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    Baha.....baha.......bahahahaha .
    Give a man a fish, he no longer is a vegetarian.
    Teach a man to fish, he never will be a vegetarian again!
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    For health reasons I've cut way back on red meat and dairy, but I still eat them and still enjoy them. Humans in our current evolutionary form were built to be omnivorous. What I find hilarious are all the faux-tarians who insist that they don't eat meat because it's cruel, or they can "taste the fear and death" in the meat. They ignore the fact that plants used to be living creatures too, as did fish and chickens. When it comes to those who aren't true vegetarians, with the exception of baby chickens and pigs, other foods aren't generally considered "cute" so it's ok to eat them.
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    also, there are things in meat that plants can not properly 'copy'. as in enzymes, proteins, etc...
    they try to make it look like plants do, but they do not.
    they try to also argue with comparing our body structure to both carnivores and herbivores. and they try to argue that our GI structure is a plant consumer type. when they fall short in several areas.
    they also ignore the fact that most primates are omnivores as well.
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    Also chicken. It's like being gay, this vegetarian thing. No one is born not eating certain foods, they learn it from stupid parents. So just as any gay person can wake the hell up and be normal, so can vegetarians.
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    @SavageMazx - id rather connect vegetarians with Christians, both claim to follow a strict set of rules; and brag about it. But then they do not follow the rules. Hypocrisy much on both accounts. I would even go to say that the fakes in both groups ruin the name of the whole group.
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    >>>That was a leap connecting vegetarians and gays.....<<<

    But not a kwir one.
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    Most vegetarians just do it so they can tell everyone they know or meet that they are vegetarians. Usually narcissistic and histrionic personality types do it for this very reason.
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    Also turkey. It's like being extreme liberal/conservative, this vegetarian thing. No one is born not eating certain foods, they learn it from stupid parents. So just as any extreme liberal/conservative person can wake the hell up and be normal, so can vegetarians.
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    I'm 'normal', I I eat very little meat, hardly any red meat, only on
    occasion. I eat a lot of whole grains, cereal, nuts, greens, yogurt, pasta, etc.
    My BP is 110/70, cholesterol is amazing with a very high HDL and I am
    very healthy. I have never eaten baby animals, especially veal and lamb,
    I think that it's cruel to kill babies for food, and veal is totally inhumane.
    I was raised on meat, so I still have some carnivore in me...but I limit the
    amount I consume more all the time, however I don't ridicule those who
    do eat a steady meat diet, it's jut not for me.( ;
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    @mimi57 ust about summed I rarely eat red meat (about once a month on average). Mostly turkey, chicken, fish and some pork. B/P 112/70 heart rate @ 65. Cholesterol (to me) is a pharma/doctor money making scheme for many individuals. If you eat right, within a reasonable portion and move about a little, you won't have a problem.
    I abhor fast food and all that it stands for. It is nothing more than food for the fat/lazy (unlike food for the
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    @mimi57 I eat very good cuts of steak but other than that I don't eat red meat. Pork once in a while but mostly chicken and fish. Don't eat veal or lamb. I really don't care what people eat as long as they're not obese can costing me money, but I don't really miss red meat that much.
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    @jessejaymes Yeppers......wish they would outlaw obese just like they have cigarettes or asbestos.
    All are bad for you and 2nd hand obesity (having to actually see them makes my appetite go away........among other natural male thingys.....which is bad for my health/male ego......LMAO) and is the NUMBER 1 health problem and health costs in America today!
    Besides, the RE-NO party wants on fat people either (bahahaha)
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    Most vegetarians I've met are vegetarians mostly so they can go around talking about being vegetarians. Somehow they think thumbing their noses at the millions of years spent by our species across the evolutionary path from where we started to where we are is something to thumb their nose at. Worse still, it's like they think they deserve a medal for world peace or some crap as if they're special for not having a healthy diet. You can usually tell vegetarians when you see them. They tend to be malnourished looking with little muscle tone and bad teeth.
    Meat is only murder if you're a cannibal. Otherwise it's the natural order.
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    @Medicinebow - Red Wine referenced?? I thought the thing was white wine with fish, red wine with meats.
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    Just as long as they don't eat meat in public, because eating meat in public is a disgusting habit and should go the way of the over sized soda container. Or at least wear surgical gloves.
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    My sister is Vegan, she doesn't push her belief on anyone. When we have cookouts she does her thing and there isn't conflict at all.
    Oh that most of the judgement all people were like that.
    Doesn't God reserve judgement for himself? I guess most the bible thumpers forget that part or choose to ignore it.
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    I have several friends who are practicing some form of vegetarianism... from raw food vegans to sushi freaks... The fact that they limit their diets has produced some really tasty ways to eat veggies! I eat fish and the occasional rib-eye (about once or twice a year in fact) I guess I appreciate the diversity I get as an omnivore...
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    So Instead of callimg th vegetariams lets say theyre healthy eaters. Still pretty good group to be in
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    I have never tried a diet with no red meat. That would be unheard of in my family, I do limit the red meats and eat chicken, lots of cold salt water fish, no shell fish and plenty of vegetables. I don't condemn others for their choices of foods, just feel everyone should eat healthy when possible.
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    What we eat should be a personal choice. Bloomberg believes differently though.

    I much prefer to procure my meat from the fields. Its natural and supplement free.
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    A lot Vegetarians are really Flexitarians or Semi-Vegetarians, however since most people have never heard of the terms... their going to continue referring to themselves as Vegetarians.
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    Thanks for the refresher on the word flexitarian. I was trying to think of that earlier. I often will not have have any meat during a day.
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    "Full disclosure: This author, while sometimes describing himself as a "vegetarian," routinely makes exceptions for tuna, herring, and anchovies. Especially with some cheese and crackers. Yes, and maybe a nice red wine from the Greek island of Hypocritus."

    Hypocritus, funny....
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    "Vegetarians" who eat meat are people who don't know the meaning of the word vegetarian. There are those who only eat fish and no other meat, but that is called a pescetarian. If someone only eats fish and calls themselves a vegetarian, they are using the wrong word.

    Others only eat fish and poultry, although I don't see why you'd really need a term for that but you can call them polo-pescitarians.

    Some people only eat beef but I'm not sure there's really a term for that. If someone knows and wants to correct me I'm open to being wrong on this.

    I've never heard of anyone who only eats pork, but I'm sure they're out there. Again I doubt there's a term for it, but hey, if someone knows it please correct me.
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    Not only seafood, they also routinely eat eggs. I read somewhere (sorry I don't remember the source) that a pure vegetarian diet lacks a certain amino acid that is essential to life and is not manufactured in the human body. Therefore, a true vegetarian will eventually starve themselves to death. Hence the need to cheat every once in a while. It is just a matter of survival.
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