was in the fire, it's just
    what a parent does...
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    Well, people get paid to risk their lives, in this case to save his infant son. A risk anyone would have taken. Low IQ at work. Like traffic cops, traffic will move fine on its own but let someone start directing, you got a jam in minutes.
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