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    He appears to have been calling out the govt on the wrong doing..but they don't want that they want to play there lil games and try an be the all powerful...they forget the serve us...we put them there we can remove them and not put them back in there postions.its time to hold them all accountable and help the ones that have the balls to do the right thing. Snowden had access to all kinds of info but he did not release anything to harm anyone but the govt that's lying to us everyday.
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    As I see it Obama from the top down are traitors! Who do these people think they are. They're liars cheaters Scammers of America! What the hell are we going to do about them! By the Time the American people pull their head out of their ass it'll be too late To save our great nation
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    There is something going on here that we have not heard yet, Bring Snowden back to the States, allowing him a trial without all the secrecy and worries about divulging secrets that are non essential to National Security. Then we may get an idea of the truth of this situation.
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    If the right pressures are applied to those in power by the people, it might change things, but again this is a dream I wish would come true.
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    There is a difference between standing together and giving or selling. Secrets to the Russians or Chinese .. he should be shot for treason ..
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    @Yank why do you think there giving him free passage to there country .. to protect his civil library ... not in a Communist countries... there getting something in return ...
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    @Yank have you every read Russia history or know why Stalin killed all his general's before world war ll. Russian and Chinese live on lies and deception ...
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    @stephen "Russian and Chinese live on lies and deception ..."
    So do Americans. Being as what this entire debacle is about. Like how they lied about spying on We the People.
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    No I won't donate but only because donations require use of a credit card. Add a mailing address to the donation page and I'll gladly send a money order.
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    @armed_liberal lol

    and the argument stands if people could trust our government they would openly and happily.

    you think people WANT to hate, mistrust their leaders?
    you think people WANT to blame the NSA because we cannot trust the lowest to the highest with the most basic forms of personal information, inside the government or otherwise?

    i cannot deny what you state could happen. i also cannot deny they may actually have a reason to check an american, if someone is dangerous. i find it hard for you to deny that the system is ripe for abuse, and everytime it "could" happen, historically, it does, when we talk about the hearts of men. i would like you deny how things like this would be EATEN UP in countries such as nazi germany or stalin russia, and i would like to see you argue that it can not happen here just as easily based on our lack of overall education as a society.

    you have points, so do we. the middle ground is obviously acting like your neighbor is a human being because there REALLY ARE demons out there. problem is, we are talking about MANY more subject than are even legislated with that statement there. and too many people like you want to jump back to "when it happens again, dont cry".... well that is the point, by deny the interactivity in different policies, we are promising it will happen again, both by the way we look to the world as a legislative body inducing more hatred abroad, clear down to the simple fact that if we cannot trust one another on basic human levels, we will never be in a place where people will openly accept this technology, and as you stated- it is bound to happen again under those pretenses.

    it goes both ways liberal, you of all people should know that based upon your name.:)
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    Thanks to Mr. Snowden a Patriot

    we always suspected that the Government was spying upon we the people.
    Now we all know its absolutely true!!!

    Speak up now we the people!!!
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    There are probably legal liabilities in donating to things related to our HERO in any way shape or form, especially with this crooked administration. It sounds like Obama is not really interested in getting him back and that he will get asylum someplace reasonable.
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    i am not sure what they are technically accusing him of,
    but i am sure that silly little paper you sign to get alot of jobs about not supporting terrorism... would probably apply in this instance, somehow.

    we all laugh it off but it is THIS kind of stuff where it would actually be enforced. very few people would support hezbollah etc, and if they did, probably wouldnt check the box yes.

    but , something like this, people would think they are standing up for their liberties, and , bam , you just admitted a crime.
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    @fraps see even that i dont particularly know how that falls into line with terrorism, especially regarding talking another party like with someone making a donation to this guy.. patriot act and everything else i am sure they can twist it how they want it.

    and i am not sure how that would apply to economic donations to an individual charged with that, even though they have that paperwork associated with employment the word "terrorism" is the kicker....
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    The ruling class is upset because a true American have let the cat out of the bag.
    They do not like the fact that the truth is out.
    See the ruling class ...wants people control.
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    Oops meant to hit reply. Not thumbs up. Ok you got a freebie :) lol

    So anyway. Did you see "safe house, the borne trilogy, including the borne legacy, and shooter with Mark Whalberg"?
    They don't want to protect him bc he may have dirt on all of them and the quicker they can assassinate him to keep him quiet, the better. DUH
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    You do know those were fiction, right?

    It's dangerous to base your reality on what a script writer came up with.
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    @harold_lloyd of course they're fiction. They do a better job of telling us the working of govts in general. Who would have thought that in real life NSA director lied to congress about the operation? Seen that in so many movies, I can't count.
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    "They do a better job of telling us the working of govts in general."

    No, they're fiction. The script intentionally played to your paranoia.

    It worked too, better than they thought.

