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    There is no such thing as climate change. This is a natural thing in weather. The King knows the treatys for control of how and what kind of natural energy we are going to be allowed to use. So he will executive order it. More government control for John.Q. Public but doesn't have any control over him If he is so worried about climate change why does he ant the family go on vacation every 2 months and stay at home. Look at the carbon foot print his is causing. Ass clowns.
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    Wonderful exhibition of paranoid delusion, but when the great majority of the world's climate scientists say it's happening, then the govt has to go with that.
    Otherwise we may as well go back to Reagan's astrologer to set policy.
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    Never mind what you think. Or don't.

    If you're running the country and you're responsible for public safety, you have to go with accepted science.

    "I don't believe it" is not an acceptable response.
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    @harold_lloyd Paranoid delusion is the whining and hand wringing blaming every tornado and hurricane on 'climate change. Like Chicken Little.

    Fact is- they existed before we were here- and will long after we are gone.

    And people STILL buy it after it was a proven hoax for $$$$$$$
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    @harold_lloyd A Flat Earth was accepted science at one time too. Of course- Man Made Climate change was a proven hoax to sap $$$ from wealthy countries- A fact a lot of ignorant folks MUST ignore so they can't u-turn on their beliefs.
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    President Obama on Tuesday will lay out a plan to increase un employment and raise peoples taxes,,,, nothing more
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    @harold_lloyd It will be a government job creator, no doubt. The flip side will be that it will kill jobs in the private sector, which means bigger government with even fewer people to pay for it. Power plants will simply shut down rather than pay billions to comply, and power companies will build plants in other countries where regulations are less stringent, and make their money there, so the net effect to the environment, worldwide, will be nil, if not worse. AND, energy costs to the American consumer will rise. More expensive power means more expensive everything. More manufacturing will move outside the U.S. to find cheaper power and labor, so the effect down the road will be even fewer good, high paying jobs across the board. Result? An even weaker economy, and a weaker United States.
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    Your logic is faulty.

    The demand for power is here, and the power plants will be here too.

    It's true that jobs will be lost, but they said the same thing about cars and the buggy whip industry.
    Technology always changes things, the trick is to manage it and not let things happen randomly.
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    @harold_lloyd You are incorrect. My logic is based upon the proven track history of 40 years of increasing government interference in our nation's private sector, and the millions of high paying manufacturing and tech jobs which have moved out of the United States to foreign lands in order to take advantage of lower costs, while the United States has been reduced low paying retail and service industry jobs. The demand for power may be here, but how much bigger of a percentage of our paychecks are we willing to pay for it? Higher bills for necessities means less spending money means fewer high-end purchases, less travel, less purchasing of new products overall. The rich stay rich, and the middle class and poor work their tails off just to keep the utility bill paid, gas in the car, and food on the table. Companies that still do things and make things here will find their costs increasing too, and will look for ways to trim the budget. Anything that can be done cheaper in other nations will be done there, not here. It's a downward spiral, and big-government liberals are going to pay the price just like everyone else.
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    @harold_lloyd So more Gov't jobs paid by whom? Taxpayers. This is sheer idiocy in this economic climate.
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    @harold_lloyd no, it means a bunch of green bean regulators running around shutting down factories and putting the very people that pay their bloated, wasteful salaries out of work.
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    When it comes to Climate change I'm as much a believer as anyone else but I've reached the point that I am not interested in anything the president or Congress has to say about anything since they won't do anything to stop American Corporations from outsourcing jobs and paying little to no taxes. What the hell does it matter if we burn up if we all are going to have to live like Indians on an 1800 reservation. At what point do they start handing out diseased blankets and wormy flour?
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    I'm a proud member of the RE-NO Party.(RE-Elect Nobody......until further notice. When do you take a stand?
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    I want the fire-water and peyote........
    And you're right. What does it matter when the corporate cronies are sitting in their white towers and we are living at the base of it in cardboard boxes eating cockroaches......let it all burn!
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    @jessejaymes Suggested Agenda of the RE-NO party.

    1.) Lobbyists may not contact or speak with elected representatives outside of Congressional Offices and all conversations between between elected officials and lobbyists must be recorded and entertedinto the Library of Congress and available for Public access.

    2.) No Elected Official may work for a lobbying firm for a period of 20 years following leaving public office and No former elected official may directly or indirectly lobby a current public official.(Let them make Viagra Commercials)

    3.) And Contractor or lobbyist found to be extorting or charging the American people a price or fee more than double the price or fee the American people can acquire on their own (I.E. Hammers/Screws, etc.) shall be put on trial for treason and profiteering and if found guilty, immediately without appeal, be executed.

