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    No doubt. He'll schmooze up to anybody that offers him a jelly donut it seems. I cant stand the guy. To me he is a typical new England area R.I.N.O. who I think either don't have the cajones to just be who they really are or get enough attention and kickbacks to make it worth their while. I'll bet that the whole barry love fest has something to do with barry's Chicago tactics, and some sort of dirt on Christie, probably something kinky he likes to do with those jelly donuts.
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    @NormalFlora Now the conservatives are eating their own! Seems like Rhino meat would be kind of tough?! Ah well....fascists never did have good taste!
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    @CATTLEPROD Lol, borscht is made with beef not conservative (Rhino) shank. As I said before fascists never did have good taste!
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    I'd like for someone to explain to me why Chris Chrisitie isn't a RINO. He espouses no conservative values, campaigned on behalf of the obama, disses the Republican House because they said no to pork barrell spending, and now he's palling around with Bill Clinton? Disgusting...

    No matter what your political ideology is, you believe that America needs a leader who is grounded in true conservative principles. That person is not named Chris Christie. Christie is exactly the kind of man that makes people hate the Republican party. Liberals like Christie need to be purged from amongst our ranks. Let him join the party that truly represents his anti-American views.

    Conservatives, we need to stay steeped in our values and never stray from them. America needs us to be an anchor at her most crucial times. Right now, with the scorge of the obama, America cannot afford us joining with Democrats and abandoning the vision our forefathers had for this country. Stay strong, draw close to God, and we will pull through this horrible, horrible time.
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    Christy is as conservative as they come today. None of his policies are any different from the conservative platform.

    You simply don't like the fact that he doesn't spew conservative hatred on a regular basis. I find it sad that you think a guy isn't conservative because he doesn't hate as mush as you think he should. That says a lot about conservatism
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    @jessejaymes - I really don't even know what to say, everyone moans and groans when there is no bipartisanship but then they complain when politicians lean across the aisle to try to bring something together. Thanks to people like Neo, we will never get anything done.
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    You calling these times horrible makes me chuckle...These are the best of times for more people than ever before, and maybe better than what our future holds. Smell the roses.
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    Suppose, just suppose, that is all he is after.
    In this harsh factionalized political environment in D.C., while we say we want the party lines dropped in favor of a government working for the betterment of the people, do we, indeed, can we accept that happening?? Some of the responses seems cynical.
    My response is that it is worth a try. Anything beats the gridlock we now have.
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    @Rocker I agree with you. The gridlock needs to be broken and people need to remember how to work together, rather than this infantile "it has to be all my way". There is to much acting like toddlers in politics.
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    @songbird - Heck, some of us act like toddlers on here. Or at least 6 year-olds who don't play well.
    Howdy, up in 'Tucky. Weather good and gardens planted??
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    Too many politicians and party members on both sides are trapped in the "Crips vs Bloods" mentality. Sorry people, but you're not in a gang so stop acting like it every time someone in your party is civil with the folks from the other part of da hood.
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    Christie is an old style conservative, he appreciates competence wherever he finds it.

    Good for him.