    You were supposed to leave that in the theater at the end of the show.
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    the bottom line is.... over 51 percent of this nation believes the government should move on over marijuana.

    does it happen?

    the fact is, in many states, even where it is legal, people who smoke that have a VERY good reason to fear government. and if 51 + percent of us says it should be legalized or medicinalized, guess what? that means 51 percent of us have extra reason to fear these guys watching us, and it haS NOTHING to do with rape, murder, or theft. a good person should under NO CIRCUMSTANCES have to fear their government.

    now, lets look at the bush era commercials- "if you buy marijuana you are supporting terrorism". anyone remember that commercial?! so how far a leap is it REALLY to imply these people will be using this technology AGAINST THEIR OWN PEOPLE despite having a majority backing to change the actual lawS?


    this should not even be a discussion. if there is room for us to fear them without a violent or economic reason to figure, there is NO VALID ARGUMENT to defend that they will simply use this technology "for our benefit".
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    I agree 100%, this did not happen out of non-planning. There was and is a plan, we just don't know what it is and who made it yet.
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    Snowden is a traitor, and likely working for someone. He didnt put this together out of good conscience.
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    Yea, the someone he is workong for are the founding fathers. We the people, have no idea what is being done. We have an absolute right to know. He exposed the fact they were spying on americans.
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    @PoliticalSpice mr., mrs. spice, how do we know that?

    i believe if he had a conscience in the first place, he would have gotten a different job. i do not believe anyone, ESPECIALLY CONTRACTORS, are doing this work out of a patriotic duty. they are doing it out of 5-6 figure checks, free healthcare, a host of fringe benefits they will not admit, including being able to spy on your ex lover.

    a man with a conscience would have blown the whistle on day one. what do we think of enron type people who let it go on and on even after they have cold hard evidence? in fact, i would have to argue, a man with a conscience would never have been in a place to make anything but speculatory comments regarding this program in the first place, never would have been deep enough to name names.

    the founding fathers would not accept your answer because if he was like them he would have wanted to be free rather than an indentured servant. i am sure the list goes on and on, but that is the first and foremost that come to my mind. the founding fathers and their soldiers DID NOT get big fat benefits for doing the job, much less ASK YOU for more benefits after the war. lol
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    @NobodysFool First off, he was a cia employee who later contracted out to NSA, then a private contract. Second not everyone starts out knowing everything, some people learn things that wake them up and see the need for change. By your theory there will be no daniel ellsbergs, phillip agee, bradley mannings. Only those who either support or oppose the existing order, no place for people to move. As snowden contemplates life in a third world country to avoid extradition it is nice to see those who sit in the comfort of the richist nation in the world judge him, nice indeed. Snowden and Bradley are heros. They are paying a price in an effort to protect liberty. If they suceed or not will be up to those here who push that adgenda, not those who attack them.
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    @PoliticalSpice i disagree spice.

    only through realizing EXACTLY what someone is, both right and wrong, can we begin to see if they were right or wrong in the action that say, got them expatriated or extradited.

    i have admitted that he had a sudden burst of conscience. but to argue he is a patriot? not quite. people have been arguing this system since it was first put into place in 05, those are patriots. everything comes from thought. him finding evidence does little to fuel people who already know they were not the ones in tin foil hats. and him wanting to attach his name and face to it did nothing for ANYONE. all he did was make several stupid decisions for himself, to tell us stuff we already knew, already knew they were denying, and already knew they were misusing because they have misused EVERYTHING!

    which brings me back to my entire point, the entire reason he found this out had little to do with patriotism in the first place, and much more to do with a BIG FAT CHECK!! and now, he is "famous".... sounds to me like he is pretty self serving, and has not through much through. then wants us to pat him on the back.
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    @PoliticalSpice LOL at teh uber-patriotic "founding fathers" comment. Why do you cheeseballs pull that out every time you disagree with somebody?

    HE BROKE TE LAW, and did so knowing he was breaking the law! You dont get to choose whch laws apply to you!
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    @FFS- those are not even slightly related. Valerie Plame was outed in retaliation for her husband's comments, while Snowden exposed serious violations of our civil liberties.
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    The guy is a trader, he needs to be brought to trail, convicted, and executed. I would be happy to donate my time to flipping the switch myself and I wouldn't loose a bit of sleep over it. All you Snowden supporters think you are such patriots and he such a hero, it just goes to show just how ignorant and uninformed you all are. The information that you all think he let you in on has been public knowledge since the inception of the patriot act back when Bush and Rumsfeld held office. You all are so desperate for a hero that you are making this pathetic loser your hero. Spying has been going on sense before the revolutionary war and every country does it, the U.S. included, it's how we stay one step ahead of our enemies, it's a necessary evil wether you all like it or not. Support of this loser makes you anything but a patriot, I hope we do send someone to kill him.
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    His assets stateside need to be frozen and his citizenship revoked. The chinese can have him; they'll get rid of him as soon as he has nothing more to offer them.
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    I was OK with Snowden until he informed the Chinese that we were spying on them. He didn't do that for the benefit of US freedom.
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    That is not what he did. He informed the world that the US was spying on private organizations in China. Those include US interests.
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    I'm sure China, Russia and pretty much any other Country already know the US is constantly doing some sort of spying. Just as we already know all of these other Countries are spying on the US. That is just normal operation procedures for all Governments. But what we didn't know was the US Government was spying on EVERYONE in the US. For now I choose to see Snowden as a Hero unless it is proven he is leaking information that makes us unsafe.
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    You didnt know that? You must not be very bright then, we've know the government was watching us since the Bush days and even earlier. Snowden is a criminal and a coward.
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    @Yank - I think China's private citizens should know that our gov't spies on them. This goes way beyond "national security" for them to do so.
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    @callmecrazy - How can someone be a criminal for telling us something we already knew??? If everyone already knew since the Bush era that our gov't is spying on its citizens, why are we trying to go after Snowden? Obviously, if everyone already knew, it wasn't classified information, right?
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    If nothing else, the way the Progressive Left has let Snowden become the DEVIL for standing for all the things the LEFT once pretended they cared about is a real eye opener. An Army of Empty Suits who really had no principles or values unmasked.
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