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    Democrats have always been about using and abusing Blacks and other minorities, from the Indian Removal Act, Trail of Tears, to slavery, to voter suppression, to Jim Crow laws, to their union takeovers and manipulations and takeovers of groups such as the NAACP. Instead of being overtly racist now, the Democrats have taken on the guise of a seemingly harmless caretaker instead of the cruel master.

    Just like Malcolm X said, "the liberal is like the cunning fox, who smiles at you, says he is your friend, and lures you into his den with promises of treats and food, then attacks when you are cornered. They cannot be trusted."
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    Malcolm X said many things, such as:

    "You're not supposed to be so blind with patriotism that you can't face reality. Wrong is wrong, no matter who does it or who says it."

    "I am and always will be a Muslim. My religion is Islam."

    Seriously, I doubt very much that Malcolm X would have any use for today's GOP.
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    Here is a little more modern examples to include as to how Democrats are racists.
    1957: Civil Rights Act was authored by the Republican Party and was led through congress in large part by Dwight D. Eisenhower.

    The Democratic Party fillibustered the legislation which was to force several states to grant voting rights to blacks, and abandone their voting registration discrimination.

    Democratic Sen. Strom Thurmon put on a one person fillibuster and argued vehemently against the bill for something like 24 hours or so, but lost.

    The Democratic committee members gutted the bill, and a later bill was enacted in 1960 to correct and restore what was gutted from the original act.
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    Let me translate all this. The GOP offered him more money than the Dems. A black GOP politician has more value commercially to the GOP.
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    You're kidding, right? What does the Democratic party have for black people? Entitlements?(just a gimme, another way to keep them on the plantation, AND get their votes!).
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    @Thinkpeople I really, REALLY dislike people who claim one party or the other has anything for the middle class. This guy is from the most politically corrupt state in America and it has been for at least 100 years. He got better deal from the GOP because they can prop him up and say "see we have black people". All it amounts to.
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    surprises me, i thought at this time they was in the market of buying hispanic folks, kind of like some companies do so they can get contracts on certain jobs. though why not give them rubio that might cost more to get someone to take him though.
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    @tomincali Hey they got free money in both parties from the taxpayers. They can afford to buy more than one race.
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    Smart guy. He knows the Left wants blacks to stay in the ghetto so they are more easily manipulated by the Sharpton types.
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    democratic party is the modern day plantation owner? free handouts, entitilements, class warfare to control the masses and tell them how they have to vote??
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    Couldn't have said it better.
    Jesse has a point in the corruption sector but it pales in comparison to the sheer volume of monetary corruption in Cali. A state with a budget of built in corruption.
    In Louisiana the politicians have to work for their corruption.
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    @HawkTheSlayer I guess that would be why California is the 7th largest economy in the world FOR A COUNTRY while Louisiana has, well, hmmmm.....Mardi Gras and some folks shooting alligators on TV.
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    he's trying to teach the young people the true history of the Democrat slave owner mentality. he's an old man he probably doesn't want to die with that on his conscience.. that for so long he went along with the Democrats and in essence remained a slave a whole lot longer than he needed to. I applaud him because he knows first hand what those racist Democrats will do to him and yet he has the courage to stand up. .. Bravo
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    If you're stupid enough to think ancient myths should be taught as science, despite the fact that there's no evidence at all supporting them, then you naturally belong to the GOP.

    Why do Americans keep electing these idiots?
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    This man is disqualified by this tired old position that only deceives fools, "Somehow it has been forgotten that the Republican party was founded in 1854 as an abolitionist movement,"

    Anyone with a lick of sense knows the Republican Party has not been liberal since shortly after Lincoln was in office. What it was bears no resemblance to what it is.
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    @NOObama Some of us were smart enough to figure it all out at an early age. My parents were of the old democratic party when it still had morals and principles, not this liberal BS. All 4 of us kids are GOP as are my sons.
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    @ST_Louie_Sue my entire family were
    " devout" democrats. Never thinking or considering voting any other party until Obama, with the blantant disregard for people, lies, racism, for the first time in my fathers life of 76 , he voted Republican. I will never vote Democrat again!
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    He's in a world of hurt, the left hates nothing more than a Black man deciding to NOT buy into their lies. Out of the Dem. Plantation is apt.

