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    The man could be President, he is intelligent and not afraid to speak the truth. Would not that be a good change. A President that really cares about the country and speaks the truth.
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    The truth and goverment just does not seem to go togeather. Can anyone imagine what it would be like if goverment had to speak the truth 24-7 for the next 5 years.
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    @marine1 I am telling ya this, if a truly honest man became President Washington would crumble, or that man would die of some very natural unnatural cause.

    Honesty will not be tolerated in Washington.
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    How ironic that all he talks about is how no one should trust the government.

    He doesn't care that much. Hes only flamboyant when dems are in the office. Ive seen his show. He's really on a different planet.
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    Beck is right more often than not and he will always aggravate the far left just at the mention of his name. I think I like him
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    It really says more about the state of paranoia and stupidity in this country than anything about Beck.
    But I have to admit that he is a master of his art.
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    It really says something that the rest of us end up paying his salary in the prices of the products that are advertised on his show. It also says something that people get paid so much money to do nothing but run their mouth.
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    Good on him!

    The difference is, Oprah deals with tear-jerk scenarios, whereas Beck exposes Jerks in gubment trying to mislead us, such as Van Jones, Obama's former 'green-jobs czar,' which was forced to resign.....Thanks, Beck!
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    FYI -- Glen Beck has a successful radio show, and expending it to his new digital TV show called the "Blaze"....
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    Really, he ought to cut Mr Obama in a for a percentage. Nothing like the first African American President to rev up white paranoia
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    Man you are very very strange

    Zimmerman will be set free...Man the prosecution truly goofed up today.

    Trayvon always said "Creepy assed Cracker"
    and now we all know that the black community is racist as all hell against whites.
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    >>>Zimmerman will be set free...<<<

    Maybe so but up to now the evidence looks bad for Zimmerman.

    The witnesses have made it so it will be very difficult for George to avoid testifying.

    As far as "creepy ass cracker" no one knows what the defense meant by "racial", although the witness said it was not "racial" to her.
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    @miketost Um, it's spelled "mulatto.

    But so? The Census allows individuals to self-identify their race or ethnicity. To criticize Mr Obama for identifying as black is ludicrous - how seriously would anyone take a man with Mr Obama's melanin who claimed to be Caucasian?
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    From the few quotes I've seen attributed to Beck, I'd be leery of calling him a Libertarian. I think I'M a Libertarian, and would not want to be linked with Glenn Beck in any way.
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    @Prime_Meridian I wonder what those quotes are. I have occasionally listen to him on the radio. Seems more libertarian to me than anything else.
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    I know sometimes Glenn seems a bit out there, but he calls it like he see's it.
    That stuff that seems to far out to be true, you know. It could appear to be that way by design too.
    I mean if it seems unbelievable then maybe we will just blow it off and think naw that's crazy talk, then a year later we are all saying to ourselves, "I'll be damned, Glenn was right."
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    Escuse my vote. glenn beck is actually impressive. i don't always agree with him but he always talk from different aspects.
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    Proof that acting stupid can make you rich. Does ANYONE really take this idiot seriously?
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    At the end of his term, he had already gotten everything out of Fox news he wanted: a massive following. From there on out, Glen didn't need Fox news.
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    i been listening for a few years,i believe he speaks from the heart and is really trying to be a force for good,and most of what he says has come to pass which really doesn,t bode well for the future
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    Amazing the pile of crap people will pay for and eat it up like there is no tomorrow.... What a pityful braindead lot we are...
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