    4.) No Congress person may vote for or against a bill which includes riders to that bill that directly provide money or services that benefit that Congress person's district but does not directly provide money or services to the primary bill.

    5.) No Congress person or staff shall be exempt from or shielded from the exact same laws that govern those they represent and if found to be violating the laws that govern those they represent and found guilty by a court of law, will be subject to the maximum sentencing for that particular crime, without parole, in a a maximum security federal prison plus forfeiture of all assets and possessions.

    Just a start. What do you have?
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    funny,today i was watching an show on glaciers,it was telling how thousands of years ago how they carved out valleys,flattened out mountains and created new ones... those glaciers disappeared thousands of years ago,did ole freddy p. flintstone have too big a carbon footprint or was there a severe case of dinosaur much for manmade climate change LOL
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    and this will cost us and make him and his friends money how? all know he is not doing this to save money yet again he will find a way to steal it .
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    I would much rather see him using executive actions to fill Seat on the various federal courts that the GOP have been obstructing. I'd also like to see him concentrate on jobs. The environment is important but with unemployment over 7.5% that is where his efforts should be going.
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    @harold_lloyd Cleaning the environment and regulations on a naturally occurring 'gas' are 2 different things.

    Unless he is going to run China- a Country with almost 2 billion people and no enviro regs whatsoever- this is just placating to his hippie "sky is falling ' base.
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    Abuse of power seems to be Mr Obama's forte. Anyone over there in our legislature going to stick up for The People?
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    Oh wow and the global temperature has not increased at all in the last 15 years. Coldest spring every this year. We're in deep crap buba. Wow-not!
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    if you don't help in taking care of the planet you won't need a job at all... think about it. not only that, but presidents don't make jobs and neither does congress. if you want jobs, then get off your ass and create some yourself.
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    The planet can take care of itself as it has for billions of years without us. Truth is, the planet don't really care about it inhabitants. If it changes we have to adapt or parish. The green crap is just a scam of the elites to make you panic for their takeover plans.
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    Yes it's been talked about several time on Coast to Coast, where they also feature guest how talk about the NWO conspiracies, and recently Snowden and the NSA.

    Another site which deals with the NWO is the Steve Quayle site. I'm not deep into the paranormal or UFO stuff but sometimes I find it interesting and even plausible.

    Check then out and you will find out about the NWO takeover plans though various entities, notably the big bankers who people confuse with Wallstreet.
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    You have to be an idiot at this point to not believe climate change is real. The only thing up for discussion at this point is wether or not its purely natural or if humans have had a major effect on the climate since the burning of fossil fuels. The percentage of climate scientists that believe that global warming is real and that global warming is caused by humans, is the same percentage of medical researchers that believe that second-hand smoke causes cancer. Like the debate on second hand smoke with one side aiming to keep its profits intact and the other aiming to not get cancer from the guy 3 seats down during his kids high school football game, corporations and politics blur the information given to the public.
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    @Jack-Black - can you back that up with links to studies NOT done by the minority of head-in-the-sand climatologists or those in the pay of big oil/energy? Did you bother to read any of the links I provided? If it's a hoax, who benefits? Who loses if we consider it to be fact and act accordingly? I can tell you who loses if we do nothing: the human species and nearly every other currently living species. We're killing our own habitat.
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    indeed so true...its a liberals wet dream.
    Think....They can tax the hell out of business they can regulate business all in the name of or sake of "Global Warming" and put some frosting on the top to make it look good.

    Un Employment will go higher and higher in America.
    Its has been a liberal goal to Bankrupt America anyway they can.
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    I imagine there will be the usual fees, taxes, and fines associated with his proposal. Regulations are for the paranoid control freaks running the government, not for the betterment of the country or its people. Obama, let our people go!
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    Is this a fucking joke? I have honestly never been more pissed at anyone in my entire life. HE IS RUINING THIS GREAT COUNTRY
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    He needs to go through PROPER channels - executive actions were NEVER intendended for all the CRAP he has used them for!
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    All "executive action"s should be required to be ratified by congress within a defined time limit!
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    As long as the coal, oil and natural gas industries pay the GOP to deny science, congress will never act. So it's up to the President.
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    It is the only way to get anything done with these do nothing T'Bagger Republicans. Don't worry though they are fast becoming irrelevant and many will be just one term and done. Great news for America.
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