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    Be a responsible gun owner and lock your guns up so five year olds don't have access to them. Why pass another law to restrict guns so young persons cannot fire them.. We just need responsible adults.
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    People don't know that because common sense isn't required to purchase a gun. That makes laws like this seem necessary to keep Darwinism from taking over and thinning out these people from the gene pool.
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    1) common sense isn't a qualification for voting, as you can see by the current state of American politics, yet nobody is presenting legislation to control who among us is allowed to vote.

    2) Darwinism is a great tool for improving the overall quality of the gene pool. We have been engineering our societies to protect those who would otherwise be removed by Darwinism, and the results have been disastrous. I say we remove the warning labels and safety devices and let nature do it's thing.
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    Common sense cannot be legislated for gun ownership. What would you use as a test for common sense? MMPI ad IQ tests don't measure common sense.
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    Just maybe, if these fools would stop trying to legislate stupidity, stop promoting a society of dependence and return to the reality that personal responsibility is what makes the world function best and that lack of accountibility comes with a consequence, 90% of these situations would rectify them self?
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    It's the gun owners responsibility to ensure the weapon can't be fired by a 5 year old. It can't be fired if it's secured. If you want to propose stiffer criminal penalties for failing to secure a weapon, then that's great. In my experience with children, trying to build a gun that's safe to leave lying around loaded is impossible.
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    First off, the cases cited are quite suspicious. A 38 revolver typically has a very hard trigger pull - typically around 8 pounds. I seriously doubt if that child was strong enough to shoot himself, but I digress...
    The responsibility lies with the gun owner - to keep the firearm out of the reach of children and to teach their children how to respect and be safe around firearms. Many States have enacted these responsibilities into law.
    Considering reality and not political motivations, Ms. Speier should consider going after the real culprits of accidental deaths in children, where firearms is not even in the top ten causes:
    1. Motor Vehicle Traffic 20.58%
    2. Drowning 5.27%
    3 Fire/burn 5.07%
    4. Suffocation 1.33%
    5. Other Land Transport 1.09%
    6. Pedestrian, Other 0.89%
    7. Struck by or Against 0.66%(tip over TVs are the biggest culprit here)
    8. Unspecified 0.66%
    9. Fall 0.60%
    10. Other Spec., classifiable 0.56%
    11. Poisoning 0.50%
    12. Firearm 0.46%
    If she really has her heart set on preventing accidental children's death by firearms, then she should mandate mandatory public school education gun safety programs such as NRA's Eddie Eagle gun safety program. It is proven that these programs are effective and inexpensive.
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    Exactly. On a related note, I tried to determine the circumstances behind the gun deaths and injuries reported annually in this country. How many were a result of legal or illegal guns, how many occurred by legal gun owners defending their lives and property. How many were accidental, suicides . what type of guns were used...etc. While I am not a gun owner, I am a firm supporter of the 2nd amendment, but I also wanted to see if the legislation that has been proposed post newtown was reasonable and would be effective at reducing accidental deaths and injuries.

    What I found is that this data is not available or reported, which I found to be suspicious, seeing that any firearm death or injury is investigated by the authorities. However, what I did find interesting is that when I researched choking deaths, I was able to find that 526 choking deaths in 2011 were a result of hot dogs.

    So in a nutshell, we have an undefined problem with gun deaths and injuries, with specific solutions to the undefined problems. A bit bassakwards if you ask me.

    Would you like the engineers designing the cars we ride in and the planes we fly in using this same approach to problem solving?
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    You can't buy a bottle of Aspirin that doesn't have a child-proof cap. Shouldn't it be harder to use a gun than open up a bottle of over-the-counter medicine?
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    Well just like you wouldn't leave the bottle open on the floor maybe instead of moronic legislation like this, parents should be more mindful of their firearms... problem solved.
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    @John_Matrix Except they obviously don't hence all the accidental deaths. Why do you think they put child proof caps on medicine?
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    How many people use a bottle of aspirin for self protection? No person could have their life in jeopardy by having to spend a few extra seconds opening an aspirin bottle.

