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    There will be no border security. Our border has never stronger? What the hell does that mean? Has the border been lifting weights? Our border has never been more porous and it has been getting more porous by the year ever since Reagan gave amnesty. NO AMNESTY
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    I see we do agree on somethings.
    NO AMNESTY... if you got here illegally its time to pack your bags it the correct way or you will be deported end of story.
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    That's the problem with people like Napolitano, they make dumb comments about things they know nothing about. Maybe she should spend a week or two riding with a boarder patrol truck and see just how wrong she is, or maybe she should just take into consideration the 11.6 million illegals sponging off our economy. I refuse to call them undocumented immigrants, they are illegals plan and simple, they broke the law the second they stepped on U. S. soil and have been breaking it ever sense. NO AMNESTY!
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    Again, this whole bill is NOTHING more than an sham and those promoting it have no intention of holding true to their word. Make no mistake, there are those who want to destroy this country as we know it today.
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    @marine1 it's an age old goal.
    There are no jobs available for American citizens unless they subscribe to a "well, thats all i can get" mentality. We( citizens) are not the first priority in hiring.
    Thanks to lax or should I say token border patrol and the ancestral but ever awake demon called "NAFTA" we fall into a cyclical " negative feedback" system.
    It complicated but I'll make it simple.

    No jobs. Low paying jobs. No money.
    Get thrifty. Shop Walmart.

    Here we enter into much more complicated matters of trade with communists nations who repress the freedoms of workers in not only their own nation but ours as well!!!!!
    The effect of hardship trickles down to citizens, legals and illegals in this nation.

    Yes, there are those who want to destroy this nation.
    It is the only obstacle to one world government.
    The bankers and the one percenters have no money here except for cash flow requirements.
    The whole damned thing makes me sick.
    While small businesses used to be the backbone of this country , you can obviously see the discrimination against them. The SBA is a joke.

    This nation lost its spine( backbone) on many fronts years ago.
    Big Business and the government they control have a philosophy that's rooted in dependence or need of society on the brotherhood.
    Make the people suffer......
    The lambs will come , hungry.
    There will be no other fodder.
    Eat or die.
    They'll have to come and pull me out of this swamp!
    ... Now that there will make a hell of a show, Jesse!....:)
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    Just gotta did the Chinese build a wall that was over 3100 miles long over 1200 years ago and the US can't build one the is less than 2/3rd that size with equipment that can move frigging mountains?
    Why? It's all about the money.

    And I don't mean the cost of the fence either.(always follow that money)
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    Great post.
    The problem is the money is only superficially exposed by guidelines and limited contributions and can't be followed through official documentation.
    The cost of factoring in the enormous amount of lobby money spent by various groups promoting this bill for corporate greed could easily complete an adequate fencing system, offering a 90% security assurance.
    Big banks.
    Big corporations.
    Big government.
    All foster a mentality of greed and power.

    Following the money is a known concept.
    If we could follow the " real money", most people would finally understand the working dynamics of every branch of this government and each and every agency.
    Thanks for the thought provoking post.
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    @HawkTheSlayer You know, I don't think most people can "understand the working dynamics" of their own home's budget.
    Have you ever meet someone who couldn't balance their own checking account......and are completely dumb founded when they overdraw that account? I have (all too many times).
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    Another great point. That includes most of America.
    I haven't carried cash in my pocket for over 20 years. I purchase everything with plastic. I make damn sure I pay the new balance every month. Never paid interest on a credit card my in my whole life!
    I still write those purchases down on a monthly list (piece of paper) at my house and call every cupla days to check my balance even though I can view it electronically.
    Too much dependence these days. Do it yourself.
    There are many formulas that work in life.
    They work great in the statistical field and when combined give different outcomes based on different inputs.
    One of my favorite formulas I like to combine when teaching yungstas is the:
    .... Ole Skool Formula....
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    @HawkTheSlayer Yep, I love hearing these "I only pay in cash" people. Use C cards all the time and pay it off every month. Haven't had a "paycheck" since the late 70's (auto deposit).....and unlike the fears i hear, have never had a problem with it. All (but one) of my bills are auto withdrawal or internet pay... the USPS is going out of business because of me. My credit rating is over 800 and I can get just about any loan with a phone call only (I have many times when I bought a car).
    And all this "work" takes me less than a whole hour's just so tiring.....LOL
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    Don't wont to sidetrack an excellent discussion but I went to USPS last week for my monthly stamp. I have one bill I have to mail. Lol!
    It was early in the morning and I was the first customer when they unlocked the doors. Asked the clerk(lady,sorry woman) for a stamp and she proceeded with a cordial conversation. Things digressed quickly when I informed her I only needed one stamp a month. Well, she was no lady after that! I had to hear a sermon concerning my demonic e-pay mentality.
    I think she doomed me to that letter purgatory ( lost letters?) thing.
    Well, I made her give me my payment back and dropped it in the box outside. Lol.
    I thought about filing a complaint but they have a rock solid union.
    I told my local carrier about the incident and she confirmed my observations about the incident stating the woman was nuts.
    The catch in it all :
    ....she was the postmaster!...,
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    Excellent piece of reporting by the way. Nice to expose such a sadistic piece of legislation. This is why President Hussein Obama {immigrant president} cannot, should not, no way, no how can be trusted. {To be fair pretty much no politician should be trusted by President HUSSEIN Obama takes it to another level.....}
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    You're aware that Bush tried to give amnesty as well right? I'd like to see you stop making this personal all the time to Obama and face the reality about what it is. Our govt is owned by the ultra rich and they want that cheap labor. This whole bill boils down to bringing in "legally" another 200, 000 workers per year PLUS those that still come illegally. The war on the middle class by the rich is what this is all about. It's not obama or bush, it's both. Our govt is owned by the rich.
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    @jessejaymes Yeah. I was just as adamant about that lying president too. Again what Bush started President Hussein Obama seems to expand on it to try and finish America off.
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    @Knightkore @jessejaymes >>> Agree with Jess all too much. The reality is that Obama, Bush II, Bush I, Clinton, Reagan.......are just brothers from another mother. They all had THEIR agenda and we, the people were not included in that agenda.
    The sooner you recognize this, the sooner you stop being one of the sheeple.
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    @jessejaymes This was even being done as early as in the late Clinton years although it really caught fire in the Bush era. The high tech corporations claim that they can't find American workers with the high tech skills. They bring in workers from India at $10/hr with no benefits and lay off American engineers that were making $75,000/year with full benefits. Both political parties go along with this crap that is decimating the American middle class. I'm ashamed of the democrats for pulling this crap. I expect this kind of behavior from the GOP.
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    Oh helllllll to the nooooo!!!!! WTF? Seriously?

