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    when i donate to the local food bank i know exactly where it goes,to feed hungry folks. all workers work for free.
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    The people who head up these "non-profit" organizations don't work cheap either. When I found out how much the President of United Way earned every year, I opted out of contributing. Last I heard, it was nearly $1 million per year.
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    Indeed so true...United Way was one of the most corrupted out there.
    I stopped donating to them yrs ago, once I found out.
    It also taught me a good lesson in life about donating to causes.

    Good post.. Thanks
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    @Vance1 Then you might be surprised about some causes that you may still support: Wayne LaPierre, CEO & Executive VP/Ex-Officio National Rifle Association & Foundation, respectively-$972,000 per year. But at least he is not pretending to be feeding and healing the poor children of the world.
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    What do you think that guy's priorities are? Does he make sure all of the United Way's "member" non-profit programs are funded first, and then collect his cool $1 million if it's left over?
    Or does he pay himself first?
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    well Sir...I will continue to support all 2nd Amendment protectors
    Some people just aren't smart enough to protect it on their own.
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    If a charity calls you on the phone for a donation then it is a scam. Those are the ones that are giving 90% to the fundraisers. I did this while I was in college to help pay the bills and I was quite good at it. If they call you then you're being scammed.
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    I've always said if I ever won the lottery, I would not give to charities that asked for it, just because of BS like this. If anything, I'd setup my own charity with my own money and help my community.
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    @Polusalo Like someone said below, give to your local food banks. Buy the food beforehand and you know exactly what it's going to be used for.
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    @frigginhell We do that with our church's food bank. It's either donated food, or my wife picks up store gift cards.
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    Is there anyway, you know of, to check for local charities? I live in a small rural town and can't think of any that come to mind. Don't have much money right now, but I'm pretty sure at the end of the week, I'll have a pretty well-paying job and would love to help out the best I can.
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    It has long been known that the bulk of the money raised does not go to the people who need it most. The same is true with our current day welfare system and most every goverment program out there. 501's are are just a way for the heartless to become wealthy.
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    That is why you never donate to solicitors who are calling on behalf of a charity. When I donate I initiate it and I make sure they are spending on the actual charity and not their own salaries.
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    Most "charities" are con's.

    As cited above.

    Small groups of good people willing to donate food, help with children and clean-up in times of disaster are a much better way to go.
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    Buy Neman's own products. They are for-profit and give more to charity than most strictly charity organizations. Of course no one beats Bill Gates family. We give by buying Microsoft products.
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    The American Institute of Philanthropy is an independent and unbiased evaluator of charities and their spending and fundraising, The AIP runs the website CharityWatch.

    According to their criteria, the most efficient charities (spending more than 75% of donations on support, 25% or less on administration and wages) include the following charities:

    * Planned Parenthood
    * Amnesty International
    * The Guttmacher Institute (promotes sex education, studies health issues)
    * Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation
    * National Federation of the Blind
    * American Civil Liberties Union
    * Food and Water Watch (environmental watchdog)
    * Alaska Conservation Foundation (environmental)
    * Greenpeace
    * Sierra Club
    * Habitat for Humanity
    * Human Rights Watch
    * Doctors Without Borders
    * Oxfam
    * Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR)
    * Population Services International (birth control and women's rights)

    Among the worst rated "charities" for waste are:

    * American Civil Rights Union (founded by Reagan stooge Robert Carleson, Ed Meese on its board of misdirectors)
    * National Vietnam Veterans Foundation, AMVETS National Service Foundation, Paralyzed Veterans of America, Military Order of the Purple Heart Service Foundation - all of which spend more than 50% on "overhead", some giving less than 10% in "aid"
    * Feed the Children (christian "charity" which proselytizes religion, currently under investigation for misuse of funds)
    * American Tract Society - fundy christian group that only prints and distributes religious tripe, it does not actually offer any aid to people

    And plenty of others with the same political ideology.


    Charity Navigator is also an independent and unbiased evaluator of charities, and produces similar lists of best and worst that AIP produces.

    Consumer reports also evaluates charities and non-profits, and ranks universities among the most efficient.
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    Places I would recommend is checking your local are for No Kill Animal Shelters, organizations that find homes for cats and dogs, local boys and girls clubs that can assure you where the money goes. In some larger city areas there are still very good Police athletic leagues (PAL) that the money goes to the kids. Although limited in number of area Children of the night .org is a good organization that works to get runaway kids off the streets, back in school and if possible, reunited with their families.
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    What I want to know about united way is this: why have I NEVER worked a union job without being armtwisted into at least a 1 dollar "contribution" to them? I tried explaining to my personal thug that I needed every dollar and he kept insisting that at least one of them go to the united way, because it was the right thing to do. What real help do they do? Are they there after a tornado, or whatever? Always hear red cross and salvation army, never hear united way.
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    @CATTLEPROD I do not give anything to united way and threaten everyone who tried to give in my name. I offer no charity to a charity that skims the till to operate
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    I have always preached that the people running the charities pocket big bucks and the remaining money is only a minute amount for the actual charity. I must say that the ONLY CHARITY that I trust is the WHAS CRUSADE FOR CHILDREN.
    I'm not sure about St Jude Hospital any more. I certainly hope the money goes for the kids and not into political pockets
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    Sorry that I gave a referral to this below...I found the site before I read your post. But maybe it's worth repeating!
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