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    Don't feel too bad about it, he had the most effective campaigns in U.S. history, and he was a rock star compared to both McCain and Romney. Also one of the best teleprompter readers in the business.
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    @Diane-R I'm just making the assumption that you think I voted Obama in 2011, since you're questioning why I didn't apologize for the second go round. Obama wasn't a candidate for me in 2011. I refuse to consider any candidate that benefits from Citizen's United. That one issue ruled both Romney and Obama as non candidates for me. It was a tough choice for me between Stein and Cougar. I support some of the policies of both but in the end decided that Cougar was the better choice between the two. There is no reason for me to issue an apology for the way I voted in November of 2011.
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    No one should apologize for voting. It's our right and we all get to choose our leaders.

    After spending 8 years being screwed over by Bush and now we think we're being screwed over by Obama, you'd think we'd have woken up and demand more from the people we elect.

    But we won't. Next election we'll put another puppet who will be controlled by everyone and everything except those of us who voted for him.
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    @lawnmowrman No. I did not assume you voted Obama 2011. Your statement was 2007. If you do not appreciate a sense of humor...sorry.
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    He didn't leave Jeremiah Wright's church until the media reported what Wright was preaching. Then he had no idea his own pastor was so anti-American.
    This man lies continually.

    Now the poll question is: "Are you dismayed...?"
    I can't wait to see how many of you are "dismayed" by this.
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    As of right now, 32% are "dismayed" by this.

    The good news is the gullible are outnumbered here, by a 2 to 1 margin.
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    Then you never listened to what he said. I myself heard it and never believed it. I was sure he'd not give up the powers bush had added to the office. I was also sure our government is always watching and modern technology just makes it easier. Then again, I have nothing to hide so I am not scared. I'm more concerned about the provisions that allow them to grab you in the middle of the night and put you on trial without counsel or even notifiying your family and sentencing you indefinitely than who I call.
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    @Rocker Lol and these people despised Bush yet love the clone obama.The only diff is this one has darker skin and is a democrat.How hypocritical is that?
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    @miketost - I think most folks can peel back the hull of party and examine the nut, which is to say there's not a whole lot of difference.
    Somebody is going to get the 'hull' and somebody else is gonna get the 'nut'. And most times the parties just switch the 'somebodies'.
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    @miketost Actually, it was said many times by many people even before Obama was elected that we can all thank Bush for making Obama or Hilary the most powerful black man or woman in the history of this country.
    I never expected them to give up power. That's not how it works. That's what was said 12 years ago when it was passed and it fell on mostly deaf ears from those whining now when it becomes apparent that the people saying it then were right all along.
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    When he divorced himself from his past it was obvious he was an opportunist liar. How can anyone really believe a man who's words come from two sides of his mouth depending on his audience. His promises were meaningless, his actions destructive.
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    wow finally people are starting to catch on and see the truth, the "non Obama" voters including myself saw this before he was elected and knew this all along, and you Obama supporters just thought we where racist. HAH
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    With regards to 0bama's blatant lies (Yes liberals, they are lies), I can gladly say "I told you so." However, that is only a tiny comfort, the sad reality is we're all still screwed by Big Brother Government. 0bama has got that one ring to rule them all: his "Precious"....
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    I remember his speech at the democratic convention in 06. My exact thoughts then were.'There is one BIG liar and fake". My thoughts are still the same.
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    Politicians are politicians and we should expect nothing different. In the next election do not vote for any incumbent, get new blood in Washington totally.
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    Well why not? he's revealing he's no different than Bush,this isn't an exclusive Obama thing.Bush,Reagan,Mitt Romney and John McCain are no different so you don't see through the smooth talk.You just have your preference of smooth talk with the same results that suddenly don't bother you so much since it's a Republican.I mean,if he's just like Bush this should make you right wing morons happy.I big snoopy government is perfectly O.K. under the Bush administration,But not under Obama,Why not?
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    I didn't vote for him, however I held out some hope he would do what was best for this country. In spite of those he both admired and had as mentors. I fail to see why he isn't
    explaining why this is being allowed to go on unchecked. He is the president and HE needs
    to start at least attempting to explain why these things are being permitted. Bush may have
    started the Patriot Act due to 911, Obama denounced it then, but has proceeded to make it
    even more intrusive...and we are learning new and more unsettling 'discoveries' almost on
    a daily basis. This is against everything this country stands for, and when will he take some
    accountability?... He is losing the trust of Americans and I don't know if he will ever be able
    to regain it. Nothing is forthcoming from this administration, nothing.
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    Obama plays the game well, doesn't he?

    Tells you just what you wanna hear, like a good used car salesmen.
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    Politix Mary: Great article. Obama versus Obama.
    Are you aware that, by liberal standards, you just became a racist?
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    I never believed him, as I've said many times, the best way to know if this man or any of his administration is lying is to see their mouth move. I'm just waiting for the next shoe to drop. What else did he lie about? What other secrets will we find out? It looks more and more like Big Brother wasn't just a bit of fiction in a book, it's here and it's now.
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    "... the Western world, the free world, loses what it cherishes most, and that is freedom and liberty... It means the potential of a weapon of mass destruction and a terrorist, massive, casualty-producing event somewhere in the Western world... that causes our population to question our own Constitution and to begin to militarize our country in order to avoid a repeat of another mass, casualty-producing event. Which in fact, then begins to unravel the fabric of our Constitution. Two steps, very, very important." --Gen'l Tommy Franks
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    Be grateful to the President. He himself has repeatedly proved that his own narrative that Big Brother/Big Govt was the answer was complete bull dookie.
    From the IRs to the AP to the DOJ overreach using the "patriot act".... Team Obama has worked overtime to prove that Big Govt is a monster that cannot be trusted.

    Thank's Mr. President!! You ROCK!
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    i look at all in office like used car salesmen, if they say its good on gas it is a gas hog,if it does not leak oil it does not hold oil at all.

    just wondering what is the hold up for charges against him,some of this stuff has got to be illegal and doing nothing proves all who can are crooked as well for doing nothing about it. instead of telling the media file all charges that can be without notice of time to let him try and cover up or have a speech written for him about it.
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    they all say things to get elected and do what they wnat as soon as they have the keys to the white house.
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    He has pretty much done the opposite of what he'd said...But that doesn't matter to a lot of people. They voted for him because he's a black Democrat.
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