    At least he knows that Democrats are the opposition, and not the enemy.
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    Seriously? I mean are are of you kidding or did alot of people with the same mental disorder find this webpage at the same time? I AM Republican and not some R.I.N.O. as you tweakers are fond of saying cause you heard it on Fox News. I for one am glad we have a few Republicans left that are willing to shut up reach over to the Democrats and try to build relationships that GET SHIT DONE. People like Boehner and McConoll have their place but Those like Jeb Bush, Chris Christie. San Marcos City Council Candidate Rob Roark. Those men are ESSENTIAL to bring our Country back to its Glory days where the Govt. Worked for its people, not Spied on them.
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    @falconium Well to be fair to others I suppose that would depend on your particular point of view though for the sake of my views I would say 1865-1964 is a great time period to look at. While not perfect by any means it WAS during that period America's Wealth, Middle Class, and the foundations of Equality were set.
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    @falconium It is clear that conservatives were told not to work with democrats until Obama is out of office. Until they decide not to be such douchbags and understand that they are only hurting us all, there are no glory days until a republican is in office. Im I don't think it will be soon unless they grow some brains and stop doing stupid shit.
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    Romney exhibited similar behavior as mass governor and campaigned in 2012 on his ability to "work with the other side" in order to get things finished.
    He had a divided legislature and he still had legislative accomplishments.
    But you conservatives have created an atmosphere where a republican CANNOT even be SEEN with a dem and if he is you threaten to retaliate at the polls.
    How can "your" folks, or ANYONE for that matter, get things done if there is a split within the legislature?????
    Stop threatening your politicians and encourage BOTH sides to work together or else NOTHING will be achieved.(wait a minute...NOTHING is being achieved right now.....too late)
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    Ahhh, how sweet, a me'nage a' trois,... this is getting a little sickening, and none of them
    give a Rat's rear-end about anything but getting elected, or getting their spouses elected.
    Gimme a break!!!
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    If repubs want a prayer of remaining relevant nationally, they should be following Christie's lead instead of digging in further and alienating themselves from the rest of the nation even more. Also- having lived both north and south of the Mason Dixon line, I can tell you that conservatives in the northeast are generally more moderate than their southern cousins. They are into fiscal conservatism, without so much of the social baggage. They are less about being idealogues and more about getting shit done. I don't support the duopoly in any way, but it is good to see some members of each side trying to actually work together instead of instigating another civil war. I sure as hell don't want to have to fight for, or against either of these two miserable parties since I don't have a dog in their fight. But then again- civil wars only need loud, motivated minorities, to drag the rest of us into the pit.
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    The American Government is too divided on partisan grounds to do its job well. President Obama and Governor Chris Christi call for a return to the old establishment parliamentary practice of bi-partisanship and fair-play negotiation is crucial to addressing today's most pressing issues like climate change, gun control, renewable energy , and the growing inequality of wealth in basically a egalitarian American mixed-cultural society.
    "It is the desire of the good people of the whole country that sectionalism as a factor in our politics should disappear."
    Fourth State of the Union Address (6 December 1880).
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    A RHINO? Lol. He is showing the American public what they need to see. A presidential hopeful that can cross the isle. Make no mistake, this man is a solid conservative period. He is showing Dems that he is also straight forward and will work both ends of the stick for the better of the country. Simple question. If he is such a rhino, would he make the same decisions Obama has made the past 5 years? And there is your answer.
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    Here's the important difference between Gov Christie and other high profile GOPers, like Senators Paul and Cruz, Rep Ryan: The Governor could actually win a national election.( )

    Hard right ideologues who prefer purity to victory will continue to not bother Gov Christie at all with their RINO Labeling and superficial criticism.
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    New Jersey is Democrat controlled. What's Christie gonna do, commit political suicide? He is staking out a middle ground. What most forget, and Dusty keeps telling you, the majority is in the middle and outnumber Democrats or Republicans and are the ones who decide elections. It looks like the middle will gradually take over the country relegating Democrats and Republicans to obscurity. May be only hope for nation.
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    "Cooperation and Collaboration," what a fine example. Before all of you stuck in the conservative rut prima donnas start with your RINO rants, think how nice it would be if MORE members of BOTH political parties could find common ground (like the good of the nation,) and work similarly together. Bravo to Gov. Christie and Presidents Clinton and Obama.
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    Any Con who doesn't goosestep to right-wing lies and misrepresentations is called a RINO. GOP leaves no room for independent thought, from whence comes diversity, that profane, vulgar word to Republicans.
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    The only people Christie is fooling are conservatives. He's pretending to like dems, but underneath he's still the same hateful conservative he was three years ago.

    This will hurt him in the republican primary, whee it's necessary to be as filled with conservative hatred as possible, but it will help him in the general
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