    Keeping firearms out of the hands of kids is a very smart idea. Keeping guns in a locking box is the best idea.
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    If parents would properly secure their firearms then the kids wouldn't be getting a hold of them, period. I have a couple loaded firearms I keep at the ready, simply laying out, as I'm typing this and that's perfectly fine since there are no kids around. If kids were to come over I'd secure them in my safe or wear them on me so they're either inaccessible or in my direct control. It's really that simple and if parents and politicians are too stupid to realize this, then all common sense is gone.
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    Gun safe is a great investment. They have biometric safes for your handgun that opens upon reading your fingerprint. Might be pricey but I'd rather that than have my child have access to my gun.
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    Do you agree with this proposal? OMG!!! The California Democrat !!!

    what next?
    Banning Pop Tarts shaped like a gun
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    This really comes down to responsible gun ownership.
    If someone owns pistols, or rifles, it's their responsibility to make absolutely certain that their children, or other children, or any "unauthorized" person can't gain easy access to those weapons.
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    child profing would make the guns dangerous to old people and women making them harder to fire, if it cost 1 life because of someone being unable to fire the gun it would not be worth it. When this first came up they said child looks were what they wanted now that one is given away with every gun sold they are still not happy because they cant force people to use them. the solution is to teach children gun safety in school. but the same people are against that I ask why.
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    such BS. i started shooting at 6.... i was taught from an early age that firearms are not toys. Guns SHOULD be easy to use.
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    Okay, this is going to sound mean, but I'm a "good parenting is the key to everything" type and have little patience or pity for irresponsible adults.

    If a gun owner is too stupid to keep the weapon out of the hands of their children, and an accidental shooting of a child results, perhaps that is just Darwinism at work and we're all better off without their genes in the human gene pool. Sorry, but I'm past my breaking point when it comes to forcing society to look after the moronic children of idiots.
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    @culinary - Honest to jeebus and heavens to mergatroid, I'm so tired of these "nanny state" proposals for legislation. There is no cure for stupid, but there SHOULD be a penalty.
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    @Denizen_Kate I agree. Guns are out there. Many of us have them. The PARENT has the responsibility to teach their children how to handle situations...just like drugs, alcohol, bulkying, etc. Many of us choose to educate our children in the proper handlung of such. No where in there does it say a frigging thing about government.
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    Congress members should be banned once it is learned they are total retards, unable to comprehend even the smallest thing, or see the truth when it is held before their eyes.

    But we still let fools like this thing stay.

    So vote the dumbass out and try again to find an intelligent person to do the job.
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    Congressmembers should have to TAKE A COMPREHENSIVE TEST AND PASS IT WITH A MINIMUM SCORE OF AT LEAST 85% ON THE FIELD/SUBJECT ON WHICH THEY ARE TRYING TO ENACT A LAW before they're allowed to propose a piece of legislation on it.
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    Each year we have members of Congress who refuse to accept responsibility for the consequences of their actions, killed kids in drive by shootings, drug turf wars, brought about by the lunacy of Congressoinal drug laws, the for profit laws of Congress. Rather than correct the idiocy of their actions, and the subsequent consequnces, high crime rates, thefts, burglaries, prostitution, killings, including children, they pass more stupid laws which increase the problem.
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    Better for the five year old be trained on the use of the gun, warned of the dangers, and then have the gun locked so he can't get at it.
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    Congresswomen should be banned if they can not comply with their oath of office to uphold the Constitution.

    Rep Jackie could be very busy.
    What about 5-Year-Olds starting cars, flicking lighters, turning on stoves, operating power tools,(nail guns), etc.
    Let's not forget how well all those childproof perscription mediation caps work,,,, on seniors.
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    Politicians should be fired if they aren't smarter than a 5 year old, what good is having protection if you have to dial in a correct # or sequence when split seconds count? Might as well just wait for cops to show up and try to identify your body
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