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    Aiding the enemy. I guess the American people are being declared the enemy by the government if they use those charges.

    Good thing pitchforks are on sale at the Home Depot.
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    Yes, we are all now the enemy, and we are all terror suspects in the eyes of our own government... To me, this makes our gov't guilty of treason.
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    I continue to believe Snowden wanted to let the public know what was going on, and Manning was in fact passing information to our enemy's. Big difference in the way I think about it. I would like to see Snowden tried in an american court that is open to the public so we see all the implications of his revelations. This won't happen but it is a good idea.
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    @HeresSomeTruth from everything I've understood to have been released to wikileaks from manning has mainly been after action reports and movements from past operations that the "enemy" would have likely already know about. Nothing I've seen has shown him giving any information away about current and future operations.
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    Snowden did the right thing, this will not change no matter how many times or ways you ask the question.
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    Snowden betrayed his oath and his country.

    If he really thought the constitution was being violated, he could have said so in any number of ways that didn't amount to treasonous acts.
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    "Any of number of ways."
    Yeap, and disappeared the very next day, for good.
    Snowden has the dirt on our gov't, if not, why would our gov't want him back so bad? To shut him up, that's why.
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    Snowden violated terms of his employment. And while I agree no slim shadiness should be happening on our own soil, you have to follow the rules. And those rules are the only thing that seperates us from the animals.

    But I also will agree with you that the government should be following them as well.
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    If this was already a law, we would not be reading this. I think it's just another terrorist attack from our government.
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    Some people were executed in North Korea for not mourning loud or long enough when Kim Jong Il died. We're headed that way when we charge whistleblowers and journalists with crimes like this, one day, any word spoken by anyone against the state will be silenced with death.
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    @HeresSomeTruth It is ILLEGAL to leak information that the gov has deemed CLASSIFIED.

    Snowden leaked CLASSIFIED information.

    He's a traitor, along with his buddies manning, the rosenbergs, benedict Arnold, John Walker Lindh and John Anthony Walker Jr.
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    @harold_lloyd The meaning of your comment: "Yes >(I would consider it treason for a person to do that)<, and no >(I wouldn't consider it treason if Obama did/does it)<, Obama didn't do that >(la la la la la, I can't hear you [as you hold your fingers in your ears])<, so sit back down >(democrats are smart so we can do criminal things)<." ___
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    @cnw95 You mean exposing criminal activities of the federal gov't is illegal if the government says so? WoW...who would have thought criminals would want to keep their activities secret.
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    Snowden already knows he might die. It's a risk he was willing to take. Surely he thought about the possibility of death before whistle blowing. But perhaps for fame and notoriety -- decided to do it anyway.
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    Our congress is aiding the enemy by creating a dangerous world full of people who hate Americans. Our enemies are using us made weapons our congress provided to them! They lie to us. They spy on us. They bypass the amendment process to alter the US Constitution...

    "It is not the function of our Government to keep the citizen from falling into error; it is the function of the citizen to keep the Government from falling into error." 339 U.S. 382, 442
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    I don't see this charge against Major Nidal Malik Hasan in the Fort Hood massacre. Is it because Obama is protecting Muslim terrorists here in the States?
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    Yeah, and PRISM didn't stop the Ft Hood massacre, did it? And I'm not sure why Hasan hasn't been charged with terrorism especially since he openly claims he did it in support of al Qaeda. That makes no sense... One more reason not to trust the gov't to operate so profusely without transparency.
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    This is just another ploy for the 'government' to push to hide the fact that 'they got caught with their hands in the cookie jar' They are upset because one of their clonies wanted 'out' and got out the only way he knew how too.
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    Some say the failure to convict Zimmerman was the result of inflated charges. That was part of it, but it was also because that court wasn't just going through the motions.

    The kangaroo court around Manning started the show trial with a pre-determined verdict, unlike Zimmerman. The same will be true if the gestapo ever gets its hands on Snowdon.

    Memo to all whistleblowers: GET SANCTUARY FIRST,*THEN* BLOW THE WHISTLE. You can't depend on getting a fair trial in a fascist state. This isn't like Ehren Watada, where the show trial screwed itself into double jeopardy. They're not likely to make the same mistake twice.
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    Snowden just let us know about an illegal spying thingy.. in the hands of civilian contractors no less. Manning just let us know how ridiculous this whole diplomacy thingy is and how bad security is.

    And considering how easy it was for Manning to get the stuff out.. I say our "enemies" know most of it already and Snowden, well I was really sympathetic with him at first, but he should have stayed here and defended his actions.. now I don't care what happens to him, but not a death penalty for either of them.
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    There is one glaring difference...Manning is in the United States Army. He is covered by UCMJ. But, make no excuse for it, both committed treasonous crime. The degree of Snowden's guilt is yet to be determined. He may of may not have turned something over to our international adversaries. If he caused harm to our national security he is equal to Manning in every way.
    To all of you who think your little phone calls to "get some on the side" or buy dope somehow trumps national security, this will cost our nation dearly in the future...and may have already caused the deaths of American agents or those who help us.
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