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    Wall Street is crooked they privatize gains and socialize losses. Few have gone to jail since Enron. If anyone deserves a long stretch in a Fed Penitentiary it's former NJ Governor Jon Corzine. you know the guy? The one who stole investor funds at MF Global and smartest guy Joe Biden knows.

    We can't forget Government's role, GSA's and their enablers Frank and Dodd had a huge hand in screwing the country as well and still are. Then there's Clinton's repeal of Glass-Steagall.
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    Your comment is beyond wrong Who keeps shutting down Elizabeth Warrens enforcement efforts.
    Don't any of you righties know anything ??
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    @WallStreet i gotta give you credit obviously wall street.

    but look at the things i am saying. it is this strange bedfellows, gubment and corps, and we all know that. has been since before the first antitrust rounds in the 20s. big politicians are built, paid, and deployed via big business. always has been, always will be, ancient rome surely had large merchants etc.

    and it goes both ways. while the reps are busy raping you openly, the dems are busy ensuring their place back in the woods the next twenty by taking the blame off of big business for insurance costs... and that is how the game is played, imo. i dont appreciate being pimped much more than raped, to be outright honest about it.

    its the same game, with a different date, but the problem is to me, we live in the google day, and there is NO excuse for people believing it is US AND THEM as for libs and cons OR reps and dems.... its them and us, meaning people like me and you should not even DISCUSS OUR politics... we have a large enough fight, obviously, to pick with who is in charge on both sides, rather than amongst ourselves.
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    @NobodysFool no strange bedfellow here with McCain and Graham are there
    "Leahy: Border security measure reads 'like a Christmas wish list for Halliburton"
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    @Thunderchicken dude accounting classes added a year after enron, for "ethics".
    it was basically asking "would you steal this" "would you steal that" and you give essays why not.
    the rest of the time was spent reading how people got caught stealing, under the pretense that everyone in this room is in accounting classes to catch thieves rather than be them. very explicit descriptive situations of just about every theft, embezzlement, etc that they could show you, coupled with explenations on EXACTLY how they were caught, which, usually came down to timing the way an Aesop's fable would boil down to a lesson about right and wrong.

    there really should not be any debate on why things are now coupled with government to steal/embezzle, based upon taking a fine tooth comb through that and several of the things with sarbanes-oxley. i expect that to be the biggest reason you will not see an open world government in at least 20 years- there is too much left to steal.
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    Hollywood is no mystery. Their own Liberal Guilt manifests itself by running down OTHER filthy Rich people to take the spotlight off their Gated Enclaves of wildly extravagant living. They think it will keep the "peasants" from showing up at THEIR gates with the torches and pick forks.

    The only diff between the Patrons of the Dining Room at the Hotel Bel Air and the ones on Wall Street are the "coat and a tie". The "ethics", or lack thereof, are one and the same.
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    I guess only liberal drop the $'s at the movie theater. What is Liberal Guilt, gulity for what? You feel no guilt sending kids to school hungry, cutting funding for meals on wheels for seniors.. I guess one dose of Liberal Guilt is equal to one part Conservative greed
    Care to share how you've obtained all this insightful information or is just your innate wisdom your sharing with... I doubt you've been inside the Bel Air or have traveled to the canyons of Wall Street from Almagodo NM.
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    I believe "Conservative Greed" would be a good topic it just isn't this topic.

    My Sister has lived on Amapola Dr. in Bel Air for years and I lived at The Colonade 357 W 57th in Manhattan for a couple of years since you asked.....but, of course, you don't give others credit for knowing much if they aren't wedded to your point of view. I know. It's a Progressive thing. It's the reason why increasing numbers of long time Democrats like me are now going more Libertarian. Socially Liberal but just not Fiscally Suicidal. Kapesh?
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    @LaLuz Suggest that you may benefit getting up to date on what I think you call "fiscal suicide." Your philosophical approach is what is driving us into fiscal Suicide Just Saying learn the facts.
    The entire GOP/Tea party economic model that was the basis of cutting government spending has proven to be a mathematically flawed model and real live failed economic practice .
    Countries implementing severe austerity have only suffered decreased growth no economic expansion at all just deepening depression Spain now approaching 60% unemployment age <35 The Greek situation even worse, UK & Ireland now in a triple dip and all of a sudden the old Keynesian model of when there is no one with any money to stimulate growth only he government via deficit finance can do it is now being discussed in the Eurozone

    "A new study that says Carmen Reinhart and Ken Rogoff made simple coding errors while inputting date in their Excel Spreadsheet and omitted other date in a famous paper claiming that economic growth slows down in countries with debt levels above 90 percent of GDP: The conclusions drawn with the revised data are totally opposite the conclusing reaching by Reihart and Rogoff
    Just Goggle "Reinhart Rogoff debunked" and you'll find the whole austerity theory is just plain 180 deg. wrong.
    You "Libertarian" Tea/Pubs are all screaming to cut spending when we should be spending, if only on needed infrastructure if you want to see economic growth
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    @WallStreet lol, I was up late last night and pointed out to Mary Noble that all politix ever posts are articles about guns gays and Sarah palin. Hey, I am glad to see they're trying something new, lol
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    i totally agree. and i agree with them doing it. it is called good business.