    The left likes to keep THEIR BLACK CONSTITUENTS just needy enough to keep voting the Dems. into office. The Repbs. want to teach ALL to be self sufficient, to take care of themselves and their families an NOT be dependent on the Dem. Master for their sustenance. Think of it like slavery without the work requirement. Still dependent on the White Democratic Master for everything with no work required to get said support. All they have to do is keep voting D and all will be fine. Well not fine, but they will subsist, have just enough to get by and never go any further. Thus the Plantation reference. Still beholden to the dems. Masters for substance and never, ever, leaving the "Victim Class". This ensures the jobs of the Jessy Jacksons and Al Sharpton's of the black community. If Blacks are found to be equal partners, heck, a whole segment of "Activists" will be out of a job. Better to keep them on the "Plantation, needing D sustenance, than to set them free to think for themselves.
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    Yes, Democrats created a generation of "I DESERVE THIS FOR FREE", "I AM NOT WORKING BECAUSE IT IS TOO MUCH WORK" and "GIVE ME GIVE & GIVE ME" Generation. Racist liberals toward whites.
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    It's about time someone, especially a black senator, stood up and told the truth. All of the lies that the Democratic Party is the party that helps black people are finally being lain out for all to see! I'm very proud of this courageous black senator!
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    He isn;t saying anything new. Among others, Dr. Ben Carson made the point that the Democratic Party is the "plantation" and the blacks who defend the Identity Politics of the Left are the Uncle Toms.

    “Oh, well, there’s no question,” Mr. Carson replied.“They feel if that you look a certain way then you have to stay on the plantation. You know I’ve heard some people refer to me as an Uncle Tom. Well, obviously they don’t know what an Uncle Tom is because they need to read Harriet Beecher Stowe’s novel ‘Uncle Tom’s Cabin.’ You’ll see that he was very, very subservient, kind of go along to get along type person. Obviously, that’s not what I’m doing.”

    Read more:

    I applaud Sen. Guillory. His bravery in the face of the the Left's hatred is truly admirable.
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    He is right. The Republican Party was founded as the abolitionist movement - 160 years ago. In 2013? The RNC changed from a moderate, tolerant voice to one of obstructionism and indifference, clinging to nostalgia that is unrealistic and painfully continuing to make directly insulting comments to groups that do not directly relate to WASP.

    Alienating everyone does not bode well for the future of the RNC.
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    Part of his reason is foolish but he is right when he says the Republican Party is better for blacks then the Democratic Party. The problem is the welfare state that has been built. Unfortunately it is unlikely the Republicans will be able to change much for quite a while, if ever.
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    I think he finally realized that the Democrats recall do not want the minorities to educate themselves. If they did they would realize the lids want them to stay on government hand outs. They use the propaganda that the Republicans want them to starve, kill grand ma and grand pa. Bad air posion the air and water.
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    Unless you're in Orleans parish, the only way to be a successful career pol in Louisiana is being a Republican.
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    Not exactly true. The last 10 presidential elections, Louisiana has voted for the winner, except in the last two (when the whole country except us fell for "hope & change", then "forward", both of which have no specific meaning in this case. Hope for what?, change what?, what is it changing to?, moving forward in what area & to where?) The whole country fell off the track with Obama. We also had Democratic governors all the way to 1980, having had only 4 Republicans since 1877.
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    @Thinkpeople Ya'll have still got the stink of Huey Long's rotting corpse to remind you of the evil of liberalism. Lucky for the whole country he was assassinated, he might have been the one person crazier than FDR.
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    Are you saying Guillory didn't do his homework before he switched parties? I think he did. I think he did the research, and watched both the Republicans and the Democrats at the state and national level for a long time before he changed. I think this man made his decision carefully after a great deal of thought.
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    I'm saying that both parties are out to buy votes with tax dollars. All the rhetoric in the world can't erase their actions.
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    @Zazziness I am calling you on a lie. You did not read the Blaze article nor did you watch the video. If you had, you would know that the "faith healer" quote is completely bogus and DOES NOT APPEAR IN THE BLAZE ARTICLE OR THE VIDEO. IT IS A COMPLETE FABRICATION, INSERTED TO MAKE THE MAN LOOK STUPID. You believed it without question because you want to believe the man is too stupid to be taken seriously. Shame on Politix and shame on you.
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    "The Democrats, on the other hand, were the party of Jim Crow." AMEN Brother!!!

    Liberals have invented stories to re invent The democrats history.
    Democrats invented segregation, Democrats voted against the 1964 civil rights movement.
    Democrats have always kept the blacks inside the ghetto, they have never encouraged blks to do better, Because they required their vote.
    If you actually know history, You already know that the Democrats have always been the actual racists in our country.
    Guillory is a good man to finally bring these points forward as is Dr. Ben Carson.
    Its time these poor indoctrinated blacks learn the truth.
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