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    I'm always amazed at how the elite phrase things. I agree totally with this author but he could have said it in a whole less words. Big brother is everywhere, we're screwed. Pretty much covers it doesn't it?
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    @JustTheFacts Precisely. In reference to public education, though, I wanted to address my concerns. The emphasis on standardized tests has narrowed the curriculum and limited the scope of research, critical thinking and writing. History and literature have gone global and the Eurocentric roots of American society have been greatly diminished. Defining moments in US history are given a brief nod while human interest sidebars are given center stage. In the district from which I retired, there was a brouhaha between the administration and the honors and AP teachers who refused to teach from newly acquired and very expensive books. One of the bones of contention was the two page discussion of Lincoln's conduct of the Civil War. In literature classes, the focus is now on stories, plays and novels by third world writers. The translated works reflect either minimal skill or style or very poor translating. For teachers, there is no way of deviating from this rigid, agenda-driven curriculum because part of their evaluations comes from compliance. I have two grandchildren. I am willing to sell my blood to send them to private schools. I would like them to be conversant in subjects more weighty than celebrity gossip and fashion, such as it is, news. Sadly, our system of "education" is a farce.
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    "...the assumption that every sound you made was overheard, and, except in darkness, every movement scrutinized." That was before thermal imaging, of course.
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    They're only looking to know your secrets, right? So if we don't have any, are abrasive, loud, and walk around in our homes in dirty and holey underwear maybe they'll leave us alone. LOL
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    Sure ... we're all terrorist! Just yesterday I was out doing my Jihad training and they fitted me for my suicide bomber vest at Wal-Mart. Their having a discount sale this month on all roadside bombs and pressure cookers .... rotflmao!

    How stupid do they thinks Americans are? I know we test fairly low compared to other countries but surely you folks aren't stupid enough to drink their Kool-Aid are you?
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    Am I the only one who recognizes a logic disconnect?

    Question to the average American: are you willing to fight and possibly die to defend your constitutional rights against our enemies?

    Average American answer: yes!! Absolutely!

    Question to the average American: are you willing to give up your constitutional rights to remain safe?

    Average American: yes!!! Absolutely!

    What the hell????
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    Of what value are rights if you can't exercise or enjoy them? Physical safety supersedes everything. Without life or health what is the point of it all? The goal is to live as freely as practical given the times we live in. We don't live in the world of 200 years ago.
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    Guys like Russell intend Americans to live under a police state rule.
    He will sell Americans out in a heartbeat.
    He intends to have the government control our lives from Crib to Casket.
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    @ZappaCrappa Yes you must give up some rights in order to enjoy them if you wish to live within any society governed by the rule of law. Your rights end where they impinge upon mine. But to the point, privacy is a relative thing. Privacy is not all or nothing, Big Brother will always be watching you from somewhere in our modern day society. However that does not mean you have given up your basic privacy. It's not all or nothing.
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    @Vance1 We don't live in the world of 200 years ago. What each of us does influences everyone else. We are not a society of individual plantations, we are a highly interdependent, complex and integrated society. I understand the implication this has on individual freedom, you apparently do not.
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    the thing most people seem to overlook the government as a whole considers the populace in general the enemy,so anything it does is tainted by this shadow(see trading with the enemy act,emergency war powers act...etc. Resistance is futile,you will be absorbed
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    I agree that the government is moving us into an area that allows them to watch us closely and make our decisions for us. We can change this through the voting process and get rid of the current bureaucracy. Lets just hope it is not replaced by another.
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    This is nothing but the inevitable advancement in technological know how being taken advantage of. If you wish not to be tracked by the system, or to live free from oversight, then live the way they did 200 years ago. Live without all the modern amenities and live free.
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    Been there, done that...with 5 kids including a new baby.

    Living outside society, giving up all modern amenities does not equate to living free. There is NO WAY to live undetected anywhere on earth if someone is looking for you. I bet "they" didn't have Thermal Imaging Technology 200 years ago!
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    And the Satellite and heat sensors will be looking down on you, unless you live underground, but even there sound waves can locate you. There's really no where to hide. Maybe in that mountain in Colorado where the President and essential members of the Cabinet and Congress will go should Armegeddon erupt.
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    Anyone surprised by this 'revelation' has been living in a dream world. I am not quite sure when this surveillance program started in earnest, but it was no later then 9/11. It probably was going on to a great extent since the 90's. In some form it goes back to the less then honorable horror, J. Edgar Hoover. Today we live with a totally tyrannical government. It has disregarded law, pursued 'enemies', people and organizations who disagreed with its views, assassinated American citizens who were neither indicted nor posed an imminent threat to anyone. God bless our Dear Leader, Barack Hussein Obama, the magnificent, the all knowing, the all caring. It is not treason when he does it. It is not murder when he does it. Only if someone else does the same or someone reveals some of his illegal acts.
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    I agree with the overall view. What I dont agree with is people ignoring this type of stuff for the past century when it was isolated to targeted minority groups. Once again, now that prominent white people are offended, it's time for a revolution.
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    Isn't that always the way it is? Rights denied to one directly are rights denied indirectly to everyone. But few speak up when it is the minority being denied.

    If the death penalty as policy takes innocent life it can take the life of me, you, friends, relatives, who are innocent.

    What's wrongly done to the few by law can just as easily be done to the many, and here we are...
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    @WMCOL Very wisely put. I wish more people were concerned with citizens' rights and equality, and not just with their own circumstances and perceived problems. But either way, I suppose it is good at least that people are getting angry and ready to act.
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    I wonder if General Alexander remembers raising his hand and swearing to, "support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic...."

    I'm guessing no.
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    "Suspicion Breeds Confidence". Ah, George Orwell (Eric Blair) your pulp fiction nightmare caught on. I can't really be much of a critic. I've installed my own day/night HD cctv system with infrared cameras. But I don't go through my neighbors' garbage or keep logs of when they come and go, lol.
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    What are we going to do about all of this ? Nothing. We're going to sit and take it just like we always do. On election day we are going to pull the same lever for the same old parties we have been and not a thing will change. People are afraid to be free or let others be free. Let's just water board everybody every ten years or so just to see what they been up to. Hell somebody may be smoking weed or something and you know that's the greatest threat to the nation there is George Bush said so.
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    This is one of the most informative blogs I have yet to read. Very interesting, it was inevitable considering People with the most dangerous drug of choice- power
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    Yes I do.scare tactics and fear mongering led us to surrender our liberty for a false sense of security. It's not to late to stop this insanity. Stop voting with your hearts and start using your head. We continue to surrender our rights but it's never enough. Stop being sheep. Stand up for yourself and hold these idiots accountable. Remember they work for you.
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    We have all been targets for the government for years. Their problem, and our salvation both come from the same place, our whistle blowers.
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