    it doesnt change the fact that they are profitiing off of our hatred of that group, and it doesnt change the fact that monkeys like this author saying " we are all good with them after a half decade" just does more to speed up the process everyone promised- more bailouts after more THEFTS.

    this author is more of a problem, people like them, in the grand scheme of things, than hollywood. based on most of hollywoods works directly tied to wall street, they know they are scum and we wouldnt piss on them if they were on fire. we would actually laugh. it is guys like this author that are doing a major part to help THEM forget who THEY are. and they NEED to remember, because we do. and our moronic government will take the kickback, as both bush and obama did, and give them a fat check.

    i have more of an issue with this author than i do with actual hollywood business practices. they are more upfront about intentions, if you ask me. i don't know what any monkey would write this drivel for- unless they are getting a kickback as well.
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    ROFLOL with interest rates at record lows for the last several years and multi nationals not repatriating the profits and paying dividends What exactly do you have in mind HI Yield Stocks.... Isn't there anyone on this site with a brain?
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    it would not matter what we thought.

    all retirement programs are tied to the stocks.
    we have no choice but to get over the "Resentment".

    until our government steps up and wants to act like they have a clue how to regulate financials.... no there will be no resentment... because we will KEEP OUR SINGLE DOLLAR or find a way to double it OURSELVES. half the retirement programs in the nation would be broke now if it wasnt for things like SERS (teachers, cops being forced to bump money into programs), sky high speculator risk ratios, and the 10 percent tax for early withdrawal.

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    I guarantee you the stars and directors and producers count on Wall street to makes their millions generate millions more, as do all wealthy Democrats.
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    Realthinker does not = deep thinker... Who talked of the 47% as if they had no right to exist. Who had Koch, Trumps Addlesons and so on.... pissing their millions down the drain chasing GOP candidates. Who did
    Wall Street Donate more to GOP or DEMs... Typical just so typlical
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    @WallStreet Everything you said is irrelevant. The fact remains, Hollywood relies on Wall St. to make them money on their investments. Talk is cheap. Years ago I learned you do not rely on what Democrats say, you watch what they do. When you watch them, you learn two things. They do NOT do what they say they are going to do. They pay lip service to caring about the "working man", but they play their crony capitalist games instead. Second, what the Democrats are accusing the Republicans of doing is what the Democrats themselves are doing. It is axiomatic.
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    @WallStreet Let this be the beginning of your education into how the Senate and Congress really work, and why you should watch what they do.
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    @Realthinker Duhhh what a genius Mastry of the obvious!!!
    Thank you massa for letting me know Hollywood and the rest of the world invests with Wall Street .... such words of wisdom I would have never guessed
    You fools backing the GOP refuse tax reform that would aid the working man don't you.. How many of the Fortune top 500 take their profits which have been substantial and reinvest in the USA NONE Better to invest off shore and keep the money there, Don't say due to high taxes the avel. Corp pays a real tax rate of <10% Don't cry to me cry to the HR they will not permit any closing of loop holes. d
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    @WallStreet Who won't allow the closing of loopholes? It is a Fact that the Democrats held both the House and the Senate along with the White House from 2009 to 2010. They had plenty of time to close those loopholes without opposition, yet they did not. Nor will they. The Democrats wrote those loopholes into the law decades ago and they are not going to remove them. Watch what they do, not what they say. Fact: the Democrats do not remove tax loopholes when they have the votes.
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    It's not half as crooked as the beltway. His do you take a public service job and end up a millionaire without producing anything? You get paid by Wall Street to protect interest.
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    see what would be better than making 600 percent per year as opposed to your lowest employee??

    moating him in to having to get a second job just to survive. that doubled the value of every dollar you have, if you do it to every peon down here. get it? to him its still a frigging dollar. to you, instead of it being cable, it feeds your kids. it matters now.

    people just.... dont get money, at all. speaking of feeding , ima find food. you all must be outside or something lol
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    see , here is my personal opinion, and i openly welcome realistic conversation.

    i think big business big government is set to start a two fold run. ok look at it like this.... music, look at how rich they make those people for putting some words to a beat of some type. and a large portion of that is because they keep the market thinned out, you don't see thousands of country singers, thousands of rappers, etc..... you see a hundred, etc big names that they actually promote. they keep the money real close to their chest in this sense, always have. only now with stuff like youtube do they have to rethink that model- instead they are pimping it given the chance and relying on government interference to change the game as necessary, under the guise of protecting these artists, when in reality, it comes down to keeping the other 6 billion people in the dark about how easy THEIR job is FINDING a new star.:)

    ok, how does this apply to healthcare? it is a moated business. obamacare will implement the same kind of fortress situation... a corp like halliburton says. now instead of being a "supplier" like johnson and johnson , or bic pencils, you are actually considered as "close as you can be". there will be a few big businesses as there are with time warner, that will cull several pharm etc groups that are connected to them etc....