    Come on people, does the progressive liberal Senate really think we're that "tonto"?
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    Stop the bullshit. Close the borders. Put the National Guard down there. Deport any and as many illegals as possible NOW. No welfare to illegals. No jobs to illegals. No housing to illegals. Fine heavily any employer who hires illegals. No anchor baby citizenship to illegals. If a dumb ass Yankee living in Alabama can figure it out why can't DC?
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    yeah like most of us knew this bill was going to be the twin brother to Obamacare.

    1 is control of the American people the other is open invitation for all the low information immigrants worldwide who wish to come here and turn America into a little slice of their own country... but you know on our dime.
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    Secretary Napolitano is an utter idiot....she shouldn't be in charge of an ant crossing.

    Just secure the Border...Period
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    Couldn't agree more. She used to be the governor of Arizona and wanted to give illegal aliens driver licenses. I think that says it all.
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    Yes and she also ran this state into the ground financially
    Jan Brewer has all she can do to bring it back around

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    @Vance1 I was born & raised in Az. Lived in Prescott area till 2005. My wife & I followed our grandkids to Idaho but still follow Az politics. Really like Brewer.
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    ILLEGALS DEMAND POLITICAL CORRECTNESS- by saying illegal, they`re assuming that we broke a criminal law. Staying here illegally is a continuing illegal enterprise. Accepting a job with false social security numbers is also a crime. Immigrant rights advocates believe the word ''illegal'' is RAAAACIST. the prefered term among illegals and activists is undocumented worker. If you follow the legal process you can call yourself an immigrant. If you go outside the process you are an ILLEGAL ALIEN. why can`t the Botox bastards in the senate understand this?
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    What!!!! Secretary Napolitano must be on dope. No other way she can be involved and still be so ignorant. We have 11 million illegal Mexicans in this country and we do not want to give amnesty to a single one.

    If this goofy woman wants to be around nasty Mexicans, then she can move down there.

    Secretary Napolitano hear this please. The immigration bill we are going to get will call for drowning any Mexican crossing the river and tossing what we have back in. Anything short of that and we will have no immigration bill.
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    The United States border with Mexico is wide open and illegal aliens slither across anyway and anytime they wish. The cartels run drugs at will and have armed thugs inside the USA to protect their routes. We need to militarize the border long enough to get an adequate number of Border Patrol agents down there. This crap has gone on too long.
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    Table the legislation!
    Schumer and Pelosi say pass the bill unless you want to lose in '14 --'16. Can there be any better reason to let it die a slow painful death? Since when has what's in the Pubs best interest been a high priority on those two flaming liberals' agenda?
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    Saying border security "never been stronger" is liking bragging about the strength of your toilet paper in preventing a Tsunami. Border security is a glaring weakness.
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    Call your Congressperson People. Border Security in the Senate Bill is OPTIONAL. We can't let this happen.
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    not at all.first off all illegal aliens should be deported and if they want to come back make them learn english and take the citizenship test like all legal immigrants do.2nd there should be a double 2 20 foot tall fences with razor wire on top and the fences should be electric and stretch the whole border between mexico and the us,that way theres only 1 way in and 1 way out and thats at the crossing,and if anyone gets caught trying to smuggle illegal aliens to the us should do a mandatory 15 year sentence in a super max prision then they should be banned from the us and if they get caught on us soil again life in prision but my idea of the life in prison would be putting them on a desert island and make them grow there own food if they want to survive
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    Call Washington everyday. OPTIONAL Border Security as written in the Senate Bill is a NO GO.
    It is a clear act of Civic Suicide. Our Country and your own children DESERVE better.
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    If there is no enforcement going to happen then why would anyone quote come out of the shadows and loose the benefits they already have just to become a citizen?
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    Yes, because Napolitano obviously doesn't understand the true "underlying problems" of illegal immigration: social engineering doesn't work and this bill is a bandaid on the damage done from past attempts. Not only past immigration policies but also labor and welfare policies for American citizens. Specifically the enactment of a national minimum wage law and elaborate welfare for citizens. Together, they've created a demand for more underground labor markets and human trafficking.
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