    and the argument will stand that it will cut into decent jobs so much that they will become no longer very good, horrible jobs will have healthcare basically at a 60 percent rate to what they can truly afford, and the stage will be set to innovate or die. i guess it can simply be said, based upon what i have seen.... i have little faith we will not die,:/

    but hey, i guess we could always just do like they wanted for nafta. yall prolly outta call me doctor anyhow, huh? lololol
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    I remember "The Great Gatsby" as being a romantic novel about a man and a woman, not a love story about Wall Street. I don't see how anyone would think that America has a soft spot for Wall Street because of a movie about a "fraudster convicted of cheating investors out of more than $100 million".

    Is anyone else pissed off the ex-Enron CEO Jeff Skilling just got 10 years reduced from his sentence? The biggest crime is that so few big time financial crooks go to jail at all.
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    i just honestly believe the entirity of our government, by supporting things like no regulation whatsoever on any of it in any true knowledgeable fashion while throwing money at bailouts and turning insurance into a frigging tax..... the entirity is the issue here guys. republicans are to blame when they let them run free and the get bloated and fakey and robbey and cooked booksy.... but the dems are to blame when they just GIVE them the pie. both groups are equally to blame and will go down in the books when the books arent written by their maggots or all burned by their flies. :D
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    see guys.... let's take it at face value... ok??

    IF liberals are right, and conservatives/republicans generally place money over people, outside of that person's family....PERSONAL PROFITS MATTER to them....
    IF conservatives are right, that liberals/democrats have a frivolousness about themselves in one manner or possibly more, generally social issues, that lead to them relying more on government, bigger government...... HELPING THE WORLD TO THEM.... now for what reason, let's not delve into any more than we delve into why a millionaire needs another, ok? seriously, give me a minute here, just one. yall can go back to hating each other real soon, i promise, all of you.... thats you too reps, not just talking to libs here....

    who is to blame for an increasingly accessible to technology society where healthcare costs are rising as standard of living of medical practicioners standardly IS one of the MAIN catalysts in real world inflation upon the consuming public of said nation?

    the fact is, they are telling you it will be covered. the fact is, they are not telling insurers they will be run out of the market. the fact is, they are not telling doctors they will be forced to take less personally OR deal with anything more likewise.

    so if everyone is "getting their way", where will this all fall? how many ditch diggers, how many plumbers, how many cable guys, how many gas station clerks/ owners.... who will pay? who will be able to pay? who will not find it more profitable to work the most minimum wage possible and "be thankful for that which they came with"?

    are we just "writing off" the costs of subsidizing the poor? if it is possible to "write off" anything.... how much could be "written off" of everyone? how much is simply greed? where are the people saying "there are simply too many hands in the pie" ? it does not take an economics degree, or a psychology degree, to tell you people are you being played by at least one group, most likely all in cahoots together. while you are bickering.
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    Do people really believe there's any distinction between Hollywood and Wall street?
    Who do you think puts up the money to make the movie?
    That's the reason for Independent film makers
    That's the reason OWS wasn't liked by the media and portrayed them negatively any chance they got.Only the useful idiots of the Media hated OWS protests.
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    ofc dont get me wrong, i am no occupier.

    they were a BIGGER set of fools. "you are wrong, you are fleecing america, give me benefits so i shut up". that's called blackmail where i come from.

    i have to rely on "blaze your own path" if you want to prove how right you are. there is not a reason on god's green earth you cannot use your art degree to dig ditches in a way that makes you more than the average ditchdigger. we do not whine and moan about AIG and the likes because frankly, it does not do us any good.

    and, hence, the resentment has yet again shifted. say you are doing just that- digging ditches, building a business in some new form of artsy hole... whatever. lol . so now , you have distanced yourself from the problems, you are truly "helping mankind". you are not subsiding on something the gubment gives you, or convincing yourself you are "doing the right thing". you are coming over to clients houses, at their request, doing something they feel they need done, and getting paid for that, something you can truly be proud of.

    and along comes mr gubment official. "how many people in your house". "do you have health insurance" . "here are your options- and they all include your money in my pocket, or worse".

    but wait, what about the bailouts?! what about AIG? what about united healthcare raising rates on gubment officials in the double digits in multiple years before and since the announcement of obamacare? how much of THAT has to do with why *I* need to buy in, force my employees to buy in, when they *OR I* will still not be able to have the care WE DESERVE for HELPING OUR SOCIETY, TRULY?!

    get over yourselves. resentment, seriously is not the word. you have NO IDEA, quite obviously.
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